Top 7 Best Disposable Razors – 2022 Reviews & Ratings

Much like cartridge or safety razors, disposable razors also have several advantages. Not only is it the most affordable type of razor, which is one of the reasons why it continues to be one of the most sought after one, but, also, it can give an excellent smooth, close shave to the skin.

Disposable razor blades are essentially made thin to further enhance its performance. Moreover, a disposable shaver is a convenient option, especially for those who have just started shaving. It is accessible, and also, it requires little to no tweaking to master the appropriate way of using it. These are only some of its advantages. And of course, there are even things worth noting. And these would be further elaborated later.

Indeed, disposable razors are as convenient as they can be. Now, if you are considering to buy a disposable razor, there are things you must take heed of, so as to find the most suitable disposable razor for your shave.

In this article, we would delve deeper on some of the things you should know when buying a disposable shaver, specifically its benefits as well as the buying considerations consumers face. On the latter part of the article, we would also present a product review of some of the best disposable razors. We hope this would help.

​After reviewing all the highest rated disposable razors available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison table

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Image of Gillette Sensor3
best price cta
Gillette Sensor 3Editor's Choice
Schick Quattro for Women Ultra Smooth Razor Blade Refills
best price cta
Schick Quattro 9/10
Gillette Venus Womens razor
best price cta
Image of Bump Fighter Mens Disposable Razors
best price cta
Bump Fighter Razor8/10
Image of BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor, Men
best price cta
BIC Flex 58/10
Gillette Fusion 5 Proshield Flex
best price cta
Gillette Fusion58/10
Schick ST2 Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor
best price cta
Schick ST27/10

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7 Top Disposable Razors Reviewed

1. Gillette Sensor 3 - Comfortable

Gillette is probably one of the most popular disposable razor brands today. And surely, they wouldn’t be as popular as they are for nothing. This product of theirs, Gillette Sensor3 Conditioning Shave Men’s Disposable Razor, is as economical as it can be.

It features a total of 12-count razors, a lubra strip (that would enable the razor to glide over your skin), a rubber handle (for an easier and simpler maneuverability), and micro fins (so as to protect you from the possibility of cuts and nits). Indeed, it gives you a good value for your money.

Many of those who have purchased the product are completely satisfied with it.

Aside from the fact that it’s lightweight, they also loved that it holds really well. With regards how skin friendly it is, the reviews are mixed. There were some who’ve experienced cuts or irritations while using it, while there were some who, despite having a hypersensitive skin, experienced nothing of those.

A single product yields different results for two different people, anyway. But, all in all, this is truly a formidable product. It’s easy to use or maneuver, it glides smoothly, and also, it adjusts to your face contours for an even better shave.

So to speak, you are guaranteed to have a brilliant shave. Gillette Sensor 3 is highly recommendable compared to single blade disposable razors.

2. Schick Quattro - Ideal for Women

Schick Quattro is made to fit the essentials of a woman’s need for a razor.

While a man’s skin is 25 percent thicker, and therefore are tougher, fundamentally, a woman’s skin is more sensitive and vulnerable, most especially to pain. That is one reason why it is not advisable for women to use razors made for men, and thus the necessity of great razors made for women.  

That’s not all…

Now, with Schick Quattro, you are guaranteed to have an innovative shaving experience that takes into consideration what you need for a razor. It features a rubberized handle. And being rubberized, it would allow you to have a better grip or hold of your razor. Aside from that, it also has 2 lubricated strips, formulated with Pearl and Papaya, which not only lessens the tendency for irritation to happen but also, it makes it easier for the razor to glide over your skin, further allowing a smoother and more even shave. 

Moreover, since it comes with 4 ultra-smooth and ultra-thin blades, all in all, you would only have to swipe a few times, and it can already get its job done efficiently, without any fuss. Also, its four-blade cartridge paves way for a shave that fits the contours of your face, giving you a clean, precise shave that can shave through even the hardest to reach areas. But if you have an ultra-sensitive skin, be ready to warm it up first, or else, you might get moderate razor burns. But, in general, this is indeed an excellent product for women.

