Top 5 Pubic Hair Trimmer For Men – 2020 Reviews & Ratings

Have you switched over from the conventional pubic hair trimming method to electric trimmers for pubes?

If or if not, we are going to emphasize on how to shave men’s pubes in this article.

With time, people have realized the importance of a pubic hair trimmer. The use of conventional ways to cut down pubes has been significantly reduced. Those traditional methods required time, effort and would often lead to cuts and bacterial infections, causing pain and discomfort for days on ends.

In contrast, the latest trimmers allow you to trim your pubes to the length you require them to be in just a matter of seconds. Modern trimmers also reduce the risk of cuts that would lead to bacterial infections of any kind.

With the growing number of trimmers for the pubic area, choosing the right one for you has become a cumbersome task. Therefore, to help you find the best one that is suited to your needs, we’ve come up with our top 5 personal trimmers for pubic hair.

Comparison table

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CleancutEditor's Choice

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Philips Norelco9/10
Remington Head to Toe Body Groomer image
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Top 5 Pubic Hair Trimmers for Men

1. Cleancut - Ideal for Both Men and Women

If you’re tired of electric shavers with cords or with low battery lives, then the Seiko Cleancut ES412 Shaver is your best bet. The Es412 Seiko Cleancut Shaver is one of the oldest and most commonly used shavers around the world.

Its quality and durability are a testimony to its Japanese manufacturer and to the fact that it’s made from stainless steel. The company sends a replacement parts kit in the bundle to allow your Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver to perform well consistently.

The machine consists of a slotted foil, an interior rotating blade assembly and a motor that turns the blade assembly. All these work together in such a way that they provide a smooth trimming. Free from cuts on the skin and hair pulls. 

Due to its cylindrical shape, the Cleancut Shaver allows you to trim pubic hairs which are often hard to reach for other trimmers. Another great advantage due to its ergonomic design is that the use of Cleancut’s ES412 is not only restricted to men. Women can also use them to trim their pubes.

Note: Like all electric shavers, the ES412 requires that you first make sure that the hair you're trimming is not more than stubble length. These shavers cannot trim longer hairs.

2. Philips Norelco - Showerproof

If you’re looking for a trimmer that can also shave when you want it to, then the Philip Norelco 110 is your best option. Besides, Philip Norelco is another widely acclaimed brand for hair trimmers that you’ll find in almost every store.

You can use this trimmer cordlessly for almost 60 minutes, and all you have to do is let it charge for 60 minutes. It has a fast charging feature.

Therefore this lightweight feature will allow you to use it on your body with delicacy without the fear of batteries running out. Its waterproof technology takes away the fear of moisture getting in and allows you to use it during the shower.

Another great advantage of this genital trimmer is that its use is not only limited to men. Women can also use them for their private parts as well because it does not pull any hair or nick your soft skin while trimming.

The trimmer is equipped with a movable head that allows seamlessly cutting of hair in both directions without any tugging or pulling. This feature allows you to use this trimmer for your genital pubes.

Keep in mind that the 110 comes with a comb attachment that allows you to cut your hairs up to 3mm, but for longer hairs, you'll have to cut them short first. However, you can do the same with the help of this trimmer, but you’ll have to use it a few times in that area.

3. Remington - Lithium Power

Are you looking for a men’s personal trimmer that covers everything from facial hair to your pubes? Good news for you as your search has come to an end. This groomer kit has an attachment for every part of your body hair and that is the Remington PG525.

For a price much lower than its competitors, it saves you from buying separate trimmers for other parts of your body, even your nose hair. Its surgical steel and self-sharpening blades can prove a lot durable even when used roughly. Many users have acknowledged it’s high durability and performance.

With a rechargeable lithium battery that can power the electric trimmer for up to 70 minutes of cordless activity. The battery's charging is displayed by a charging indicator light, allowing you to prevent it from overcharging.

Note: Although the attachments are washable, the trimmer is not, so abstain from using it in the shower.

However, with a two-year warranty, the brand has made sure to relieve you of your worries and give you a product that deserves much more than what it is priced at.

4. Gillette - Slim 

Another full-body grooming kit that is on our list is the Gillette Fusion Proglide which is also waterproof allowing you to use it in the shower if you need to.

However, the unique thing about the Proglide is Gillette’s exclusive feature called the Braun technology that trims homogeneously, shaves tightly and in a smooth manner without pulling or tugging your hair or skin.

