2022 Definitive Guide of Best Hair Rollers to Sleep In Reviews

Hair rollers have been on the back burner for a while but there are many reasons they should be brought back. We use time and convenience as measures to make styling decisions but we need to slow down and think about the other benefits we get along with that.

Not only do rollers provide your hair with volume and a bounce that lasts the entire day, but you also get the chance to channel your inner actress by putting them on and modeling in front of the mirror.


Jokes aside, while rollers are great for styling, they also come with innumerable benefits. At this point you might already be wearing them in your sleep or even looking at your watch, reading impatiently thinking...Well that’s great, but if I can use a blow dryer for all of that, why do I need hair curlers for?

Yes blow drying again is a quick fix. It provides volume and makes your locks look great. If used continually, it increases your exposure to direct heat and can cause extreme damage in the long run. If you use rollers instead, they can also add volume, vitality, and edge.

You may want to discard the idea of using hair rollers, yes there are now many different types of hair curlers that have been introduced that are easy to use, less time consuming and convenient.

But we're here to discuss and explore a small list of the best curlers to sleep in. Please refer to the table below to see our top picks of hair curlers to sleep in.
















31 PCS



Our Top 7 Hair Curlers You Can Sleep In

1. Aimin Hair

About this product
Soft sleep hair rollers
Best for all hair types
Easy to store
30 pcs

This product works great with fine hair that usually can’t hold a curl to thick long hair that takes a really long time to style. It’s very convenient and easy to use and you will always wake up with very nice heat-free and damage-free curls in the morning.

They’re also very comfortable and you will still be able to get that good night’s sleep even when you have them on (you won’t even feel like they’re there).

The package includes 30 pieces of hair rollers which are more than enough to cover a head full of hair. They’re lightweight and comes in a bag for easy storage especially when traveling.

TIP: If you want tighter and smaller curls, it is advisable to use all of them but if you’re going for more relaxed and loose waves, try using fewer rollers. It truly is a great deal for the quality that you’re getting for these rollers.

2. Diane by Fromm Twist-flex Rods

About this product
10 inch flexible rods
Carrying case

This product is all about the volume and bouncy curls without any heat damage.

The rods are flexible and light and available in different lengths so they work well for any type of hair. You don’t even need any pins or clips.

Few tips on how to use it:

1. Start with a small section, apply styling product from root to tip and make sure that the section is properly detangled.
2. Wrap the ends first and rotate your hair around the same area 1-2 times.
3. Space the strands close together for a tight curl & further apart for a looser curl. Fold the ends to secure Flexirod.
4. Always allow your hair to dry completely before taking down. Air dry or use a dryer.
5. To take down, unravel in the opposite direction

Consumers claim that it is a great replacement for digital perms.

3. Dababell

About this product
Sleep rollers
Flexible foam sponge
40 pcs

If you’ve been looking for a heat-free method to curl your hair for the longest time now then this product is for you!

If you’ve tried DIY heat-free methods and really don’t like the look they give, this product will work great for tight curls to loose waves, and everything in between.

You can use one roller for a small section of hair for a tighter curl or you can use two rollers for a bigger section of hair of a looser wave. They’re also convenient and easy to use and it saves you so much time in the morning, you just remove them, brush it slightly and you’re out the door, perfect for the busy working woman, and price for 40 pieces? What a great deal especially for the quality you’re getting for.

This is recommended for anyone looking for a cheap and easy way to curl their hair without damaging it. They’re heat-free, versatile, comfortable, convenient, and cheap. A total of five stars!

 4. Conair Soft Foam Rollers

About this product
Foam rollers
48 pcs
High quality

This product is a quick slip that helps create tight, defined curls. Super easy to sleep in and prevents breakage. It is even color coded for all types of hair and textures. It can be used either dry or wet.

In order to have tight, defined curls try using it without product or styling solutions. The curl rollers are comfortable making it easy to sleep on. The foam construction prevents breakage and splitting due to grabbing caused by other roles. They are available in assorted sizes and are color coded in order to produce curls of the same shape and size.

Tips to use: Try rolling your hair all the way up and spray it with a spray bottle. While it might seem like not all your hair will get wet, it does! What you get are tight, well-formed curls (lasting up to three days)

 5. Minerva

About this product
42 pack
7 sizes with different colors
For all hair types

They work great but you must have a lot of patience while practicing to truly get the right technique to put them in. The curls last for a while, a whole day at least or two days at max (with a little help from other products) and that’s really helpful when you’re trying to save time.

If you used to take about an hour just to style your hair, now, you’ll have more time to do other stuff in the morning. When you take them off they’re usually really tight and bouncy, but there’s nothing a little brushing can’t fix and you end up with loose and effortless curls that can last you for days.

They come in different sizes to fit various lengths and types of hair. These rollers are made up of lightweight foam which is safe and comfortable to wear during sleep. If you’re going for the digital perm look but don’t want those nasty chemicals to damage your hair, then this is the best alternative for you!

6. Conair Self-Grip Rollers

About this product
DIY curls
Use for wet & dry hair
31 pcs

Another product that requires no pins or clips and is self-grip designed to create smaller, bouncier curls. Through these self-grip rollers, you can create effortlessly bouncy curls without any fuss of old fashioned rollers. The largest rollers are perfect for body and to smooth out wavy hair.

