2017 Best Hair Clippers for Home Use – Complete Review

The use of hair clippers has always been a convenient and practical way of cutting our hair. Not only does it make the actual hair cutting quicker and more precise, but also, it helps in achieving an artistic touch to its overall finish. Furthermore, the versatility of hair clippers makes it doable for us to attain and unveil an excellent style. But then, in order to achieve the look we wanted, it is necessary for us to pick the best hair clippers, as each of which comes with pros and cons which must be taken into consideration. Durability, precision, power, speed, and price are only few among the considerations a lot of buyers take heed of.

Now, in this article, we would delve deeper on synthesizing the advantages of using top hair clippers and trimmers, summarizing the essential buying considerations and frustrations most buyers encounter, and presenting the guidelines in picking the best men's haircut machine (also called hair buzzer). In the latter part of the article, we would also present product reviews of some notable hair clippers for cutting black hair. This is to further guide you in picking what hair clipper brand is best for you to use, had you been considering to buy a new high quality hair clipper kit.​

​After reviewing all the top hair clippers for home use available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model of a hair cutter machine that will fit your needs.

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​Comparison Table

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Perks of Owning The Best Hair Clippers

Already depicted briefly earlier are some of the benefits of using the best hair clippers for men. But there are even more benefits worth noting. Here are some of those:

  1. Convenience
    barber shop
    Surely, all of us are busy in our own personal ways, and going to the barber isn’t always a normal priority. More so, it is time consuming. That is why owning a good hair clipper appears to be a more convenient solution, coupled with a little bit of knowledge about proper hair cutting, of course. You can save more time, save more fuel, or your supposed transportation fare. You can even do away with congested traffic just to go to the barber shop or salon.
  2. Control over how your hair would look
    In a way, this could be a disaster if you don’t know proper hair cutting. But if you do know how, this could be pretty advantageous. The lines in barbershops and salons usually only make it difficult for us to have our hair cut by our preferred barber, if we have one. Furthermore, it can be challenging to explain what hair style we want to someone new. Now, if you own your own hair clipper, not only do you save more time, but also you have all the liberty to have your hair cut the way you wanted it to.
  3. You could learn a valuable skill
    Much like other skills and talents, hair cutting can likewise be learned. But then, it requires practice. But how could you practice if you don’t have anything which could make things simpler for you to learn a new skill? With a guidance from a professional, you can learn how to do hair cutting from easier to more difficult cuts. It’s a prized skill you can benefit from even several years from now.
  4. You could have a style on the go
    Owning a decent hair clippers would enable you to groom yourself anywhere on the go: at your home, at your grandma’s house, at a parking lot, and anywhere legal.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Indeed, owning your own hair clipper could be quite beneficial. However, much like when buying other products, there are factors to consider if you plan on buying a new hair clipper. Some of which are durability, power, speed, user friendliness, and price. Summarized below are the major buying considerations buyers take note of, as well as some guidelines in choosing the appropriate hair clipper for your hair cutting needs.

Infographics Best Hair Clippers for Home Use
  1. Durability
    If you want a long lasting product, of course, it is necessary that it is durable. Actually, the durability of the hair clipper would depend on how you take care of the product. But more importantly, it would depend on where you bought the product. If you want a better assurance that you would buy a durable hair clipper, always buy from acknowledged manufacturers who have a great warranty and customer support. Most of the time, the length of the warranty of the product reflects the company’s dedication in creating durable, quality products.
  2. Power
    Hair clippers are made to have more or less power depending on its function. In order to further guide you to know what type of hair clipper has more power, it is necessary for you to know and understand first the different types of hair shaver/clippers: rotary, magnetic, and pivot. These three have certain specifications that suit your needs. Now, if you want a best hair clipper that has a powerful power that cuts through a thick hair, a rotary motored hair clipper is the best option for you. However, it is more bulky. Rotary hair clipper is also an ideal option, as it can cut through thick, heavy, and even wet hair. Its blade that runs at a slower speed enables you to slowly remove the clipper while cutting thick and heavy hair.


