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Bay rum is an aftershave fragrance that originated in the West Indies in the 16th century. It is known for its distinctive woody, sweet and spicy scent, created by the combination of West Indies bay leaf, spices, and Jamaican rum.

Using an aftershave has several benefits. First, it completely clears out the pores of any bacteria that might have jumped off the razor blade while shaving. Second, it seals up the pores to prevent any additional dirt or bacteria from getting in.

Scented aftershaves like bay rum have the added benefit of boosting a man’s confidence around women. Bay rum aftershaves, in particular, help to moisturize and de-stress the skin, preventing the occurrence of wrinkles and outbreaks. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a good remedy for skin infections.

What To Consider When Buying

However, there are a few things to consider while looking for an aftershave. The amount of alcohol used in an aftershave determines how much it will burn after application. Some burns last for several minutes, while others last for only a few seconds.

Another consideration to keep in mind is the possibility of fragrance allergies. These could range from a bout of sneezing and coughing to severe respiratory distress. Other symptoms include rashes, itching or even blistering on the skin. Therefore, it is always wise to make sure you know what you are allergic to and shop accordingly.

After reviewing all the top bay rum aftershaves available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

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6 Best Bay Rum Aftershaves Reviewed

Shopping for aftershave: easier said than done. Even if you specifically shop for bay rum aftershaves, the number of brands is enough to make your head spin! That’s why we’ve written this article – to make it easier for you to decide. We’ve gone through hundreds of reviews to bring you the best bay rum aftershaves.

1. Gilbert Henry - Modern

About this product
Eliminates razor burn & redness
Spicy yet smooth
Used highest quality essential oils

A natural solution for razor burn and redness. It contains Aloe Juice, Coconut oil and Vegetable Glycerine for their moisturizing properties; and Witch Hazel, Black Willowbank Extract and Neem Oil to heal and protect your skin.

This aftershave has one of the longest lasting scents among bay rum aftershaves. It is not greasy, it accelerates healing and relieves post-shave soreness, replacing the irritation with that glowing feel of refreshed and replenished skin.

Some reviewers mentioned finding the clove scent to be overpowering, but that’s because it is. Bay rum aftershaves are meant to be used sparingly. Some also found it to be a little on the expensive side, but with a scent like this, we think it’s well worth the price!

This is the fragrance that people notice when they are close, rather than before you even enter the room. Modern, sophisticated and unique, Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm is perfect for bringing out the gentleman in you.

2. Barberry Coast - Natural

About this product
Natural  ingredients
No artificial colors
100% Remoisturizes your skin
100% lifetime guarantee

This wildly popular scent supplements your skin’s natural moisture and absorbs quickly to leave your skin smooth. The balm is light and non-greasy and contains Vitamin E and a touch of cooling menthol. It is alcohol-free but still soothing to cuts and irritation.

Many reviewers expressed appreciation at the fact that it does not contain synthetic chemicals or fragrances, parabens or sulfates, and phthalates, dyes or GMOs. It is cool and refreshing when applied, and while many felt that the scent of this aftershave does not last that long, on the plus side it is not as overpowering as other bay rum products.

The scent also has the added benefits of reducing anxiety and stress, clearing mental confusion, getting rid of fatigue, providing clarity of thought, soothing the soul, elevating your mood, lowering your blood pressure, and improving blood circulation. There are those who even find the fragrance to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac!

3. Clubman Pinaud - All Purpose

About this product
Classic all purpose fragrance
Helps tone the skin
Infused essence of bay tree
Made in USA

A classic all-purpose fragrance, formulated with the essence of the West Indies bay tree and exotic spices to be as refreshing as a cool island breeze. A very pleasant, clean ocean, cedar and warm spicy aroma, the top layer is strong, but dissipates quickly and becomes very subtle, allowing you to blend it with your favorite citrus based cologne.

This fragrance reminds many users of those old barbershops from the 50s and 60s – truly a man’s world! It is a reasonably priced, old-fashioned scent, and it takes a rare man to shun modernity for this classic aftershave. It’s not just a scent, it’s a statement of intention.

One gripe that many have with this product is the cheap, plastic bottle that it comes in. This can be easily remedied by decanting the aftershave into an older, classier bottle that you may have used earlier that’s just lying around.

4. GABELS - Lotion

About this product
Made from original bay rum oil
Scent can last longer 
Light clove scent

This brisk, refreshing aftershave has a cooling effect on your skin and smells good like only a good bay rum aftershave can. An excellent choice for sensitive skin, Gabel’s Bay Rum does not clog pores, it doesn’t leave an oily feel or film, and, most importantly, does not promote acne.

The scent is tastefully subtle, pleasant and understated, perfect for the working man who has to spend hours every day in an office or on a job site. An unmistakably masculine scent, the lotion contains only natural ingredients, making it safe for people who might have fragrance allergies. It is very effective against scrapes and dry skin.

Some reviewers have said that the alcohol content makes it burn a lot immediately after applying, but most of them emphasize that it is more than worth it for that old-school macho scent.

5. Genuine Ogallala - Vintage

About this product
Bold, refreshing fragrance
Classic bottle
Great for moisturizing the skin

This old-fashioned bottle and label make a great decoration for your bathroom. And the product? A bold, refreshing fragrance that will take you back to the barbershops from yesteryear. It has an extremely nice bay and sandalwood scent with a hint of vanilla.

