A Beginner’s Guide: How To Use A Shaving Soap

Shaving is not as simple as it seems. There are reminders you must take heed of in the proper use of it. But to further understand the right way of using a shaving soap, you must first and foremost know the things you need to have so things you needas to effectively use your shaving soap.

1. Soak the brush

The first step is, soak the brush in a shaving bowl full of, preferably, lukewarm water, for a minute or two. Soaking the brush would help you soften its bristles, allowing you to make a smooth, even shave. Just to add, a shaving brush that retains water better, and is softer, are better options because the former ensures that the lather sticks to the brush when you brush it, and the lather is good for a sensitive skin.

2. Take the water out

After soaking the brush, you must take the water out, leaving at least a teaspoon of it. The teaspoon of lukewarm water can help soften the shaving soap. Also, it is essential that you remove the excess water from the brush. Just shake it a couple of times until the water from the brush stops dripping. If you don’t do so, your effort of creating the perfect lather might just be put into waste. Not only would it make the water from the brush drip, but also the shaving lather you did.

soap in the brush3. Take the brush and make circular strokes in the soap

After that, take the brush and use it to make circular strokes in the shaving soap. This is to transfer a bit of the soap in the brush.

4. Transfer the brush in the bowl

Effectively doing step 3 would help you make a thick, rich clumping of soap in the brush. If you are done doing that, you transfer the brush in the bowl.

5. Continue making circular strokes

Continue making circular strokes using your shaving brush, to create a richer lather. Just add a few drops of water, until you create a mixture that is thick, dry and is free of bubbles. Just to add again, having too many bubbles in the soap means that too much water is added. If that happens, just continue brushing in a circular motion to even out the mixture.

6. Apply the lather you made to your face

After you have achieved doing a mixture that is thick and dry and is free of bubbles, then you can now apply the lather to your face, again in circular motion. Applying the lather in circular motion would help in raising your hairs as well as in providing a better cushion and lubrication for your razor.

Using a shaving soap, indeed, is not as simple as it seems. Of course, there are factors that you must consider, which is why it might seem complicated to you at first if you are a first timer. But surely, you’ll soon ace it. You might not succeed in attaining the desired result in your first try, but with much practice and experience, you’ll be able to master the art of using your shaving soap to make the perfect lather.