Top 5 Clip-in Hair Extensions for African American Hair – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021

If you’re the type of person who loves to style your hair differently every time, well hair extensions are your best bet. Styling with extensions is limitless! The availability of clip-in human hair extensions has made it super easy for African American hair types change your styling option.

Yes, you heard me right!

You can replace yours from an afro kinky straight to an afro kinky curly in a snap of a finger!

These extensions comes in different forms. Some of these clip-ins are 100% synthetic , while others are 100% human hair. Picking out the best clip-in extension for African American hair can be a bit challenging. There are so many things to consider before purchasing.

In this article, we’d try to explain everything you need to know about clip-ins for black hair before making a purchase.

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Top 5 Clip-in Extension for African American Hair Reviewed

1. Kelang – Afro Kinky Curly

About this product
Afro kinky hair
Natural human hair
Natural color
Weights about 120g

The Kelang is an afro curly kinky hair clip-in that will help enhance your natural kinky, curly hair. The Kelang is a perfect afro kinky curly clip-in to get when you want to keep that beautiful curly pattern.

It is made from 100% Brazilian human virgin hair, which gives you that natural look. This hair material comes from young, healthy girls braided with a full cuticle so that you can expect nothing less than a long-lasting hair quality.

Its stainless steel clips are also easy to wash and are sewn with double thread which makes them even more stable. This clip-in extension from Kelang is easily straightened, dyed, and permed. The double weft sewing makes this hair clip-in even more adorable.

The bottom line is that when you need soft, shiny, thick hair with minimal shedding and no tangling, then go for this Kelang afro kinky curly clip-in.

2. EIAKE – Natural Curly

About this product
Naturally curly
Human hair
Weights about 120g
Comfortable to wear

Here’s another natural curly clip-in human hair extension for African American black hair extensions for black women, but this time it’s from EIAKE.

EIAKE is known for making the best quality clip-in hair extensions, with no tangle or shedding. This particular hair is no exception. It is made from 100% raw human virgin hair and cut from a single donor. The hair is not processed with chemicals; neither are synthetic hair or fiber mixed with it.

Depending on what you like, you can process the hair by ironing it, straightening it, or coloring it to what suits you. Also, the double weft sewing and quality clip make it comfortable to wear and easy to treat and style as you would your hair. Because EIAKE hair is of high quality, if you take very good care of it, it could last longer than two years.

3. Full Hair – Full Shine

About this product
Brazilian Real Human Hair
Curls Stay Fluffy and Springy
Easy to apply and remove
Tested and passed QC

Full hair is a special hairpiece for black women with African American black hair. It is made from 100% Remy virgin human hair, which will naturally blend with your hair.

You should treat it like your hair as they can also be curled with hot tools, flat ironed, blow-dried, and washed. This kinky curly clip-ins for black hair is about 10 inches long, and when stretched, it’s about 12 inches long.

Also, you can dye them to whatever color you want, depending on your taste. However, it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten it.

However, before you dye the whole hair, always test with a small sample to see the result. And when it comes to washing, use lukewarm water and a little bit of sulfate-free shampoo. Rinse properly, and always hydrate with a conditioner.

4. Lovrio – Straight

About this product
9A Grade 100% unprocessed real virgin human hair
Natural black color
120g and 17 pieces for each

Lovrio is a yaki straight clip-in human hair extensions for African Americans. Lovrio hair has healthy and thick ends, which are shed and tangle-free. With this clip-in hair extension, the usual frizz and loss of hair are effectively avoided.

It is made from 100% unprocessed real virgin human hair. Plus, this hair is of the 9A grade virgin human hair. The Lovrio straight hairpiece comes with one of the best weave textures for African American hair.

Just like your natural hair, you can also wash, flat iron, blow-dry and curl this natural yaki straight hair.

Each bag of Lovrio hair comes with seven hairpieces, which are double weaved together. These hairpieces are held together and have 17 clips for attachment to your hair. So you can easily wear this hair on your already made hair separately. You can get that full bloom hair in one bag, and if you want something thicker, you can go for two bags.