After the top layer dissipates, the bay backs off, the sandalwood stays consistent and the vanilla becomes more pronounced. It is very clean and light on the skin when applied, not at all oily or greasy, and invigorates your facial skin to give you a more glowing, youthful appearance. It is absorbed fairly quickly and does not burn as much as other aftershaves. The overall sensation is quite cooling.

Some users find the hint of vanilla to be slightly “feminine” but most women find the scent irresistible on a man! One user even describes this aftershave as “wow, sensational, amazing, pleasurable, Nirvana, great, good, better, and Holy _____ (insert your word here).”

6. Captain's Choice - Sensational

About this product
Powerful, masculine, spicy scent
Moisturizes the skin
Good, stingy feel

“Bay Rum’s Evil Goateed Twin Brother.” As the name suggests, this aftershave provides a serious alcohol bite post-shave, regardless of whether you nicked yourself or not, which quickly subsides into a nice comfortable tingle, and leaves your face feeling soothed, and not oily or dry.

The scent is deep, romantic and intoxicating, and has an intense depth to it. With all natural ingredients, this aftershave is guaranteed to make you feel refreshed throughout the day!

How To Choose The Best Bay Rum Aftershave

The first thing to note is that an aftershave is meant to soothe, nourish, and moisturize the skin, stimulate cell regeneration, and help maintain clean, healthy skin. It is best to always test an aftershave on your skin before purchasing it to make sure it feels good and doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. It’s also good practice to take your skin type into account.

For normal to oily skin (or in humid weather), aftershave balms are the best option. For dry skin, it is best to avoid astringents or anything containing a high concentration of alcohol. For sensitive skin, an unscented balm or one that’s scented with essential oils (like bay rum) is the way to go.

Many aftershaves contain alcohol, which is meant to disinfect cuts, or astringents, which is an anti-irritant. Too much of these can burn the skin for several minutes after application.

Is Fragrance Important?

The fragrance is another important factor to look into when shopping for an aftershave. This is not as simple as it sounds. Some scents last longer on some people than on others. Some even smell different on different people. Body chemistry and skin type have a lot to do with the duration of a fragrance.

Essential oils, which are the main ingredient of fragrances, tend to dissipate quickly when applied to dry skin. On the other hand, they tend to last longer when applied to oily skin. The solution for those with dry skin is to apply the aftershave to oilier parts of the body like the temples or behind the ears.

Good fragrances are multi-layered, meaning that they will appeal to your sense of smell in three stages: top, middle, and base. The top layer is the one you will notice first and dissipates very soon after application. The middle layer forms the bulk of the fragrance and follows the top layer.

The base layer comes out after the top layer is completely gone, and combines with the middle layer to give you that long-lasting aroma. This is why it is important to sample the aftershave on your own skin before buying it. Smelling it from the bottle will only give you the top layer of the fragrance.

What Is Sillage?

Sillage is the amount of fragrance you leave behind when walking through a room, much like the wake of a boat or the trail of a plane. The amount of sillage depends on the fragrance, and it is important to know this before making a purchase. Some people are averse to fragrances that provide too much sillage.

Bay rum aftershaves are known to provide a very masculine scent without being overpowering. Gilbert Henry Aftershave Balm is a great example of this. It is made of essential oils from around the world and has a scent that is warm and spicy, yet smooth: Top notes of citrus give way to bay rum, which rests on a base of sandalwood and a hint of sweet ylang-ylang.

Benefits of Using An Aftershave

But why are we emphasizing the importance of fragrance in an aftershave? Well, it’s because your scent is an invisible part of your style, and has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you. This fact gives you numerous indirect benefits, such as making you more attractive and helping you feel more confident and less stressed. A nice fragrance adds to your overall image of a sharp, put-together man.

We all know that dressing well is a confidence booster; wearing a good fragrance simply enhances that. If you look like a million bucks, what’s the harm in smelling like it too? Bay rum oil is known for its spicy, sweet aroma that invigorates, opens the senses and enlivens the spirit.

The high alcohol content in most bay rum aftershaves makes it an effective astringent in reducing skin irritation and cleansing nicks and cuts. However, many people complain of its overpowering scent and sting, so make sure you use it sparingly.

It also promotes hair growth and helps eliminate dandruff by moisturizing the skin and closing or tightening up open pores. This gives an added bonus of getting rid of wrinkles and outbreaks.

So if you’re looking for an aftershave that’s aromatic and good for your skin, then look no further than one of these bay rum aftershaves.


In conclusion, bay rum aftershaves are widely regarded as a favorite among men, with their masculine scents and their antifungal, antibacterial and overall therapeutic properties. Whether you buy one of these aftershaves or not, please remember the few key points we made about shopping for aftershave. Always make sure you know what you are allergic to before going shopping.

Always test a product on your skin before buying it. Remember to buy according to your skin type. Remember to wait for the top layer to dissipate, so that you can get an idea of the overall scent. And don’t forget to check the sillage of any aftershave that catches your attention.

If you are still in doubt, then go for Gabels Bay Rum Aftershave Lotion. It is definitely the most popular among young and old alike. Its burn is not too harsh like the Cat O’ Nine Tails, it does not clog pores, it does not leave an oily, greasy film on your skin, and it does not promote acne.

At the end of the day, when push comes to shove, Gabels Bay Rum Aftershave Lotion is guaranteed to make you feel more confident, attractive and macho than any other aftershave!

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