Our Top 10 Best Salon Shampoo for Dandruff – Updated Reviews 2022

Did you know dandruff is a common problem for over 50% of the grown-up population? Believe it or not, besides hair loss, it is one of the scalp issues that are problematic equally for both men and women. Toddlers and kids usually don’t have problems with it, since dandruff starts to appear during puberty or, more often, in older age.

Despite the fact it is a medical issue, you are probably not going to suffer some serious consequences if you have it. Still, the moment you notice you have a ”snow problem” can be quite unpleasant so we wanted to share some tips and tricks that may help you deal with it.

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WOWEditor's Choice

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Maple Holistics9/10
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L'Oréal Paris8/10

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American Crew8/10

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Head and Shoulders7/10

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TOP 10 Salon Shampoo for Dandruff Reviewed

1. WOW – Damage Repair

Apple Cider is one of the main ingredients of this moisturizing dandruff shampoo, while also being considered a pretty important item for fighting this condition ever since the past century. If you don’t believe us, ask your grandma! She will for sure mention it as a great way of keeping your hair and scalp healthy, fresh and beautiful.

Enriched with Calcium and its enzymes, it helps reduce itching, while also effectively removes dead skin cells. It is very important to clean your scalp because dead cells can start slowing down the growth of new, healthy hair. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types and it makes your precious hair stronger.

2. Maple Holistics – Natural

Not all dandruff types are the same, since not every scalp and hair type is the same. Dry dandruff is when you have dry, loose and white flakes falling off your head. Greasy dandruff leads to seborrhoeic dermatitis and it implies there are oily and yellow flakes.

If you recognize your problem within the second option, don’t worry! Maple Holistic has the best anti-dandruff shampoo for oily scalp. It contains a lemon essential oil which is important for bringing back the pH balance in your skin and hair.

With it, sebaceous glands are also in balance which implies there is a healthy and normal dose of sebum on your scalp again. This shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free, which makes it less aggressive than some regular ones.

3. Kenra – Gentle Cleansing

If you are looking for a great dandruff shampoo for color-treated hair, Kenra’s professional nourishing formula might be just it. This product is gentle which makes it suitable for everyday use and it comes as a great choice for both men and women with sensitive skin.

This product is light so it certainly won’t weigh your hair down. Furthermore, if you are struggling with tangled hair, it might come as a pretty helpful tool over there too. It successfully reduces dandruff symptoms and prevents itchiness on your scalp.

4. Baebody – Great for Dry Hair

While searching for some great quality products, you might check this all-natural dandruff shampoo as a perfect option for your issue. Amongst the wide palette of Beavody’s hair&skincare products, this one is particularly suitable for dry scalp suffering from dandruff.

Not only it is safe for all hair or skin types, but also seems to be paraben-free. One of the main ingredients is Tea Tree Oil which comes as a great solution for your irritated scalp, redness, and itching. At the same time, argan oil is in charge of softening your hair, while hyaluronic acid is going to prevent scalp dryness.

5. L'Oréal Paris – Sulfate-Free

This antifungal dandruff shampoo uses its 1% of Pyrithione Zinc to reduce the redness and dryness of your irritated scalp. It’s salt-free, surfactant-free and sulfate-free which makes it gentle and safe for everyday use. Why is it so important that it is sulfate-free?

Sulfates are in charge of thorough cleaning dirt and oil from your scalp. Still, frequent usage can make pH disbalance, since they are too harsh. In other words, they can also remove sebum, which is essential as a protective layer on your scalp. Don’t worry, this is a great shampoo for dyed hair as well.

6. Biolage Scalpsync Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This Pyrithione Zinc dandruff shampoo reduces itchiness and scalp dryness, while also comes as a great solution for color-treated hair. Suitable for all hair types, it helps you with cleansing flakes and other impurities your scalp might build up over time.

Its antibacterial formula contains mint as well. That part brings a sense of refreshment and cooling effect which helps with redness and inflamed area. If you are looking for a professional dandruff shampoo that will get you irritated scalp a soothing relief, Biolage is a great start for that.

7. Neutrogena – Therapeutic

1% of coal tar makes Neutrogena dandruff shampoo useful even for some more difficult skin issues like seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. The product is also eminent and suitable if you are used to washing your hair daily.

This gentle moisturizing solution is alcohol-free. It deals with symptoms quite fast, while also keeping them reduced for the entire week. Still, to get the best results, it is recommended to use it twice a week.

This product softens your hair and effectively removes dead cells from your scalp, leaving it fresh and relieved. It is also dermatologist-recommended.

8. American Crew – Hydrating

This might come up as the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men. It also contains Zinc Pyrithione, which makes it a great solution for reducing flakes and relieving irritated scalp. American Crew’s professional formula improves sebum balance and helps with oily scalp and oily hair.

Don’t worry, it certainly won’t dry out your hair, while only two minutes of gentle rinsing will provide you with great effect. This product definitely keeps your hair and scalp safe and hydrated. Even better – it also comes as a great solution for seborrheic dermatitis.

9. Head and Shoulders – Good for Thinning Hair

Head and Shoulders invented a classic formula that works perfectly for removing dead skills and relieving irritations on your scalp. Is your hair thin? Are you afraid dandruff might even affect its loss? Don’t worry, this brand offers you a very useful answer to dismiss those doubts.

Their anti-dandruff shampoo is designed to make your fine hair soft, healthy-looking and, above all, much stronger than it currently is. Skin conditions like dandruff can really make your hair a bit weaker, which means potential hair loss comes as a repercussion of the breakage of thin hair.

By the way, if there was a reward for the best smelling dandruff shampoo, bright citrus, and fresh lavender scent would certainly help this one to come closer to winning that prize.

