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This is THE site where you can find tons of useful information about hair care products – hair dryers, hair clippers, razors, shampoos, curling products and more! I’ll help you get that hair-do you’ve always wanted, or get rid of it if that’s your thing. Enjoy weekly offerings of astounding and highly relevant product reviews, cool articles, and well-updated guides and how-to’s that will turn you from a novice to an expert in hair care almost instantly.

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As of 2017, this site has 6 major categories, which you can freely browse via our easy-to-navigate tabs.

1. All about Pomades

The way you style yourself is as important as knowing your hair texture. Yes, some men love to keep their hair in-style, flexible and in place at the end of the day, but to reach this goal might be too complicated for some.

There is actually a solution to everything.

Achieving this perfection is not far from reality when you start using pomades. It does not only provide sufficient hold, but you can even choose what type to use according to your hair type.

Look through our blog on the The Best Pomades for Asian Hair article and learn how our list of pomades can level up your hair styling game plan.

2. All about Hair Clippers

Hair clippers – as the name implies do what they say they do but you can easily get confused with so many brands and kinds out in the market today.

Hair clippers are quite an investment so leave the research to us and take time to read our Top 7 – Best Cordless Hair Clippers 2017 for guys with a full set of luscious locks and loves to travel with their hair clippers.

Check out our article on Best Professional Hair Clippers for Barbers – 2017 Review for professional barbers, salon or barber shop owners.

3. All about Hair Dryers

Hair dryers have always been an essential part of a woman’s hair care routine, and today they are quickly becoming commonplace in a man’s grooming regimen as well.

Apart from being a much faster alternative to hair drying, which can free up a lot of time for other things, it also makes it much easier to style your hair.

If you want to curl your hair or use pomade to get a pompadour style, then it is necessary to dry your hair thoroughly before you do so. And this is where the hair dryer comes into play!

Read our articles about Our 7 Highest Rated Blow Dryers for Damaged Hair – Reviews 2017 or if your on a very tight budget, you can check this Ultimate Guide of the Best Affordable Blow Dryers Reviews to find a hair dryer that works for you and your money!

4. All about Razors

Yes, they are sharp, dangerous, and unwieldy so for guys who want to channel their inner barber and be mighty and skillful with this sharp, small blade.

Be sure to visit our Top 6 – Best Razor for Shaving Head 2017 article.

If you are the jock on the block opting for the “wash and go” approach pay attention to our Top 6 Best Disposable Razors – 2017 Review article that is an obvious shout-out to you.

But if you’re the type of guy who wants to remove unwanted body hair or love to have it clean down there, here’s an article for you Our Top 5 Best Razors for Shaving Balls – Complete Review 2017. We tend to be all-inclusive around here so don’t feel left out at all!

5. All about Shampoo

The shampoo has become a staple ingredient in personal hygiene for both men and women. Even if your hair is naturally healthy, it is necessary to use shampoo to counter the effects of pollution and heat.

Whatever your hair type may be – thick, thin, long, short, curly or straight – there is a shampoo that was made just for you. Like this article on the Top 5 – Best Purple Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Blondes 2017 or if you have dandruff problems try Our Top 6 Choices – Best Sulfate-free Dandruff Shampoo 2017. We got you covered and all you need to do is read these comprehensive guides.

6. All about Curling Products

Curling products like our article about Highest Rated Cheapest Curling Wands are very popular among women who want curly hair but have limited budget and naturally straight hair.

These products can achieve the curly look in a matter of minutes. But if you are the type of girl who wants to style your hair and leave curlers or roller in your hair all night we have this 2017 Definitive Guide of the Best Hair Rollers to Sleep In Reviews. I

sn’t it amazing that now you can do it yourself at home! Just read our articles on curling products and go for it!

Why do I even care about hair???

Easy – I want you to look your best no matter what your budget is. I have personally experienced all the hardships that come with maintaining good hair on a tight budget, and I want to cut out all that hassle for you.

Forget wasting time at the barber or salon. Just read all the guides and I’m sure that you’ll pick up a thing or two – I only provide useful information that you can use on your own to look like the glamorous superstar that you truly are.

In addition, the content in this site is heavily researched and I guarantee that you will have a great time reading our compelling articles to give you the knowledge and skills that you can readily share with your friends and family. This is your chance to shine – both in hairstyle and in spirit!

About our reviews…

No, I do not own all of the products listed on this site. My reviews and recommendations are from a variety of sources and are the results of my experiences in my endless pursuit to simply look the best that I can be on my own terms and budget. I use the following methods to review a product on this site:

  •  I have owned or currently own the product
  •  A friend, family member, or local barber/salon has owned or currently own and uses the product on very satisfied customers with amazing results.
  •  I’ve done my homework and done my research digesting multiple reviews from a heap of trustworthy sites saving you a lot of time and effort.

Simply put, I’ve made this desire of simply looking good and helping others look good by offering free grooming advice that will change how you look and how you feel – because as we all know, the two go hand in hand. My goal is to change how you view yourself and how other individuals look at you.

Lastly, I do use, forums, my own team of experts (AKA: grooming dream team) and other online stores to find relevant, reliable, and credible reviews.

I’ve spent over 240 hours reviewing some of the products featured on this site. Therefore, I encourage you to trust the products recommended for they are of the highest quality and undoubtedly the best bang for your buck.

Everyone is welcome to voice any comments, opinions, suggestions, and recommendations to make this site even better and stronger than Samson’s locks! If you have any questions, please use the Contact page to reach out.

Our site does not judge and all people are urged to enter whether you are already the expert self-styler, a spouse or significant other helping your partner bring his or her “A” game in grooming, or planning to do a makeover on yourself…this site will blow your mind!

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