3. Venus - Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Venus Embrace is especially made for women who have a hypersensitive skin. In fact, it is already dermatologically tested for a sensitive skin. It has 5-razor blades all in all, and these blades are spaced closer, so as to reduce the pressure per blade, further paving way for an irritation, bump, and itch-less shaving. Even while showering, you can likewise use it.

Though it does not have a shaving lotion on the blade, it has a sort of hardened shaving cream around it. So, you can simply add water, so as to enjoy the moisturizing benefits – and other benefits, of course – of a shaving cream. Definitely, you are sure to have a no-sting yet close shave.

It may be a bit more expensive, but it can last longer than average. It’s as awesome as it gets to be. It’s worth the price.

4. Bump Fighter - Designed for African American Men

Bump Fighter Men’s Disposable Razors is perhaps the newest among the disposable razor brands, but quickly, they were able to gain popularity and loyal consumers even and we cannot contest why. This product of Bump Fighter is specially made for people who have special skin care needs, just like those who suffer from ingrown hairs.

They are made to give a precise shave while keeping the razor from being directly on the skin, so to speak, it keeps the blade a bit away from the skin, minimizing the tendency for bumps and ingrown to happen.

All the more, they combine bump guard technology with conditioner to further revitalize its performance. It comes with no lubricating strip.

Essentially, lubricating strips can help in moisturizing the skin, but it is also it that heightens the tendency for irritation, as it has unnecessary chemicals which can irritate it.

So, truly, Bump Fighter is advisable for people who vies for a skin friendly disposable razor. Just to add, Bump Fighter would work great for everyone regardless of the thickness or thinness of their hair. If there are complaints about the product, it is that its refill razor blades are of less quality.

But if you want a quality refill razor blade, choose the Refillable Bumper Fighter. But in general, there is no doubt why almost all of the reviews, for this product, are positive. Bump Fighter Men’s Disposable Razors provides a great value for its cost.

5. BIC Flex 5 - Great Shave Control

If you are after a razor that can give a better shave control, BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor for Men is highly recommendable.

It comes in a 5-blade disposable razor with a balancing sphere for a better shave control. But what a lot of those who have purchased the product loved is the longevity of its lifespan. It can last as long as the other disposable razors without dulling up. All the more, it is flexible enough to reach through sensitive areas without causing you any nicks.

However, there have been a few complaints regarding the product is how difficult it was for them to rinse the hairs stuck. They clog up, making it hard for the hairs to be rinsed. So, all in all, it’s worth more than its price. It costs less but is about as good as some of the razors many of us have been accustomed using.

6. Gillette Fusion5 - Anti Friction

The Gillette Fusion5 is a great razor! Most users are glad they chose to make the switch from whichever razor they were using to this one. It is well shaped and allows the user to reach tough places with ease.

The design really allows for a much smoother shave and users think it feels pretty sturdy compared to what they were used to. Most customers have said they would definitely buy it again.

Users who have had the product for a longer period of time say that it still performs with a good quality.

The blade does not need to be changed as often as other razors. When compared to the price people pay other razors, it is definitely great value for money.

This razor needs to be cleaned properly in order to preserve it but if the proper care is given, there is no reason it shouldn’t last for a very long time. Although it may not be the cheapest razor on the market, it definitely has a good price to quality ratio.

7. Schick ST2 - Easy Grip

For customers who have problems with skin sensitivity, this razor is definitely a good option. These blades are study and retain their sharpness for a good period of time and unlike regular plastic razor, the Schick ST2 has rubber coating which helps in making it non slip.

Most customers have had a very positive experience with this razor, they feel like it is great value for money. Users feel like it is exceptionally good for trimming beards but can also be used for every other function.

They are priced at a great amount and can last upto 20 days depending on the thickness of hair. Most customers have said that they are happy to have switched to the Schick ST2 razor as both the blade quality and usability are better.

Although some customers have commented on the fact that these razors have too small of a head, they are perfect for getting to those hard to reach places. The small size allows for an even shave all over and precise trimming, especially for areas around a moustache or nose.

disposable razor use image

Advantages of Using A Disposable Razor


Disposable razors are definitely the most affordable type of razor available in the market today. Not only that, it is also more accessible. It is relatively easier to find a store that offers a disposable razor. Truly, it is a convenient alternative.