Equipped with a AA battery, it can last for over a month once charged full. You can carry it on your long journeys, especially for your wilderness-based adventures.

Another outstanding feature of this trimmer is that it allows you to turn the razor blade around to get a crisp edge and create fresh and defined lines. You can use the three exchangeable combs to for your facial as well as your body hairs according to the style and length you want with a lot of ease.

Keep in mind to use a guard or be careful if you don’t have one because the clipper can pull or tug your hair or skin causing you a great deal of pain.

Since the comb attachments are not available in the market, the company offers free ones, in case yours got broken or got lost.

5. MANGROOMER - Multifunctional

The ManGroomer, as the name suggests, is a brand committed to making the lives of men around the world more comfortable by making products for shaving pubes for men.

The product’s unique quality design will itself tell you that it was meant to stand out and to stand up to hairs of all lengths and body parts, whether you’re trimming and shaving your pubes, armpits, back hair, chest, legs, or any hard to reach areas. 

Notice how the 1.8-inch ultra-wide back hair groomer blade is for coarser hairs spread at a more substantial area during the bi-directional head for shorter hairs, and a perfectly smooth shave.

The trimmer has two interchangeable attachment shaving heads that open up to 135 degrees. Handle has an extendable ergonomic rubber that can trim the hard to reach parts of your body. Perfect for the middle part of your back.

The Pro XL extension lock button allows you to fix the length and angle according to your requirements and then once you’ve brought the shaving head to your desired area you can turn it on with the power hinge button.

The company was able to finalize this product after research. The design and their efforts in testing the product for more than a decade is a real proof that it's one of the best.

Now they can say with pride that they are successful. With the features that's never seen before, like the ultra-sensitive blades that are hypoallergenic and from stainless steel. The head has shock-absorbing property.

Buying Guide: Pubic Hair Trimmer

pubic hair trimmer image

Now that we have given you our recommendation for the best groin hair trimmers, are you still confused about what’s the best one for you? Well, it’s not your fault the market is flooded with so many products and brands that promise so much but deliver so little.

Therefore, we’ve decided to guide you on what to look for in a pubic hair trimmer that is suited to your needs, even if you like a product that is not on our list.

Blade Sharpness

No matter how advanced the technology of trimmers may become if the blade isn’t sharp, it’s of no use to us. Therefore, when searching for the best pubic trimmer look for hypoallergenic and stainless steel, rounded blades because they won’t cause pulling or cuts.

Hair pulls are caused by unsharpened edges that don’t cut hairs on contact but instead end up picking them. Similarly, for cuts when the trimmer isn’t designed in such a way that the blade is covered and only comes into contact with hairs.


Comb attachments are a must when selecting the right trimmers for the pubic area because you’re going to be needing different lengths. Pubes clippers are a plus point because they ensure smooth cutting of hair no matter how thick or long the hairs are.

Besides giving you a smooth cut, attachments are an excellent way to prevent yourself from buying different trimmers for different parts, saving you cost as well as the effort to switch between trimmers when grooming different parts of your body. Therefore, the more the attachments, the better.


Size is a critical factor when looking for the manscaping trimmer suited to your needs. If you’re looking for the best trimmer for men’s balls, you should look for trimmers that are not more than the size of an electric razor.

On the contrast, if you’re looking for a full package that can allow you to trim your back hairs on your own as well as the hairs on your nostrils, look for ones that have multiple attachments and are bigger in size so that they could reach your back.


Gone are the days of trimmers that needed to be plugged in in order to work and make you pegged to the side of the room where the power switch is. Today not only electric shavers are wireless, but they come with high quality, rechargeable batteries that in some cases can survive over a month.

However, batteries can die at any time and if you want to avoid that then maybe the corded trimmers are the right one for you.

​Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most essential features for cordless trimmers, especially if you’re someone who travels a lot. Most rechargeable batteries can survive up to 60 mins of use after being fully charged. However, with the invention of AA batteries, you can now keep your trimmer running for more than a month once fully charged.

Stay away from cheap brands, especially the Chinese made as their batteries die down very soon. A good brand, despite equipping their products with good batteries, will not only give you a guarantee but also provide the replacement sooner than you think.


A trimmer’s design is what allows you to trim hairs on different parts of your body, all by yourself and that too with safety. Generally, a penis hair trimmer will not be as effective when used for your back hair because of the reach as well as the blade.