  1. Speed
    Speed is a necessary factor when buying a new hair clipper. If rotary motored hair clippers are known for their power, magnetic hair clippers are the fastest, though the least powerful hair clipper. You may find this type of motor to vibrate and to cause noise because blades run very fast, but then the speed of the blades is advantageous to smooth hair cutting. The speed of a magnetic hair clipper is best for thin and dry hair.
  2. User friendly
    Hair clippers can be really difficult to navigate. Also, every type of hair clipper features certain specifications ideal for different users. Take for instance, a rechargeable or cordless hair clipper set (electric hair trimmers). They are ideal in the sense that no unwanted wiring would get in their way when they clip from different angles. However, the problem is that it often requires recharging. Also, the type of motor used is also one which must be taken into consideration. If you like to get the job done faster, a pivot motored hair clipper is a great choice, as it enables you to cut your own hair or use it for shaving with much ease. However, it is a bit slower as compared to the other two hair clippers. But nonetheless, we must indeed take heed of the specifications of each hair clippers according to what is more ideal for us to use.
  3. Price
    Most of the time, you get what you pay for. This is not to say that you must buy more expensive products for a greater quality or for a highest rated hair clippers. Most professional electric hair clippers cost more while home clippers are much cheaper. It’s just that the way to make do with the price is to assign a formidable budget, and then find the particular model or the best clipper that will suit your needs depending on purpose and even, frequency of use.

10 Top Rated Hair Clippers for Home Use and Black Hair

We already talked about the benefits and buying considerations. We would now then proceed on summing up the best hair cutting clippers for to utilize and its best features, using as a basis what buyers or people who own the product have to say. This is to further guide you to ensure that you choose the best clipper that will give you the efficiency that you need. Here are 10 of the top brand hair clippers/trimmers available on the market.

1. OSTER Motor Clipper 76023-510

OSTER Motor Clipper 76023-510

OSTER Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper might have been relatively cheaper than the other OSTER clippers, but its quality is much the same. It features twice the power of magnetic clippers, which enables its power to cut through wet or dry hair. But probably the best feature of it, which most of those who have purchased the product praise, is the adjustability of its blade, which allows the stylist to quickly and easily change the length of cut, without the need for extra blade. It can be somewhat shorter than most vibrating motor clippers, as many buyers would say, but it works perfectly and has a minimal vibration and noise. The wider spacing between the teeth of the blades translates to a faster cut time, while the flexibility of the blade allows you not to buy different blade sizes any longer.

2. Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T

Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T
If you want to have an inexpensive, yet a professional quality haircut at home, the Wahl Color Pro Haircutting Kit would be a perfect product to have. The package contains a grip that is comfortable and easy to handle, a taper control, as well as some other essential accessories to have for a quality hair cut.
One usual observation of those who have purchased the product is that its power control does not seem completely stable and needs to be adjusted from time to time. Also, it has the tendency to generate a noisy sound. But its pros outweigh its cons. It is remarkably inexpensive and is durably constructed, which can be quite surprising for its price. Also, it is available in several color-coded combs, which makes it easier to identify the right size in seconds. Furthermore, it has a high-carbon steel blade for a better precision and sharpness, but with a soft touch grip for comfort and control. Aside from that, the adjustable taper lever of the clipper allows for a better blending and customized cutting lengths. The clipper itself is intended for home use and feels like it, unlike their old hair cutting kits, which felt a bit more heavy-duty.

