Our Top Picks of the Best Dry Shampoo for Thin Greasy Hair 2019

Imagine the world without dry shampoo, the life altering beauty product that gives us ten extra minutes of snooze time and helps keep our locks voluminous while removing extra grease. While dry shampoo can’t be used as a substitute for regular shampoo, it is a good replacement for those of us who have thin, oily hair but want to retain those natural oils. Those of us with oily hair was destined for a daily wash until dry shampoos changed all that.

shampoosThe reason this miracle product is able to retain volume and keep your locks looking refreshed is very simple. It is usually made of alcohol or starch which soaks up the extra grease from the hair. There are different types of dry shampoos available but most of them are available in either spray or powder form. The best of these, most of which we will introduce later in this article, not only soak up oil but actually clean out your mane without using a single drop of water.

The plus side is that it can help boost volume even for those of us who don’t have time for a quick fix up. I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before yet despite using many products you are still stuck with hair that looks so greasy that it needs to be tied in a bun the next day. But trust us, with the right kind of dry shampoo, even the oiliest of hair can go without a wash for at least two days.

Many people worry that this shampoo can cause irritation. However, this is a point that has been refuted by many dermatologists. Some even compared it to applying perfumes. Your scalp has as many oil glands as your forehead which explains why the roots of your hair can get oily. While you create a better appearance with dry shampoo, you aren’t actually reducing the impurities. It does help remove oil and dirt to a certain extent but it can’t do it as efficiently as a traditional wet shampoo.

As long as both traditional and dry shampoo is used in moderation, one can use this product to create an elegant, voluminous locks style no matter what the hair type – be it an Asian, black, or oily dark hair.

After reviewing all the top dry shampoo for thin oily hair available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison Table

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Amika Batiste Klorane Silky Touch VERB Living Proof

Top Considerations When Buying Dry Shampoo For Thin Oily Hair

1. Is it bad for my hair?

As is the case with anything, balance is key. Using a dry shampoo too frequently may lead to an unhealthy scalp. As long as you use it between two- three days of washing it will keep your pretty locks looking glossy and will allow it to absorb the natural oils it needs in order to remain healthy.

2. Will it clean my beautiful locks?

This may seem unbelievable especially without having to wet your hair at all, thankfully dry shampoo does make it possible. It is a powder that absorbs unwanted dirt and is a great cleanse for the days of a rinse washing.

Using this kind of product can extend the time between washes. However, it cannot serve as a replacement for regular shampoo and should eventually be rinsed out, usually after three days.

3. What type of dry shampoo is best for me?

Whenever you purchase this kind of shampoo it is best to weigh all options. Since all dry shampoos are created differently and use different types of ingredients, naturally their effects are different too. You need to make sure that the one you choose is perfect for your hair type.

If you suffer from dry skin, try and avoid dry shampoos as that could aggravate the problem.

4. I don’t know which ingredients are best suited for my hair type

Our tendency is to gravitate towards products that are cheaper. This is not always the best strategy. Some of the cheaper brands contain ingredients like aluminum which must be avoided at ALL costs. Its toxicity levels are high and it can cause hair damage.

Some of the cheaper brands can also cause the dry shampoo to stick to the scalp causing it to flake and that too at the worst of times.

This can be avoided through a few simple measures. Make sure that you invest wisely in your brand, look at the ingredients and ask the right questions. Our carefully selected dry shampoo products list will also serve as a great starting point.

5. Does it cause hair loss?

As long as you still use regular shampoo to wash your hair every few days and use dry shampoo in between washes, there will be no horror stories!

While dry shampoo gives your mane the appearance of being clean and does tackle some dirt, if you stop using traditional shampoo altogether, it can cause breakage which may give the appearance of hair loss.

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Benefits of Buying A Dry Shampoo For Fine Oily Hair


Especially for people with oily hair, it is a struggle to wash it every day and find different ways to maintain the washed, fresh look. A good dry shampoo can help eliminate several of those steps for many days at a time. It is also great for people who work out every day and are worried that washing their hair with traditional shampoo every day might cause damage.

Fantastic Volume

glamorous looksDry shampoo helps recreate the glamorous looks you see in beauty magazines. Natural oils in your scalp cause your locks to look flatter and greasier. Using this shampoo and massaging it through your roots can cause your locks to look bigger and better. It is a great item to have in your bag in order to freshen up your hair. Using natural ones without synthetic scents can be great for the scalp, however, those who want to use a scent can also use a variety of dry shampoos available.

PS: It is great for women with oily fine hair.

Beauty tip: In order to create tousled waves, you can create two sections of your hair and spray dry shampoo on to your roots. Once you have massaged the shampoo into your scalp carefully, you can flip your head and run your fingers through it. To further solidify the it, do finish up with hairspray.

Absorbs Moisture

The best part about dry shampoo is that it eliminates oil from your scalp, not your hair. By applying it to your roots and leaving it to dry briefly you will be able to absorb the moisture. As a final touch, you should brush your hair in order to get rid of any greasy build up. The result? The shampoo sticks to the oil and simply strips it from your mane.

Aside from treating oily scalps, if used properly it can also protect you from damage.

