Top 3 – Best Cordless Hair Clippers 2017

If hair clippers are already as beneficial as they are, what more, cordless hair clippers. Fundamentally, cordless hair clippers are battery powered equipment used to control the length of the hair. And being cordless, you can carry it with you almost anywhere, as compared to corded hair clippers which you can utilize only when there is a socket near you.

Cordless hair clippers offers lots of advantages. Not only do you have the convenience of being able to bring and use it anywhere, and therefore can have the cut anywhere you want as well, but also, it’s just a pretty decent equipment to use in cutting off the edges of your hair, giving yourself a cleaner, proficient look. You no longer need to go to the barber to have the cut you wanted, as you can easily use your hair clipper yourself to cut at the solace of your own home, or anywhere you please, to have your hair cut.

Indeed, cordless hair clippers are truly beneficial. But then, in order for you to effectively attain the look you wanted, you must be equipped with a brief knowledge about cordless hair clippers. And to help you with that, we have synthesized the advantages of using cordless hair clippers, the buying considerations and frustrations most buyers encounter, and lastly the guidelines in picking the best ones. Product reviews of some of the best cordless hair clippers would also be presented to guide you in picking what hair clipper is best for you to use, if ever you consider buying a new hair clipper.

After reviewing all the top cordless hair clipper available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison Table

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What Are The Benefits of Using Cordless Hair Clippers

  1. vacation or at a picnicYou can bring it anywhere on-the-go
    This was already mentioned earlier, but in case you have missed, cordless hair clippers give you the opportunity to bring your hair clipper just about anywhere you go, whether you’re on a vacation or at a picnic, or at a park, you can actually bring and use it, without the need to search for sockets or something like that. Convenient? It truly is.
  2. Freedom to personalize your style
    Much the same as when you’re utilizing a corded hair clipper, you can unleash your inner barber skills when using a cordless hair clipper. You have all the freedom to do that, not just at the comfort of your own bathroom, but also at the comfort of any place you’re comfortable going. Just don’t forget to charge the battery first. Indeed, it’s a great feeling when you have the freedom to personalize your own style, but it would really be better, if you ask for an assistance from an experienced hair cutter. Otherwise, it might be a disaster.

What Are The Major Buyer Considerations?

Much like when using other products, of course, it is inevitable that we face some frustrations when buying. And to prevent that, there are some considerations for you to take note of. Actually, the problems you face when using a cordless hair clipper is also the same as when you’re using a corded one. A summary of that is presented below:

  1. Longevity
    Of course, it is essential to choose a cordless hair clipper that is long lasting. So, make sure that when you buy one, it has a product warranty. This is not just to assure that you can have it brought back when the equipment malfunctioned, or gets tampered, but also, it is due to the fact that companies who take their warranties seriously are also those companies who gives much credence that the product they offer is consistent in its quality, durability, and longevity.
  2. Speed
    Speed is likewise necessary when buying a new cordless hair clipper. There were times when you have to sacrifice the power of the cordless hair clipper for its speed, and there were also times when you do it the other way around. But along these lines, it’s actually your choice what you prefer. It’s just that, there were cordless hair clippers whose speed are better than its power and there were also those whose power are more noteworthy than its speed.Now if you want a cordless hair clipper, for a thin and dry hair, and one that is great for smooth hair cutting, the best for you to use is a magnetic cordless hair clipper. However, though faster, such a cordless hair clipper is less powerful. Now, if you are in it for a stronger cordless hair clipper, a rotary cordless hair clipper is an excellent choice. It can trim through a thick and heavy hair. What’s more, just like its corded counterpart, its blade that runs at a slower speed enables you to gradually move the clipper while trimming thick and heavy hair. Regarding what you prefer, again, it’s your decision.
  3. Price
    Cordless hair clippers are relatively more expensive than corded hair clippers, perhaps because of the advantages it gives. But you know, it’s really about weighing the pros and cons, or just what would be more beneficial to you. If you’re not going to use it regularly, or might be just stored in your cabinet, you better spare some of your bucks and go for a corded hair clipper instead. But if you are up for the more convenient hair clipper that you can bring and use anywhere, then go for a cordless hair clipper. It’s definitely worth the price.Obviously, it is fundamental to pick a cordless hair scissors that is dependable. In this way, ensure when you get one, it has an item guarantee. This is not quite recently to guarantee that you can have it brought back when the gear failed, or gets altered, additionally, it is because of the way that organizations who consider their guarantees important are likewise those organizations who gives much belief that the item they offer is steady in its quality, sturdiness, and life span.

