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Spotting the Difference Between Shaving Soaps vs Shaving Creams

Often, when we read articles about, or when we hear the word shaving cream, it is almost always used interchangeably with shaving soaps. Though both of them serve the purpose of softening the hair to be shaved, and at the same time shielding the skin from the possibility of razor bumps or burns, still, these […]

Top 4 Best Hair Removal Products For Men 2019

Fundamentally, body hair helps in insulating the body, but too much hair is just unsightly to look at. Though there are those who embrace every strand of hair they have, there are also those who would like to keep some of their body parts free from it. It’s about choices, after all. But if you […]

A Beginner’s Guide: How To Use A Shaving Soap

Shaving is not as simple as it seems. There are reminders you must take heed of in the proper use of it. But to further understand the right way of using a shaving soap, you must first and foremost know the things you need to have so as to effectively use your shaving soap. Shaving […]

Top 7 Picks – Best Shaving Soap 2019

Before shaving creams or shaving gels, shaving soaps have always been the traditional product used to make a lather. Fundamentally, shaving soaps (best wet shaving soap) are preferred by a lot of people as it usually contain little to no chemicals and numbing agents as compared to its counterparts. And since it contains little to […]