Highest Rated Electric Razors For Shaving Head – Reviews & Ratings 2020

Going bald now is a fashion statement, as opposed to something that men fret over. Now men themselves choose to shave their head as it has become a statement of style. It doesn’t matter anymore whether it’s hair loss that prompts it or whether it’s your own discretion – in today’s world, it is very easy to rock a bald look by making it look distinguished, provided you use a product that serves your needs.

Electric razors are much more viable options compared to the traditional shaver. Electric razors have many benefits compared to manual razors. Their speed is greater than their manual counterparts because instead of grazing against the skin, they roll over it causing a cleaner shave. It also helps reduce unnecessary cuts and in grown hairs. The best part is that it can be done without any additional products and can be used stand alone.

Although electric razors have much more usability and are more convenient, they can be counterproductive if not used correctly. Many can cause red patches but that is if they are not used correctly. Most electric razors are rechargeable and battery operated. This article will help you choose what razors will work best for you.

After reviewing all the best electric razors for shaving head, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the product for your needs.

Comparison table

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 Remington Foil Shaver image
best price cta
Remington F5-5800Editor's Choice
Braun Series Electric Razor image
best price cta
Aoohe Dry Shaver image
best price cta
Remington Pro Self Haircut Kit image
best price cta
Remington HC42507/10
Skull Shaver image
best price cta
Skull Shaver8/10
Wahl Professional Shaver image
best price cta
Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor image
best price cta

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Razor for Shaving Head

Lesser Heat

The only heat you’ll be using comes from a hooded dryer which means that your hair is never in direct contact with heat unless you are using a flat iron later. Using rollers means you are using lesser time in contact with direct heat hence you damage it less. Rollers can stretch out your locks and smooth it out.

Greater Volume

Curlers/rollers can help create volume by setting closer to the roots and winding down your hair away from the scalp for maximum effect.

Long Lasting Curls

Rollers/curlers are the best way to create curls that hold. This is especially important if your hair has been relaxed and is stick straight.

Greater Smoothness

Doing your hair into a roller so that your locks lies tautly stretched is something that has a smoothing effect that can’t be replicated by a blow-dryer or flat iron. A regular roller can straighten your hair through ‘tension-based straightening’ which helps mold it as opposed to nearly melting it which direct heat styling tools do.

Just ensure that you use the right methods to roll your locks and products that ensure that your hair lies smoother on the roller.

Full of Body

Blow drying and straightening can leave you with flat and dry locks, roller sets do just about the opposite. Because you are setting your rollers in different positions over your scalp, it is causing more volume. This adds to some bounce and flows adding more than just a spring to your step.

Moisturizing Your Hair

Another way rollers help is by sealing the moisture in your scalp. Since you style your hair when it’s wet and then dry it over time, the water and moisture have time to be absorbed.

What to Look Out for When Buying an Electric Razor

shaving head image

Type of Razor

Although electric head razors have the same purpose, there are a variety of products to choose from but they fall into two main categories i.e. foil and rotary cutters.

The foil one is a thin metal layer that covers the blade so that it makes it a gentler use. It also has small slots which in the opposite direction of the skin, allowing the hair to be cut with ease. Foil razors create a closer cut. The downside is that this requires a more regular shave. This type of razor is best suited to cut thinner and straighter hair,

Rotary razors work by rotating. It rotates and through the winding motion, it cuts the hair that goes through it. This works best for thicker hair. This cutter may not give the closest head but it has a greater range of motion allowing it to reach more areas of your head.

Power Source

The amount of time it takes for a product to charge is usually one of the biggest differentiating factors for electric razors. Some electric razors can charge fully within an hour, some take a few hours and some can be charged overnight.

Most of them have a cordless feature, making them more flexible. The best products can run up to 70-90 minutes. Good ones can run up to 40-50 minutes. A long battery life is great for shaving facial hair as well as for shaving head.

If cordless capabilities are not a priority then there are also options with cords that can be plugged into giving power for the entire duration. A corded razor will have you tethered to the wall as the cord is so short and cannot be used on the go.

Skin Type

Every time you shave, you remove a small layer of your skin. When you shave the same area over and over, you remove several layers of your skin causing it to become red and irritated. A few razors have features that allow you to choose how close a shave you want. In cases where your skin is more sensitive, you can choose settings that are gentler.


Depending on what brand you use, maintaining your electric razor can either simply mean running it under tap water, or it can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. Several products can simply be rinsed under tap water and many can be handled with water in order to rinse cut hair.

However, using them in the shower or completely submerging them in water is a no no! A few more complicated products could require cleaning oil and a brush, but this is mostly applicable for blades used to cut hair.

Find the best shaving creams for your head here.

The Benefits of Using Electric Shavers for Bald Heads

As opposed to the traditional razor, electric razors can be used in order to avoid cuts and bruises or skin irritations. There are additional benefits to using the electric device as well. It saves time, is a closer shave and more comfortable and there are different types of razors that are available.

Whether you should use a rotary or a foil shaver comes down to personal choice. Both options can provide a close shave. For many, the choice is just a personal preference. Because there have been so many advancements in technology and design either or can be used regardless of your skin or hair type. Foil shavers were better suited in the past for people who didn’t need to shave as often while rotary shavers were better for people who needed to shave daily.

If you have sensitive skin there might still be some irritations you experience when using a high-powered rotary shower, in such a case adjust the setting according to your sensitivity. The things that you need to things about when purchasing an electric razor are comfort & grip, coverage area and cutting power and foil shavers/rotary shavers.

