Best Mini Flat Iron for Short Hair – Our 6 Top Picks 2022

How to instantly make your short hair smooth and silky? Of course, only with the help of a right flat iron.

Using a large or long hair straightener to perfectly style your short haircut may not always be the right solution. The full-sized flat iron may not only be too long and unwieldy, but it may also be too heavy and unsuitable for use outside the home. Because of this, mini-sized flat irons can be a perfect choice for quick and effective hair straightening and curling.

Yet, due to the huge variety of models on the market, it is difficult and challenging to choose the right mini straightening iron.

For this reason, taking into account several factors, such as user reviews and value for money, we have created for you a list of the best mini flat irons for short hair.

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Top 6 Mini Flat Iron for Short Hair Review

1. Bed Head Pixie– Tourmaline Technology

Bed Head Pixie has a half inch sized ceramic plates that's ideal for short hair. The plates has tourmaline ceramic technology that prevents frizziness and makes the locks shinier.

Unlike other flat iron, this product won't waste your time because it heats fast and can heat up to 430°F. The tangle-free swivel cord is another best feature that we love most. We all can relate to this especially when we're in a hurry. We just hate to be tangled up with the cord.

Lastly, it's lightweight, has dual voltage and thus, making it a perfect hair tool for your travels.

2. KIPOZI - Ideal for Short Hair

Kipozi is the thinnest pencil flat iron in the market that is great for all hair types and can be used to straighten beards too.

Due to the 3/10-inch titanium plates and sleek design, you can get to hard to reach areas and to the roots without damaging your hair, which in turn will help you get the best curls. With the help of fast heat-up time (up to 450⁰F) and even heat distribution, it not only eliminates frizzy hair but also retains the moisture of the hair.

Moreover, with 5 additional heating settings, you can find the ideal temperature for your hair type. It is an easy to use and a travel-friendly device with dual voltage and an 8-foot extra-long, tangle-free 360° swivel cord.

Many users have claimed that Kipozi mini curling and straightening iron works perfectly for anyone with short hair and have a very reasonable price.

3. XBDUS - Ideal for Travel

XBDUS 2-in-1 ceramic hair straightener and curling iron can be a perfect choice for both travel and home.

With 26 digital heating settings that adjust the temperature from 100° C to 230° C (212° F ~ 446° F) and provide 5°C adjustment for each setting, this professional mini flat iron is suitable for all types of hair: short, long, straight, curly, damaged, fine, normal, and also thick coarse hair.

Also, this gives you ample opportunity to choose the optimal temperature that matches your hair type and control the level of heat that you apply to your hair. Due to the worldwide dual voltage (110/220 V), 360° swivel long cord, and compact dimensions, you can take this flat and curling iron with you anywhere and not worry about your hairstyle.

Although only a few reviewers were not satisfied with the upper level of temperature settings, the vast majority of users liked the versatile styles that they were able to make with XBDUS mini ceramic iron.

4. FoxyBae - Digital Temperature Control

If you are looking for a combination of quality and incredible design, then FoxyBae mini travel marble flat iron is there for you.

The ceramic tourmaline technology, which generates negative ions in combination with infrared technology, makes your hair shiny, smooth and healthy. The rounded spring-loaded plates can make you create a wide range of hairstyles, from large bouncy curls to loose waves and everything in between.

The digital temperature control, automatic shutdown function, and even heat distribution guarantee maximum safety, preservation of hair moisture and long-lasting results. Also, the nanotechnology used prevents the growth of bacteria, which leads to cleaner curls. 

Last, but not least unique feature is the cute marble design and rose gold color, which will be the best purchase for every fashionista.

Most will agree that due to the lack of dual voltage it cannot be considered ideal for travel, but the main advantages provided by FoxyBae mini marble ceramic flat iron make it worthy of purchase.

5. Cricket - Damage Protection

Want your hair to be smooth and shiny? The cricket friction-free mini professional straightening iron is waiting for you.

Very often we damage our hair, leave them with friction and roughness of the cuticle, which, in turn, remove their shine and smoothness due to everyday styling and do not even notice it.

Taking this into account, the Cricket brand has used advanced tourmaline technology that not only minimizes the damage of your hair but also helps you to get rid of flyaway hair.