Disposable razors are also economical. They are a decent way of shaving and likewise are budget friendly. It gives a good value for your money.

Ease of Use

For those who are newbies when it comes to shaving, disposable razors have been one of the most viable options. As said earlier, its user-friendly features allow you to have an effortless shave, which requires little to no tweaking. Also, it requires less preparation. You don’t have to charge it, nor plug it in, just so you could use it.


Disposable razors are perhaps the most lightweight among the other razors out there. They are very handy. So, if you love traveling, you can bring an ample amount with you and it’s like you’re not even carrying one. 

Buying Considerations

Indeed, disposable razors have several advantages. But, of course, it is inevitable that you face some buying frustrations. Now, to help you ease the baggage of these frustrations, we are to give some tips which you can consider when you buy a new disposable razor. Here are some of those.


There are actually different types of disposable razors. Some of which are summarized below.

1. Coated disposable razor

Coated disposable razor is the most recent among all the other disposable razors. It is called coated because it features what seems like a non-sticky coating material to make the shave more comfortable. Also, it prevents dry shaving by supplying an adequate amount of moisture, preventing unwanted razor oxidation, further lengthening the razor’s life. If you opt for a disposable razor that can last longer, go for a coated disposable razor.

2. Ground disposable razor

Ground disposable razor is the most ideal choice if you are after a disposable razor that has a sharp ground cutting edge. Now, what good can this give you? Actually, it’s the disposable razor having a sharpest ground cutting edge that would enable you to have not just a smooth and precise shave, but also a shave where the razor blade does not dull up easily.

3. Plain disposable razor

This is the most accessible disposable razor you can find. It is called plain because it features only its blade, often double-edged, and also its cutting edge, an essential thing a razor must have. This is relatively cheaper. Actually, in the short run, you are already saving some money when you go for a good disposable razor, but you can further increase your savings by opting or a plain one, as it is relatively cheaper than the other type of disposable razor. And also, it can give you a decent shave.

Skin Friendly Feature

If you have a super sensitive skin, it is best to choose a razor that has no lubricating strip.


Though lubricating strips can help in moisturizing the skin, also, it has unnecessary chemicals which can irritate it. Most of the time, coated disposable razors have lubricating strips.

But if you really insist on using a coated disposable razor, test it on your skin first and see if there are any adverse effects. Several times, a single product can yield different results for two different people.

The best part?

There are already disposable razors that feature a blade, specially made for men with sensitive skin.

But if you want to further protect your skin while shaving, use a special shaving cream for sensitive skin while using this kind of disposable razor.


Disposable razors, we cannot deny, are made for short term use, since the blades are not replaceable nor can be sharpened. And one of its downsides is that being far cheaper, it is less durable than the other types of razors.

But there are disposable razors that are made to last longer than other disposable shaving razors. And coated disposable and ground disposable razors are two of those. So, if you are up for a more durable one, look for a disposable razor that has these types. Gillette features such a razor.

disposable razor image


Indeed, given its benefits, disposable razors are as convenient as they can be. Not only are they affordable, but also are more accessible. It is relatively easier to find a store that offers a disposable razor. Also is it economical, giving a good value for your money. But more importantly, it is simple to use, requiring little to no tweaking to master.  

So, disposable razors truly have lots of advantages. But, of course, it is inevitable that you face some buying frustrations. Not, to avoid that, you must be knowledgeable of the type you want for your disposable razor. If you opt for a disposable razor that can last longer, go for a coated disposable razor. But if it’s a razor that can give sharp, precise shave, ground disposable razors are ideal options.

Now, if you want to minimize your razor expense, opt for a plain disposable razor.   Aside from type, a disposable razor’s skin friendly feature is likewise a necessary buying consideration. If you want to lessen the tendency for irritation, go for a disposable razor that has no lubricating strips, which is more common in coated disposable razors.

Bear in mind:

If you really insist on using a coated disposable razor, test it on your skin first and see if there are any adverse effects. Several times, a single product can yield different results for two different people. Fortunately, there are already disposable razors that feature a blade specially made for people with sensitive skin. So, might as well, go for that.