5. Ms. Fenda – Natural Color

About this product
100% Brazilian Human Hair
Natural Color
3b 3c kinky curly
Weights 120G

For the best afro kinky clip-in, go for the Ms. Fenda, also known for supplying all kinds of hair products and professional tools. Natural colored 100% Brazilian human virgin Remy hairpiece with double wefts weaving.

This kinky curly hair extension is suitable for a wide variety of hairstyles with clip-in extensions. Each bag is 16 inches long and a perfect hair clip-in extension for African American black hair.

Also, each bag of hair contains seven pieces of hair held together by double weft weaving. And with its 18 clips, you can firmly clip it to your hair.

african american clip in extension image

What to Look for When Buying a Clip-in Hair Extension for Black Hair


Just like there are different brands of clip-in extension manufacturers, there are also different color grades of hair. Getting the perfect hair grade that matches your hair is a perfect way to enhance your beauty.

So, when getting a clip-in hair, ensure the color matches your hair. It isn’t a must you get the same color of hair as your hair, as long as it blends well with your hair, you’re good to go.


Although most clip-in hair extensions are 100% natural human hair, they are of different types. The style of hair you want to make depends on the type of clip-in hair you get.

Your type of hair can also be a determining factor in the type of clip-in hair extension you can get. Choose the right texture of hair extension that flushes with your hair to give you that natural look you desire.


You should also keep an eye out for the length of the clip-in hair extension you're getting. They are not all the same size, so you should take note when selecting. Although the length depends on the type of look, you want to have at the end of the day. 

Some people prefer to have longer hair, while others prefer thicker and shorter hair. So, whatever you prefer, there is a perfect clip-in hair extension waiting for you.

Ease of Usage

A good clip-in hair extension has to be easy to use. Ensure you take note of how easy it is to maintain because good maintenance would determine how long it’s going to last. Ask questions like how frequently you can wash it, things you can use to wash it, how easy it is to dye, and so on.

Cost and Pricing

Whether you are looking for a cheap curly clip-in hair extension or a classic one, there’s always that perfect one for you. However, you should always let your budget decide for you. Because if you want to go based on what you like, you’d always end up spending hundreds of dollars more than you thought.

Human Hair or Synthetic?

Most clip-in hairs are either human hair or synthetic hair, and in some cases, a mix of both. You can go for suitable human hair if you want to imitate that perfect natural hair look; however, they are quite expensive. But if you have a low budget about what to get thick hair, you can go for the high-quality synthetic ones which look equally adorable.

Different Hair Extension Textures

Light Yaki

Light Yaki hair extension has a sleek and straight look and is quite adorable on anyone of any ethnicity. If you want long, flowy, thick hair, this relaxed light yaki is a perfect choice.

It blends perfectly with well-straightened hair. For people with natural black hair, clip-in like the light yaki hair texture is the best clip-in hair extension that will never go out of style.

Coarse Yaki

Almost similar to the light yaki hair extension, but the coarse yaki extension has more texture. In other words, coarse yaki hair extension forms a much thicker hair. This type of hair extension looks best on a gently relaxed African American hair.

Afro-kinky Straight

Straight afro kinky clip-in hair extension has a coarse and thick texture. They are more coarse and thick than the coarse yaki relaxed texture.

The afro kinky straight clip-in extension also has an almost invisible wave that forms a straight pattern. They mimic the texture of the natural afro kinky curly hair but blown out to straight hair.

Afro-kinky Curly

The curly afro kinky clip-in is one of the best black girl hair extensions that help enhance their naturally kinky curly hair. The afro kinky curly clip-in hair extension also provides you with those beautiful curl patterns for a long time.

Deep Curly

As an African American, these deep curly clip-in hair extensions are a perfect hair texture that will help enhance your natural kinky curly hair.

So, when you want to keep those beautiful curl patterns for a long time, go for this deep curly clip-in hair extension. It is a great hair texture for people with 3B and 3V curly hair.

Benefits of Wearing Clip-in Hair Extensions for African American Men and Women


Clip-in hair extensions are very cost-effective as they help you save money in the long run. Generally, hair extensions are expensive, not even consider the cost of maintenance and installation services. But with the ease of wearing clip-in hair extensions, you wouldn't have to spend so much.