Eliminates heat

Usually, the first thing you do after you wash your hair is blow dry it. In some cases, this is followed by flat ironing. This excessive heat creates permanent damage. While heat and excessive washing can deteriorate your follicles, hairstylists claim that just by using dry shampoo, it becomes less frizzy and sculpting becomes easier.

Great for Humidity

Damp temperatures can make straight and fine hair either flatten or completely blow up. Dry shampoo can help mitigate this problem throughout the day. All you have to do is spray your roots with this shampoo and you can maintain your hair style for the rest of the day.

Overnight Use

Tip: Apply a little bit of the product on your roots and then tie your hair into a top knot just before bed. While you sleep, the shampoo will be in action, absorbing oil and dirt to create a refreshed, lustrous look.

Time SaverTime Saver

In today’s world, it seems like everybody is always running against the clock. So on the days where you feel it is close to impossible to leave your bed, these products  will give you a few extra minutes to wind down. Not only that, it will keep your hair from looking flat and greasy. Three steps will be enough to style your hair. Get ready to spray, massage and comb!

There’s one for everybody!

There’s a formula that works for all of us. Dry shampoos today come in all shapes, sizes, packages, and scents. Even the type of dry shampoo we use can be suited to our needs. From aerosol based sprays to the traditional powder, you will be sure to find one that works best for you.

6 Top Rated Dry Shampoo For Greasy Hair

1. Batiste Original Clean & Classic

This starch based ‘no water’ formulation aims to eliminate excess oil and grease that gets caught in the roots. It is perfect drugstore powder shampoo for oily hair or dull, lifeless hair that needs a quick fix on the go! Its fragrance and refreshing qualities leave hair looking and smelling great.

The best way to use it is on dry hair so that it doesn’t counteract with the spray. Some users said that they could go up to a week in between actual washes. Not only does it absorb oil, it also adds to the volume. Plus the smell isn’t overpowering.

When using it for styling purposes, make sure to increase the amount you use to create a look that has a greater hold.

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2. Rene Furterer Naturia

Not many stylists and celebrities share the secret to their perfect hairdos. Inside scoop is that this preferred by most for natural looking yet styled hair.

This product cleans you mane without water and helps restore volume in between regular shampoos. It is perfect no matter what the occasion. Whether you are going for a quick drink post a workout or you want to use it after a long flight, it usually leaves hair feeling light and voluminous.

What’s unique about this product is that it uses plant extracts and essential oils for the hair and scalp.

Tip: At most 3-4 spritzes are enough to not only absorb extra oils from the hair but to also soften the mess out from it.

3. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

This product is ideal for all types of hair. It is silicone free and made in such a way that it is safe even for chemically treated hair. It comes in a great bottle and sprayer and has a nice smell that doesn’t linger.

It helps soften the locks while still providing volume. The best way to use it is to apply a little at night before going to sleep and just a dab in the morning before styling or to add some volume. The best part about Living Proof is that it doesn’t leave any residue.

The fresh, soft look is a much better alternative to the dry, crunchy look that happens usually after using hairsprays.

4. TRESemmé Fresh Start

This product is the best for reviving limp, fragile hair by removing all excess oil and impurities. It has no visible residue and also reduces odor through its citrusy elements. Its formula consists of keratin and Vitamin B-12 which helps refresh dry, dull hair and leaves it looking healthy with maximum shine.

It’s vitamin infused formula also helps absorb the oil for a refreshed look and feel without any water. It quickly absorbs oil and helps give it some texture. It is also one of the best smelling products out there.

5. Garnier Fructis Volume Extend 

Garnier Fructis is able to create texture and volume that lasts up to 24 hours. It is extracted from orange citrus and grapes that make the hair feel natural and super smooth.

Tip: The best way to use it is to spray it into your flat hair and brush it through. This allows the shampoo to absorb the oil, reduce weight and revitalize its volume day or night.

Customers claim that if you use the product generously, you can create a volume that stays throughout the day without having to add hairspray or any backcombing.

6. Klorane

Research suggests that 86% of its users appreciated this product for its ability to regulate sebum secretion on the scalp. Klorane is made with nettle extract that revives and freshens hair, especially oily hair making it one of the best dry shampoo powder available in the market today. Users of this shampoo claimed that it has a clean scent and adds softness and shine to their hair.

Tip: Great to use right before bedtime and the next day there is no residue. Some customers who struggled with acne said that because the scent is mild and actually cleans up the oil in hair, there is no clogging. A minimal amount works well even for styling.


To sum up, dry shampoo for oily scalp is a life saver for the modern day woman. Whether it’s because of a busy week or because your hair gets oily faster than you imagined, this miracle creation can help with damage control. Depending on your hair type, you can use these shampoos from one-four days between washes. Some people even rely more on this product than traditional shampoo as it adds volume within two minutes without using any water. What’s important to remember is that while dry shampoo on greasy hair, it is by no means a replacement for the traditional shampoo. As long as you use it wisely, dry shampoo can protect you from a myriad of daily disasters while traditional shampoo can help keep it healthy and clean.

For those with oily hair who are just about ready to give up, know that there is a product just waiting for you to pick it up. Our personal favorites are listed on top and Rene Furterer is one that is a well-known industry secret. So what are you waiting for? Try them out and see for yourself!


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