If you are looking for a design, make sure the power button is in the reach of your thumb while you’re holding the trimmer from the handle.

​Ease of Use

If a manscaping trimmer is not providing the desired ease of use than what the point? The main reason electric trimmers became popular for trimming and shaving different body hairs, was their ease of use.

The conventional ways took time and often made us very uncomfortable while doing the job. Now with an electric trimmer that has a protected blade will allow you to get over the job in less than a minute, without the risk of pulling hairs or cutting your skin.

​Brand Reviews

Always go for brand reviews, as good brands ensure high-quality products and provide fast and efficient customer service.

A big name fears terrible reviews, and in case a complaint comes up, they try to make up for it by providing the replacement or giving the customers their money back. Sure, they might cost you a bit more than the small brands, but their product and service will be worth it.

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair?

Since electric trimmers have joined the race, trimming pubes have become a minuscule routine as compared to what it was in the conventional ways. It took hours back then, and chances of a cut or pull were always high. You had to be skilled in order to do it without getting any cuts or pulls.

Now it's just a matter of few intuitive steps that anyone can do with minimum guidance. Don't worry, we are not going to leave you wondering like that. We are going to guide you on how to do it, in such a manner that saves you time, prevents you from hair pulls or cuts on your delicate parts.

​Prepare Your Trimmer And Location

It’s essential that you charge your trimmer’s batteries fully before going in on the mission because a low battery might leave you in an awkward position just like a soldier in a warzone whose ammunition ran out.

Another important thing is to wash your trimmer’s attachments in order to prevent bacterial infection. Once you’re done with that, decide where you’re comfortable trimming your hairs, a shower is usually the right place because it allows you to clean the area quickly. Other good choices are trimming on a commode or in a bathtub, both can be cleaned very easily.

​Wash Your Private Part

Washing your private parts before using a trimmer or shaver on them is very important because it makes the hair clean and soft, allowing the trimmer to cut them with ease. Besides, doing so also removes bacteria and sweat that can sometimes cause infections.

Get a Hand Mirror

Even the best body hair trimmer for balls will not do the job on the lower part of the testicles until you use a hand mirror to monitor the progress of your efforts. A hand mirror can be your friend if you learn how to use it during your genital hair trimming.


Now that you’ve got all the tools right in the place, its time to do the deed. While trimming the hairs around your genitals or even around your penis, use your non-dominant hand to hold the skin while you are trimming with the dominant hand.

Be very slow and careful because a cut in such an area could not only cause severe pain at that moment. It is also prone to be exposed to bacteria, which can lead to infections such as the Fournier gangrene. Imagine the embarrassment you’d have to go through when visiting a doctor for such treatment; it might make you forget the pain of the cut in the first place.

However, if you do get a cut, wash the area with soap and lukewarm water. Applying alcohol can also clear the area from bacteria, although it will sting at the moment.

​Moisturize And Rinse

Rinsing after trimming is as vital as other precautionary measures because it allows you to get rid of all bacteria and clean all nooks and crannies.

Moreover, it prevents you from the irritation that trimmed pubes can cause you in your underwear. Similarly, applying an after-shave moisturizer can save you from a great deal of annoyance.

Re-trim If Needed

Sometimes one trim might not do enough; you’ll feel like the length is uneven. Therefore, don’t hesitate to retrim. Besides, well-trimmed pubes save you from irritation.

Benefits of Trimming Your Pubes

Whether you should trim your pubes or not is a matter of personal choice, but we’ll point out some benefits of doing so.

​Good Hygiene

Nothing can be more evident than this. A well-trimmed pube is one way to get away with irritations in the groin area which could cause you embarrassment if you’re forced to scratch it in public gathering.

Your Partner Will Thank You

Not only are long pubes a source of irritation for you, but they can irritate your partner as well. Nobody likes staying with a partner who doesn’t care for his or her hygiene.

It Will Look Bigger

It’s no doubt that your penis will look more significant once you’ve gotten it rid of the bushes covering it.

More Sensual Love-making

Either it’s the thought of increased exposure of your manhood or neatly trimmed nether that makes lovemaking more sensual after a trim, but one thing is for sure; you and your partner will have more fun.


We hope we have given you all the information you need to choose the right pubes trimmer for yourself and how to trim your pubes as well as the benefits of switching to pubes trimmers. Now all you have to do is make a decision and get over this process without making It a further burden on yourself.