Easy to Put On

They are also very easy to put on, as you can even do it yourself. All you need is to know how to attach the clips, and you're good to go. You could fix it at a salon if you want, as it wouldn't cost you much money or time.


Clip-in hair extension is temporal, giving you the flexibility to do with your hair as you wish. A clip-in hair extension is perfect for those who love to have different hairstyles now and then as you can easily swap between your different clip-in hair extensions when you like.

Can Enhance Your Hair

Hair extensions for black men and women are a perfect way they can enhance their hair. When you use the best clip in hair extension brand for your hair, it adds length and fullness to your hair, thus enhancing it, making it more beautiful.

No Damage

Clip-in hair extension reduces the damage to your hair, thus giving it a better opportunity to grow. When you're on a clip-in hair extension, all wear and tear due to combing or any other maintenance are made to the hair extension and not your hair, thus preserving your hair. In other words, clip-in hair extensions help to enhance better hair growth and development.

It Makes You More Beautiful

Clip-in hair extension provides you with more hair, which lets you style your hair just about anyhow you’d love it, making you look more beautiful. So, go for whatever clip-in hair extension that makes you look beautiful, be it shoulder length or waist length.

How to Put On Clip-in Hair Extensions 

There are two main steps involved in putting on clip-in extensions, namely:


Hair sectioning involves separating areas of your hair from a larger area. You must section your hair while you blow it dry, curl, straighten, or do any type of style.

Divide your hair into two sections using a comb or your finger. Draw a horizontal line from the right temple to the left temple, which sections off the top part of your hair, and then secure it with a hair clip.


In the step, you’d have to align the top of the hair extension with the horizontal part you made and then push it down gently to snap in hair extensions.

Some clip-in extensions may come in one large piece, while others come in multiple small pieces. If yours comes in multiple small clips, attach them one by one and ensure they are evenly distributed along the part in your hair. Release the top section of your hair and gently tousle it to blend with your natural hair.

How to Maintain Your Clip-in Hair Extension


Clip-in hair extension easily gets tangled, which can easily ruin the overall pulchritude of the hair. So ensure you detangle the hair from time to time, making sure all knots and tangles are gone. Use a spacious wired comb and maybe oil to get rid of the tangle.


Keep the clip-in hair extension clean at all times if you want it to last you for a long time. Wet the extension with warm water and use a shampoo with low or no sulfate to wash the extension. You do not need to be rough with the extension. Then rinse out the shampoo thoroughly.


Applying conditioner to the hair also makes it soft and shiny when dry. Conditioner also makes the clip-in hair extension easier to comb. Ensure you rinse out the conditioner off properly then comb it, so it doesn't tangle, and then dry it. You can leave it in the sun to dry or use a drier. Ensure you spray it with a heat protectant to prevent possible damage.


After any maintenance routine, like washing and the rest, the hair would need straightening. After straightening, you're good to go. To further help store the hair extension properly after combing it, tie a loose ponytail around the extension. The ponytail will prevent the extension from knotting or tangling when stored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best clip-in hairstyles for African Americans?

The best clip-in hairstyle for African American black hair is the afro kinky curly. However, you do not have to restrict yourself to this hair texture style. Other hairstyles like curly and straight would suffice as a perfect black people hair extension.

What are the best clip-in hair extensions for kinky curly hair?

Based on our review and other products we found on the market, the Kelang afro kinky curly clip-in hair extension is the best kinky curly hair so far. It is made from 100% Brazilian natural hair and provides you with soft, shiny, thick hair.

What is the best clip-in extension for African American women with fine and thin hair?

For African American women with fine thin hair, the Lovrio straight would be a perfect choice for them. It comes with seven pieces of yaki straight natural black hair, and 17 clips you can use to fix it firmly to your hair.


In conclusion, clip-in extensions being the fastest and most affordable type of hair extensions worth every bit of hype. You can fix them up yourself in less than 10 – 15 minutes with the toupee-like clips.

This article contains five of the best clip-in extensions for African American hair, all of which are 100% natural human hair—harvested from different donors, which covers a different style of hair like kinky curly to yaki, among others.

We also talked about the benefits of clip-in hair extension and how to maintain it. This article provides you with all you need to buy, fix, and maintain a clip-in hair extension.

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