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Best Professional Hair Clippers for Barbers – 2017 Review

professional hair clippers for barbers

A hair clipper is a tool used to cut the hair. It is a specific device that is usually compared to a scissor and a razor. It is powered by an electric motor that enables the blades to swing or oscillate back and forth. The motor can be one of these three types – rotary, […]

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Philips Norelco QC5130

Philips Norelco is essentially a formidable budget hair tool. It is highly recommendable if you wish to have a cordless hair clipper that is super lightweight, maintenance free, and is easy to navigate and handle. Of course, it still has several more features and specifications worth noting. Features and Specifications Silent Operation The rather silent […]

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Things You Need to Remember Before Shaving

Shaving is not as simple as it seems. There are things you must take heed of to attain the close, clean shave that you wish to have. Now, to help you with that, we have summarized some of the essential points you must take note of when shaving. Here are some of those: Shave After […]

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Andis T-Outliner Trimmer Review

This innovative trimmer is designed for outlining and fading hairstyles and is also perfect for trimming in those hard to get places like around the ears. It can also be used as a standard beard and mustache trimmer and comes in a contour-shaped housing that fits your hand comfortably. Features and Specifications Close-Cutting T-Blade The […]

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Wahl Hair Cutting Kit Review

This hair cutting kit is a clipper that comes with a set of guide combs for a variety of hairstyles that you can achieve in the comfort of your own home. It is designed to cut your hair, trim your beard and mustache, touch up your sideburns, and even do a little man-scaping for less […]

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Conair Cordless Hair Clipper

Conair Lithium Ion is undoubtedly a top choice for people who want a hair clipper that gives an hour long sustained power performance. Aside from its long battery performance, Conair also comes with a stainless steel blade and includes 10 guide combs to keep up with ultimate length control. It is an incredible product to […]

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Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Panasonic electric beard and facial hair trimmer for men is a great product for people who would love to have a cordless hair clipper that can let them customize their own look and at the same time a hair clipper that is easy to maintain and clean. So, Panasonic Beard trimmer is most notable for […]

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Finding the Best Balding Clippers – Reviews 2017

bald man

Many of us have reasons for opting to shave our head bald. It can be because our hair is thinning or balding and that the most favorable option is to shave our head bald. It can likewise be due to a pervading sickness or illness, which necessitates us to do so. But it can also […]

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Top 3 – Best Cordless Hair Clippers 2017

a cordless hair clipper

If hair clippers are already as beneficial as they are, what more, cordless hair clippers. Fundamentally, cordless hair clippers are battery powered equipment used to control the length of the hair. And being cordless, you can carry it with you almost anywhere, as compared to corded hair clippers which you can utilize only when there […]

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2017 Best Hair Clippers for Home Use – Complete Review

Best Hair Clippers for Home USe

The use of hair clippers has always been a convenient and practical way of cutting our hair. Not only does it make the actual hair cutting quicker and more precise, but also, it helps in achieving an artistic touch to its overall finish. Furthermore, the versatility of hair clippers makes it doable for us to […]

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