3. Wahl 79600-2101

Wahl 79600-2101
The Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper’s is ideal if you want a long lasting performance. Its advanced technology lithium-ion provides a 2 hour run time, 10 minute quick charge, and holds a charge up to 1 year. And being cordless, it allows you to use it anywhere at any time. Many buyers don’t like the fact that it has a non-removable head, which makes it harder to clean it. But more or less, many still prefer WAHL Lithium Iron Clipper over the products they have previously used. Though its head is non-removable, it is adjustable, without any attachments clipped on the head. This then allows for an easier adjustment of how close the clipper will cut, a handy for trimming around the ears. All the more, it makes use of a heavy duty motor, which provides 50 percent more power vs. standard Wahl motors for no-snag cutting. Its self-sharpening precision also is a plus, as it stays sharp longer and cuts through all hair types. Moreover, it is easier to use without a cord. It cuts close enough to shave with one pass

4. OSTER Classic 76 76076010

OSTER Classic 76 76076010
OSTER Classic Universal Motor Clipper features a powerful, single speed universal motor for heavy-duty use. It comes with an ultra-durable and break-resistant housing and a powerful motor, which is ideal for the experienced cutter who appreciates the clipper's ability to operate longer, with ease. Moreover, this Universal Motor Clipper of OSTER features an interchangeable clipper blade. And so, if you just invest in the metal blades in different sizes, your cuts will be way more polished, with fades that look immaculate.
Being heavy duty, OSTER Universal Motor Clipper is less than ideal for people with small hands. They might not be able to wrap their hands around it, for it is quite large and heavy. But it is also its heavy dutiness that would allow you to effortlessly mow through the thickest, toughest hair.
So all in all, several buyers, who actually use this product for their job, would agree that it’s a great solid piece of professional equipment, a true standard prized and recommended by barbers and stylists alike. All in all, the downside is that it is kind of heavy and large. Not so much that it is a problem though, but for a lot of people who have purchased the product, it absolutely worth the trade-off.

5. Wahl Professional 8329

Wahl Professional 8329
Wahl Professional Essentials Combo features two great hair care products in one package: Taper 2000 Clipper and AC Trimmer. Aside from that, it also comes with 4 attachment combs for the Taper 2000 Clipper and oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and blade guards for both the Taper 2000 Clipper and the AC Trimmer.
Coming from WAHL’s commercial grade line products, the Essentials Combo is actually better for professional use, as it is designed to provide outstanding performance that professionals need. Many purchasers of the product were delighted and were very much satisfied with the product. It is lightweight, versatile, well-designed, and powered by electromagnetic motor, making it capable of fading, blending, edging, and more. That is why it is the ideal choice for barbers and stylists who are new to their job.
The only problem with this Essentials Combo, for most buyers, is that the guards are very pointed and would not work well for cutting a young child as they will poke them. Setting that aside, one thing that they love about Essentials Combo is that it trims the hair without leaving longer ones behind. Furthermore, it comes in a nice case to keep everything together, and a lot of other extras like the ones mentioned earlier. Moreover, they said that the trimmer is a great addition, for it cuts very well for the base of the head, behind the ears, and sideburns

6. Andis 64850

Andis 64850
If you are after a versatile and durable hair clipper that requires little to no maintenance at all, this product of Andis is highly recommendable. Being launched in the 1920’s, Andis already established a name as one of the leading producers of quality hair clippers So, much like OSTER, it wouldn’t be able to last that long had it not been providing durable hair clippers.
Perhaps, one of the most standout features of Andis professional ceramic hair clipper is its cordless rotary motor. Though, generally, rotary motored hair clippers can be quite expensive, it’s actually worth the price. Not only is it capable to do bulk hair removal, which a lot of buyers love about the product, but also it has an outstanding battery life, which fully recharges in one hour or less. More so, when charged fully, it can run for an hour without any awkward cords that would get in the way of you being able to attain a hair that flows freely and without mess. Of course, it is also necessary to highlight that Andis features a Ceramicedge blade, which enables the hair clipper to stay cooler than usual blades, making it a safe clipper to use. Furthermore, its detachable blade is also a plus for most buyers, as it ensures the blade’s durability while requiring less maintenance. All the more, all your equipment are sure to have a safe storage because of Andis’ heavy-duty storage case which makes it less hassle to take anywhere on the go.

