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Hair Removal: A Trend?

Even during the ancient times, hair removal has already been a sought after regimen. Just take, for instance, in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians opt to scrape off their hair because of the norms which prevailed during their time. Back then, having a facial hair, or pubic hair was considered uncivilized. Also, hair removal was […]

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Nair Hair Removal Spray

As the name of the product suggests, Nair for Men Hair Removal Spray is a hair removal product that does not involve razors, lasers or wax. It is a quick and easy way to remove unwanted body hair within minutes and with very little effort. No Touch Application Feature The main feature of this product […]

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Our Top Picks – Best Smelling Aftershave for Men 2017

Best Smelling Aftershave for Men

Aftershave is a liquid product that is meant to be applied to the face after a shaving session. Its primary purpose is to prevent infection of cuts and reduce skin irritation. However, many aftershaves come with a fragrance or essential oil to enhance the scent. Aftershave is often confused with eau de cologne due to […]

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2017 Best Shaving Brushes – Updated Guide

shaving brush

The shaving brush originated in France sometime in the year 1750s. The word blaireau/ “badger” came from the French word meaning shaving brush. This is because the bristles of the shaving brush were most commonly made from the hair of the badger, although cheaper brushes were made of boar’s hair or horse’s hair. The handles […]

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Nad’s Hair Remover For Men

This hair removal cream is designed to remove your body hair quickly, painlessly and efficiently, without the need for razors or wax. It is specially formulated for me who have thick, coarse body hair and works in as little as four minutes. Extra Strength Depilatory Action Hair removal cream works by dissolving the proteins in […]

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Veet for Men

Veet for Men is a hair removal gel that allows you to remove your body hair in a matter of minutes without the hassle of razor burns and prickly regrowth. By applying it in the shower, you can have your skin feeling smooth for up to twice as long as shaving. Razor-free shaving This hair […]

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Best Pre-Shave Oils : Your Ultimate Guide this 2017

use the best pre shaving oil

If you have sensitive skin, or if your skin is prone to irritation after you are done shaving, then you may need to use some pre-shave oil. The reason for this is that pre-shave oil helps to soften your beard and lift the hairs so that your razor can cut through them more easily, and […]

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Best Shaving Bowls : Find Out the Top 7 Available this 2017

a shaving bowl

Shaving nowadays is as simple as grabbing a disposable razor and an aerosol can of cheap shaving foam, and you’re done in a couple of minutes. But not everyone is contented with this rushed shaving routine. If you are the kind of man who enjoys shaving the traditional way, then you know the importance of […]

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