Due to its unique comb guide housing and super rounded edges, you can untangle your hair while using this mini straightening iron. It heats up to 392˚F and had a travel-friendly compact size.

Only a few users noted and criticized the lack of an automatic shutdown feature of Cricket’s mini ceramic flat iron. Most users were impressed and satisfied with the quality and not to mention the affordable price of the flat iron.

6. Conair - High-Quality

Looking for a combination of all the features of full-sized iron in a small compact version? Then the Travel Smart by Conair ½-inch ceramic straightener may be right for you.

You can easily keep your hair smooth and shiny, as well as produce salon-quality hairstyles due to ceramic technology, high heat settings and dual voltage feature of this professional mini flat iron.

The Conair brand has many years of experience (since 1959) in the production of high-quality hair styling products that are convenient for professionals and ordinary customers. 

As soon as you turn it on, it only takes 30 seconds to heat up to the desired temperature. Thanks to even the heat distribution system, it keeps the hair moisturized, reduces its damage and gets rid of curly hair perfectly.

Many reviewers have found this mini ceramic flat iron the perfect travel companion for its compact size. Although it only has one heat setting, it heats up instantly, so you can style your hair quickly on the go.

What to Consider in Buying a Mini Flat Iron for Short Hair

Material and Type

Mini iron plates must be coated with a protective layer to reduce thermal and mechanical damage to hair during styling. Producers offer that beauty tools with different variations of ceramic, titanium, tourmaline and keratin coatings because these materials are reliable and safe. 


Ceramic is a hair-friendly material. The ceramic coating heats up evenly, which prevents partial overheating of the strands during styling. After use, be sure to wipe the working plates of the device to remove the remnants of styling products.


Titanium is an excellent coating, but it is intended more for professional equipment and not for home use. The reason is fast and very intense heating. So, without proper skills, you can damage your hair or even burn your skin.


Tourmaline is a great choice for both home and professional use. After styling, your hair will look shiny, well-groomed and healthy and, importantly, does not become electrified.


Keratin helps to care for curls. The device not only straightens the strands but also smooths the fluffy hair scales, smoothing its surface and returning a beautiful healthy shine.


The width of the heating surface of the hair straightener should not exceed 1 inch for short, 1.5 inches for medium and 2.5 inches for moderately long hair. If the hair is very thick, and the strands are voluminous and elastic, for modeling hairstyles it is worth using large models with a plate width closer to 4 inches.


You should take into account the weight of the iron. While using a hair straightener, we constantly keep it at the height of our heads, which can lead not only to the weariness of hand but also to longer work. Thus, a hair straightener must be light, especially if you have a short haircut. Due to the lightweight of titanium material, you can always rely on it for a quicker and easier styling process.

Temperature Control

Most flat irons, including mini hair straighteners, are equipped with a temperature control setting to adjust the temperature. Some models may additionally include a function for locking the set temperature and a display on which information about active modes is shown.

Therefore, note that heating settings are available and that there is a wide range of options. This will allow you to find the best temperature for your hair type. In case you prefer an iron with just one heat setting, at least ensure that it is suitable for your hair type.

For fine hair you should choose a temperature between 250° F - 300° F, while for medium-thick hair, the range of 300° F – 350° F will be fine. But if you have very thick hair, it is recommended to choose a temperature from 350° F to 400° F.


There are many additional features such as ionization, steam supply, a mode for styling wet hair and other useful features that are not required, but which can make your styling process more comfortable.

However, several safety features are recommended to be taken into account. Please note whether the iron has an automatic shutdown option, as well as a locking mechanism that will protect you from burns. Heat glove can also be a good protective measure.

Ease of Usage

If you plan to use the iron not only to straighten hair but also for curling, we recommend buying a straightener with rounded edges of the plates - right angles when curling the wave can damage the hair, creating wrinkles on them. Also, these curved edges destroy keratin, holding the cuticle in a curved shape longer.

Purpose of Usage

Depending on the purpose of using the iron, you can use it for wet and dry hair. Wet flat irons destroy keratin due to steam supply, which in turn straighten your curly hair. Dry flat irons make your hair straight by applying heat to the hair roots.


Thanks to their compact size and lightweight, the mini flat iron is highly portable. Firstly, it is very compact and takes up a minimum of space both in the bag during the holidays and in the locker at home.