7. Wahl 8500

Wahl 8500
Wahl 8500 Senior is one of the most affordable hair clippers that you can find. Though one of the cheapest, several users claim that it is a well-built hair clipper. It is run by a V9000 electromagnetic motor, which is an excellent option if you want to have a hair clipper that is less prone to heat. Furthermore, heavy-duty cutting, blends, tapering, and blades, are of less problem due to, again its powerful electromagnetic motor. Though it vibrates frequently, it generates a very low sound. A lot of users commend the product not only for its affordability, but also for its versatility. Actually, WAHL senior can be the best choice for fading. Perhaps, it is designed to be held at angles when you are cutting another person's hair. All in all, it is highly recommended by those who have actually brought the product.

8. Wahl Super Taper 8400

Wahl Super Taper 8400
Meant for professionals, Wahl Professional Hair Clipper is also a great choice, for it is engineered to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand. It’s fully engineered and dynamic clipper size gives an aesthetically appealing vibe to the clipper. Its high class precision is also a plus. All the more, its v5000 motor power is quicker than an ordinary clipper, which made it perfect for dry or wet haircuts. It can be quite expensive than the usual Wahl hair clipper, as what many buyers would upon, but it was well worth the extra expense to get a higher end model. The clippers might be louder than expected. But in general, Wahl Professional Super Taper Hair Clipper is cool to the touch, works well, and does not get too hot. So it’s a great product all in all.

9. Remington HKVAC2000A

Remington HKVAC2000A
If you are up for a fresh style without the hassle of clean-up, then Remington Remington's Vacuum 18 Piece Haircut is highly recommendable. The most standout feature of this Remington product, and also one of the reasons why buyers chose to purchase this vacuum kit is because of its innovative dual motor power system. This innovative dual motor power system allows the hair clipper to have an excellent vacuum suction, which creates optimal airflow, enabling the users to be have no mess haircuts with minimal clean-up.
Though there are some who does not like suction for being quite strong, resulting in the hair being blown out, there are also buyers who actually applaud this product for its strong suction, which makes it easier for them to collect the hair that has been clipped. Moreover, many buyers love that it has removable collection chambers, which makes it possible to contain all the trimmed hair from a cutting session, making it easier to clean.

10. Remington HC4250

Remington HC4250
Remington Pro Self-Haircut, much like other Remington haircut kits, is likewise great to have if you want a simple, doable, quality haircut. The package contains 9 length adjusting combs, hand-held clipper, cleaning brush, storage/travel pouch, and oil. Perhaps, the best feature of this product is its broad curved blade, which is best for fast haircuts, but with an optimal coverage to give you a close and even cut through the thickest hair. Another feature that makes this a standout is that it is washable and also has a lithium rechargeable battery for another optimum efficiency and versatility.
Users love the fact that it has a longer runtime, an average of 40 mins, after charging for 4 hours. For a lot of users, its package is also convenient to use. Can be corded or cordless, and rechargeable lithium battery and extra wide-curved blade allows for a precise yet comfortable control to attain your desired results. The only problem, however, is the limited selection of hair length you can cut, which makes it a good choice only for very short haircuts, short enough to make it a true buzz cut. So for a sole tool for regular haircuts, this is not the best product to use. But nonetheless, if you are after a hair clipper that is precise and comfortable to use, with a stainless steel, huge curved blade, to cut through even the thickest hair, which reduces pulling and snagging, then Remington Pro Self-Haircut is the ideal choice for you.


To conclude, indeed, we cannot deny how beneficial hair clippers are. They have already become a part of modern grooming, a go-to for a lot of beginners and expert barbers. It is very much convenient to have, as you can control how your hair would look and have a style-on-the-go. In fact, for a beginner, you can learn a valuable skill which you can use even years later. But much like other products, we must also take heed of choosing what hair clippers suit our style and preference. The knowledge of the right clipper to buy is essential, since every clipper has its specific specialty which we must take into consideration. Durability, power, speed, user friendliness, and price are only few among the many factors which we must take heed of. If you know the right clipper for you, rest assured that you’ll be achieving the cutting edge.

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