3 Top Rated Cordless Hair Clippers

We already talked about the benefits and buying considerations. We would now then proceed on summing up the best features of some of the best cordless hair clippers available in the market today, using as a basis what buyers or people who own the product have to say. This is to further guide you in ensuring that you choose the hair clippers that suits your preference more.

Philips Norelco QC5130

Philips Norelco QC5130Philips Norelco hair clipper is best known for its super lightweight feature. It cuts eminently and requires less effort to navigate and handle. It’s downright convenient to use. Aside from being remarkably light, another thing the consumers love about the product is its maintenance-free blade that cuts smooth, without leaving any strays. The blade also needs no oiling, which is another of its many other excellent features. If there is a negative point about Philips Norelco, it is that its adjustable clipper length is made from a single piece of plastic that slides up and down on the cutter head to determine hair length. It works okay except for tight work (moustaches). The consumers complain that the comb attachment, which is made from plastic, seems like it would shatter easily if you drop the equipment Also, there’s no charge indicator, nothing to indicate its charging status. But the bottom line here is that this hair clipper works fine, and its light weightedness is an asset. The charging process only takes 30 minutes. Just to add, Philips Norelco works best for shorter hairs. So, it’s the perfect option for a shorter hair.

Here’s a closer look of the Philips QC1530:


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Conair Cordless

Conair CordlessConair Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless 20 Piece Professional Haircutting Kit is preferred by people who want a hair clipper that lasts longer. This product’s greatest feature is indeed its 75 minute long power performance. This is due to its lithium ion battery. All the more, that 75 minute long power performance only takes three hours to fully charge. Its long lasting-battery really holds up. The consumers love the fact that if they are in a hurry and forgot to charge, they just charge it for 15 minutes, and it is already good for a 15-min use. The motor is quite powerful and does a great job with thick hair. There were a few who complain that it suddenly stops working just after a few uses, but when they asked for assistance, it was immediately replaced by the company. And the replacement product worked fine. So, they were really satisfied.

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Panasonic ER-GS60-S

Panasonic ER-GS60-SPanasonic electric beard and facial hair trimmer is designed for men who are after a clipper that can help them personalize their individual look and style. One great feature of this product is its comb attachments, which gives you the option with regards how long the hair you’d want to cut, without needing to withdraw it from the hair clipper. The length can be from 1mm (1/32″) to 10mm (1/2″). That’s perhaps one of its greatest strengths and what consumers love about Panasonic Beard Trimmer. You can have your hair clipped close, and also, you can likewise have it grown out a bit. You just have to manipulate the comb settings on the clipper head, and it’s done. All in all, it has 10 precision settings for personalized hair lengths. It’s definitely recommendable for anyone who wants to cut their own hair, whether if it’s a beard, hair or moustache.

Many of those who have purchased the product love that they get to groom in the shower or the bathroom. It is perhaps because of its wet dry trimmer operation which was made for a complete wet dry convenience. It definitely exceeds the highest standards of quality, convenience and comfort, just as what it claims to be. Moreover, the fact that it operates without a cord, makes it extremely easy to use. If there is one major complain about the product, it is that it requires much dexterity to cut the back of your hair correctly. In general, it is a decent product to use, most especially when trimming.

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Overall, finding the best cordless hair clippers are indeed beneficial. Not only can you bring and use it almost anywhere you go (just don’t forget to charge, of course) but also, it’s a pretty decent equipment to use in cutting off the edges of our hair further helping us attain a cleaner, professional look. All the more, we can unleash our inner barber skills when using a cordless hair clipper.

But just like when using other products, of course, it is inevitable that we face some frustrations when buying. And to prevent that, there are some considerations for you to take note of. Price is one example. Cordless hair clippers are relatively more expensive than corded hair clippers. If you think the added bucks to allot is worth it, then go for it. Another example is how fast the equipment works. A speedy magnetic cordless hair clipper, for example, is ideal to utilize for a smooth cutting of a thin and dry hair. On the other hand, a rotary motored one, which are quite more powerful, is great for people who have a thick and dry hair. And last but not the least, it is necessary that you choose a cordless hair clipper that is long lasting. And to have that, make sure that that when you buy one, it has a formidable product warranty. It’s because often times, those companies who take their warranties seriously are also those companies who gives much credence that the product they offer is always consistent with regards its quality, durability, and longevity.

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