TIP: How to use for thin hair

1. Wash with your favorite shampoo and use a conditioner to help brush out any kinks.
2. Flip your hair and comb with your head upside down. Add mousse to create more volume Sit with this for around 15 minutes.
3. Take off the towel and being by blow drying the hair at the back of your head. Using a round brush can help keep the strands straight.
4. Starting from the top of your head, take small sections and lift each section at the root. Spray it with some hairspray and run a round brush through your locks.
5. Leave on for about ten minutes and then pull the roller out gently so that it unwinds.

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7. Tifara Beauty

About this product
42 pack
7 inches flexible rods
Best for wet & dry

This product is great for sleeping because it is made from lightweight foam. With these flexible curling rods, it is easier for you to make your desired curly hair. The Tifara Beauty curling rods are ideal for all hair types. You can even use it for both dry and wet hair. 

You can wake up with gorgeous curly hair without damaging it. It is 7” long which makes it suitable for women with longer hair. The kit contains rods with different sizes. This is important especially if you want to achieve your curly hair style.

Buyers have commended this product for being comfortable to wear and easy to wear. They said that the results were great. Some users suggested using it with damp hair for better results.

Benefits of Rollers

Lesser Heat

The only heat you’ll be using comes from a hooded dryer which means that your hair is never in direct contact with heat unless you are using a flat iron later. Using rollers means you are using lesser time in contact with direct heat hence you damage it less. Rollers can stretch out your locks and smooth it out.

Greater Volume

Curlers/rollers can help create volume by setting closer to the roots and winding down your hair away from the scalp for maximum effect.

Long Lasting Curls

Rollers/curlers are the best way to create curls that hold. This is especially important if your hair has been relaxed and is stick straight.

Greater Smoothness

Doing your hair into a roller so that your locks lies tautly stretched is something that has a smoothing effect that can’t be replicated by a blow-dryer or flat iron. A regular roller can straighten your hair through ‘tension-based straightening’ which helps mold it as opposed to nearly melting it which direct heat styling tools do.

Just ensure that you use the right methods to roll your locks and products that ensure that your hair lies smoother on the roller.

Full of Body

Blow drying and straightening can leave you with flat and dry locks, roller sets do just about the opposite. Because you are setting your rollers in different positions over your scalp, it is causing more volume. This adds to some bounce and flows adding more than just a spring to your step.

Moisturizing Your Hair

Another way rollers help is by sealing the moisture in your scalp. Since you style your hair when it’s wet and then dry it over time, the water and moisture have time to be absorbed.

Steps on How to Put a Hair Rollers On Before Sleeping

hair rollers to sleep in image

Here’s a step by step guide on how to put on a hair roller for a beautiful and long-lasting curly hair.

1. Wash your hair and leave it damp.
2. Divide your hair into four sections.
3. Get a hair roller and twist each section of your hair.
4. Lock the hair rollers.
5. Put on a plastic shower cap and leave it to set.
6. Wrap a cloth around your head and tie it on your forehead. Position it on how you would feel comfortable while sleeping.
7. Use hair curl clips or bobby pins to secure the cloth around your hairline.
8. Rest your head on your pillow. If you feel discomfort, re-position the curlers.

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Additional Tips on How to Use The Rollers When Sleeping

The kind of impact you get depends entirely on how you use them. Please find below a few tried and tested tips for roller set:

1. Hair needs to be smooth and tight on the roller. How it looks depends on how you’ve used it.
2. Use minimum hair products so that your hair doesn’t get weighed down
3. Let your hair dry completely before you take out your rollers.
4. You will not learn how to apply your overnight curlers. Roller setting takes practices and a gentle touch but once you have mastered it, there is no looking back!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should I Use Based on My Hair Length? 

Your volume or curl will be determined based on the size of the roller. The smaller the roller is, the tighter the curl. Conversely, the larger the roller is the greater the wave. You can choose according to the length of your hair and the look you are trying to create.

Do I Need to Prepare My Hair Before Using Rollers Overnight? 

Again, this depends on the types of rollers you use. If e.g. you are using hot rollers, you should first dry your hair with a setting product or a heat reactivating spray.

In case you are using velcro rollers, then set your locks by misting it with hair spray in order to boost volume. In case you are creating a wet look, you may want to use smoothing cream. Wet sets are typically more time-consuming.

Yes, all this is great for curls and volume. What if I want to make my hair straight without using direct heat?

Direct heat is more effective than roller setting for straight hair but rollers do work. The plus side is that it is healthier for your mane.

For hair that is naturally textured, roller setting isn’t enough to achieve flat iron straight results. But it is a great way to stretch out your curls without using heat. Ladies who have relaxed or looser textured natural hair can get straight hair with roller setting alone.


Straighteners, blow dryers, rollers – there is an avalanche of products launched every month and it is agonizing to sit and think of which product to use. For this reason, we compiled a list of easy to use curlers which you can use with wet or dry hair, awake or asleep and all of them have outstanding results.

The best part is that rollers have evolved and now the time it takes to style hair has also been reduced. All you need to do is master the technique. Rollers are such a handy styling tool that you can, in fact, use your time even more efficiently. You could apply makeup, do household chores or even have your morning cereal while waiting for your hair to fall right into place.

So long as you learn how to master the technique of applying rollers and using just the right amount of tension to smooth your hair, whether you have a blow dryer or not doesn’t matter at all. For those who don’t want to spend all their money buying expensive equipment, curlers are the way to go.

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