In addition to cutting power and versatility, other things you can consider are whether you need a dry or a wet shower or whether you need any maintenance features or not.

What time someone chooses to shave is also based on preference. Some people prefer to shave before their shower while for some it’s the opposite. If you are the sort who likes a wet shave then you need to ensure that the razor you get is designed for that purpose. Many electric razors actually use the wet and dry technology.

How to Take Care Of Your Razor

For maintenance or electric razors, you should keep a look for rotary shavers in which you can remove the cover and blades to lubricate the shaver. For foil shavers, you could look for those that are able to remove the cover so that you can rinse and clean the blades.

When shopping for an electric razor can get downright technical. You would want to consider the battery life plus any additional features such as LED or LCD displays. These tell you just how much battery you have left and are a lot easier to carry. How long your electric razor lasts is entirely up to you. Many products come with extended warranties, and you can have a long lasting razor provided that you keep it clean. So long as you care for the blades, you could use the razor for years to come.

Hair care can also be fancy and some other common features include personalization e.g. brushes, travel kits etc. If these are important consideration factors for you, you should take them into account in your decision-making process. Remember to compare features and designs and explore all your options to make an informed decision.

Our Top 7 Electric Razor for Shaving Head Reviewed

1. Remington F5-5800 -  Flex Foil Technology

This product provides you with great flexibility and convenience by providing both cordless and corded options. It can be charged within five quick minutes and is enough to provide one shave. Between charges, consumers can get up to twenty different days. It also very easy to wash and only requires two hours of charge time.
Its advanced feature sits between the foils and pre-trims longer hairs to give a closer shave. It has a built in trimmer between two foils that can cut hair longer than stubble to stubble length. This is a unique feature that not many other foil or rotary based shavers have.


Don’t apply too much pressure when shaving and do not use a circular motion. Use a slow back and forth, up and down motion as the razor has a pivot head. This allows the razor to adjust to your neck and jawline. Make sure that when you use the razor your skin is completely clean and dry.

2. Braun - Cordless

The best part about this product is that it has 3 pressure sensitive shaving elements for efficiency and skin comfort. It has specialized micro combs that capture more hair with each stroke. It also comes with two rechargeable long life batteries.

All of this adds up to provide a very close and smooth shave. In fact, it is so efficient on its own that it isn’t even necessary to use any shaving cream. An additional plus is that if it is mainly used dry then, in the long run, it would save both time and money without compromising quality. It captures hair well and it is super easy to clean all the hair out.

3. Aloohe - Washable

Aloohe provides a three in one feature. Not only is this item an electric shaver but it also has additional features e.g. nose trimmer and sideburns cutter, hence serving as a more holistic product. What’s even better is that it has a waterproof design which makes the product easier to clean. Please note that you should not soak it directly in water. It also comes with a rechargeable stand, making it very easy to use and clean it.

It also shaves efficiently as it has five floating razor heads, a double loop knife net which increases coverage area by 50%! It is also very quick and convenient. The product is great value for money.

4. Remington HC4250 - Extra Wide

This product is perfectly designed. It works best for a hair under 3-5 mm (i.e. 3-5 days of natural hair growth). It is comfortable to use because of its 0.08MM Ultra slim shaver and foil and acute angle design. This does not pull on your hair nor does it jam leaving your skin rash and allergy-free. It has an intelligent micropower chip that ensures that the motor power keeps a high RPM battery level i.e. you will have a smooth shave even when there is a low battery.

What works even better is its ergonomic shape. It has a detachable blade, it’s entire body is water proof and it is convenient to use and clean. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with an instructions manual but it is so easy to understand that you can manage even without it.

5. Skull Shaver - Ideal for Bald Shaving

This makes the process of head shaving efficient and less messy. It has a large swirling shaver head and five rotary cutters that provide a fast and close shave. It can be used up to ninety minutes with just a single charge and can be fully recharged in two and a half hours. It can be used for a dry or a wet shave and should not under any circumstances be used in the bathtub or the shower.

It cuts very close to the head and the LCD screen displays how much battery time you have before you have to recharge it again.

6. Wahl - Rechargeable

This razor is coated with a hypoallergic foil and is available in both cord and cordless operation. It cuts super close to the skin and provides a bump free shaving experience. This is one of the best products for shaving your head. It cuts very close to the head, even better than a razor. While you might have to use the razor twice to get rid of stubborn hair, this gets it in the first swipe!

7. Panasonic - Dual-motor

This is an award winning product that is four blade, has a dual motor shaving system with a precision-honed 30-degree angle which adds to its durability and its sharpness. It is a top rated electric shaver with powerful Hyper Performance Dual Motor features. It has a linear driver that delivers up to 14,000 cuts a minute. If you do the math, that is 56,000 cross cutting actions PER minute across four blades. Meanwhile, there is a second motor that vibrates the Arc 4 shaver head up and down to hold hair for a clean, smooth and efficient shave. This razor works perfectly if you have sensitive skin.


Electric razors are a blessing compared to their traditional contemporary. With all the options available in the market now, it is easy to get confused which is why we have selected razors that suit just about any need. Our personal favorite is the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart which not only shaves quickly but also uses its unique head to maximum its coverage.

Head razors can now have many additional facilities as well. By adding head shaving attachment you can create a variety of looks. Some razors come with guides which provide instructions on trimming hair.

While becoming bald was a social stigma in the past, it is now a symbol of style and swag. You should never be ashamed to go bald. And if you do choose to shave your locks, make sure you choose a razor that fits your needs perfectly.