Secondly, the small weight and size of the device simply prevent your hands from getting tired during hair styling.

And thirdly, narrow ironing plates are more functional than wide ones. Such a gadget can even replace a curling iron - it can make beautiful elastic curls of medium or small size. By the way, curls created with the help of a straightening iron will look more natural than curled hair, so travel-friendly mini hair flat irons are more convenient in this regard than their larger counterparts.

Why You Need a Mini Flat Iron

Convenient for People with Short Hair

If you have a short haircut, mini flat irons should become your integral companion. Thanks to its small size you will be able to easily work with your roots, without burning yourself. Moreover, to get more accurately straightened hair you need to work with smaller sections, which is the main advantage of mini irons.

Ideal for Curling

If you want to achieve beautiful and dense curls, then you should choose the mini flat irons. Thanks to its width compared to full-sized flat irons, you can get tiny tight curls that will accentuate your beauty.

Great for Styling Your Bangs

If you have bangs, then, mini flat irons are waiting for you. The unique design and the structure of these devices not only protect you from burns but also straighten your bangs, making your styling perfect.

Can Be Used for Finishing Touches

To get an ideal salon-quality styling in your home, you should focus on the final touches and small details, as well as get rid of flyaway. The small size of these irons will help you reach trouble areas and quickly fix minor defects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Mini Flat Iron


The double voltage function of mini irons is used all over the world, which allows you to use them anywhere. Given that different countries have different voltages and power supplies, having a dual voltage device will save you from unnecessary worries and problems.

Great for On-the-Go People

Being a highly portable device can be considered as one of the main obvious and important advantages of mini flat irons. Among all the options, this is the best hair styling tool on the go, thanks to its compact size and useful features.


Babyliss is another great brand that caters primarily to professionals. However, they use their expertise to make products for home use that provide salon-quality results.


Because of small and compact size, as well as specific structure, the mini flat irons have limited temperature settings, which can be a drawback for some users.

 Needs Frequent Recharging

The maximum battery life of cordless flat irons can be 1 - 1.5 hours since they work from replaceable or rechargeable batteries. Thus, this may cause some inconveniences for customers.

Steps in Straightening Your Short Hair with a Flat Iron

1. Dry your hair. You can use a microfiber towel to remove excess water or just dry your hair with a hairdryer. If it is possible not to blow dry your hair, but let it air dry, it’s better to do just that. This will simplify styling.

2. Spread the hairstyling product – a special hair protectant, mousse or oil, to protect your hair from damage. Be careful not to overdo the quantity, because it will be hard to style wet hair.

3. Qualitatively comb your hair with rare teeth comb and divide your short hair into one-inch sections. If you heat your hair repeatedly, it will lead to brittle and very dry hair.

4. Gently and smoothly run a compressed iron over the strand from root to tip. Be careful not to burn your scalp.

5. When you walked through all the lower strands, you can remove the upper strands and repeat the procedure on them.

6. In the end, you can style your bangs. The result is fixed with hairspray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini flat irons best for damaged hair?

If your hair is damaged, it is best to refrain from any external impacts on your hair for a while and focus on restoration. But if you still want to choose the best iron for damaged hair, pay attention not only to size but to such features as a type of the material and availability of protecting layer. So, if your mini flat iron uses ceramic tourmaline technology, then certainly yes.

Are mini flat irons ideal for thick hair?

No. Taking into account that the plates of mini iron are very small, it is impossible to place thick locks of hair in them. To at least somehow style your thick hair, you will have to divide them into very thin strands, which will take a very long time.

Are mini flat irons great for fine hair?

Due to their compact size, mini irons can be an ideal choice for both thin and brittle hair. With the help of these devices you can easily smooth out your fluffy hair and due to fast heating, you can quickly style your hair, thereby decreasing the level of damage. So, the answer is yes.


The mini flat iron is a useful and convenient device not only during travel or business trips but also in-home use. Compact and very light hair straighteners can gently care for your hair, creating both smooth and fluffy hairstyles. They can neatly fix the bangs, without risking to burn yourself or spoil your hair.

Undoubtedly, you will not regret buying one of the best mini irons for your short hair suggested in this article. All of them have very useful and amazing features that will become your favorite companion on the go.