10. Dove – Refreshing

Don’t you just love it when you find a dandruff shampoo that smells good and also takes good care of your poor irritated scalp? This astonishing discovery has hidden Pyrithione Zinc within a very nice coconut and sweet lime scent.

Dove’s solution for dandruff comes as a great way of getting rid of flakes and leaves your hair soft, refreshed and hydrated. It is recommended to use this gentle dandruff shampoo twice a week to get the best results. Gently massage your head while washing hair and enjoy the flake-free scalp.

Wait, What Exactly is Dandruff?

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What is dandruff? How does it happen that one day your hair looks pretty normal, while the next one turns into a factory of unusual flakes that are falling off your head?

Our scalp, like the rest of our skin, normally goes through the turnover of skin cells every two weeks. That process is invisible to the naked eye unless a certain disorder happens. The flakes you notice are actually dead skin cells which are visible symptoms of issues that have been going on within this particular microinflammation.

When it comes to dandruff, the issue happens with a disbalance of the quantity of Malassezia yeast. They are microorganisms you can normally find in human skin. Studies say that this specific condition implies that there is an increased incidence of Malassezia. The problem is that itchiness and irritations you feel on your scalp increase the quantity of Malassezia yeast even more, so it becomes a circular process.

What Causes Dandruff?

There are plenty of factors that can affect your scalp and lead to this condition. Dandruff can be caused by aggressive methods of hairstyling or simply using inadequate hair products. Some trivial habits can indicate it, like washing your hair too often, intense sun exposure or wearing a hat for too long.

Sometimes even water we use for washing our hair can be supersaturated which also sometimes affects a hair loss as well. Besides external things that can irritate your scalp, some inner reasons can cause dandruff too: stress, inadequate nutrition, hormonal disbalance, genetics, etc.

How to Deal With It Dandruff?

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Although dandruff is a medical issue, it is not necessary to see a doctor for this particular problem. As a matter of fact, you can deal with it at home just by being patient and choosing the right hair shampoo.

The most important thing is to go with a product that contains active ingredients that help get rid of flakes and solve this irritating condition. You are not going to get a shampoo that contains all of those so be careful to read instructions to choose the best product that fits your condition and hair type.

Zinc Pyrithione

It is an antibacterial element that helps your scalp regulate the quantity of Malassezia yeast. It also brings balance to the process of cell turnover. Zinc improves the work of sebaceous glands, which are in charge of secreting sebum. That is an oily or waxy matter that protects the skin.

Selenium Sulfide

This is also important since it helps with reducing scalp irritations, redness, and itching. It's an anti-infective medication, it helps with decreasing the growth of the yeast. Malassezia can never completely go out of your body because it is important for the normal function of a human organism. Still, it is important to keep its quantity balanced.

Salicyl Acid

This is an ingredient that is very useful, not only in anti-dandruff products but for skin disorders like psoriases or seborrhoeic dermatitis as well. It improves the blood circulatory system and makes the turnover of skin cells faster. When the flakes are dry enough and their bonds with healthy skin are broken down, it is easier to wash them away and let your scalp to recover properly. Salicyl acid is also an antiseptic and it prevents hair loss.

Coal Tar

A keratoplasty drug that has been used against dandruff and psoriases ever since old times. It helps your skin remove old cells from its top layer called epidermis.

Coal tar also decreases dryness, itchiness, and scaling of your scalp. Tar-based shampoos can discolor gray or blonde hair, so perhaps people with light-colored hair better avoid it. They may also make your scalp more sensitive so it is important to be careful with the sun exposure while going through treatment that includes coal tar.


An active ingredient in dandruff shampoo because of its antifungal characteristics. Ketoconazole shampoos are also crucial for the treatment of other skin disorders, like a fungal infection on some other parts of your body or pityriasis. They help you control dandruff and all of its symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Anti-DandruffShampoo Work?

Well, the main task is to cleanse all the impurities and dead cells that are guilty of preventing a proper cell turnover and slowing down the growth of your new hair. Still, if you wash your hair too often while trying to get rid of all that ''dirt'' from your scalp, you might start removing good layers as well.

In other words, keep in mind that sebum is quite important for pH balance and protection of your scalp. That is why you should also try to avoid washing your hair more than two times per week – of course, if your condition allows you that.

To do its part, the shampoo you choose must be gentle and suitable for your hair or skin type. Try to search for a 'paraben-free' label so you don't end up with a product that might be too aggressive for your irritated scalp.

Yes, choosing the right shampoo is crucial, but the way you wash your hair is also pretty important. Although you probably want to make sure your scalp is clean so you will thoroughly try to rinse off the shampoo, try not to be harsh.

Gently massage your head while washing your hair. Try to do it for a few minutes to give those active ingredients some time to start working. That way you will provide your scalp with a proper blood supply as well. In addition to that, try not to be harsh later, when you start drying your hair out with a towel.

How Long Does it Take for Dandruff Shampoo to Work?

Keep in mind that this condition appears out of a lot of different reasons and on many different levels. Sometimes it is just a short issue, but occasionally it can turn into a very stubborn problem.

Try to choose the right product and be patient. If you see that symptoms are still there even after trying out plenty of hair products for a certain period, go see your dermatologist.

Sometimes dandruff can be just a part of some bigger skin issue or it turns to it if it's not treated properly.


Treat yourself!

In the end, it’s not just how you treat your hair, but what you do for yourself in general as well. First of all, allow your body proper rest. Treat yourself with relaxing and stress-relieving activities. Also, try to spend a certain amount of your free time enjoying outdoor sports. Keep in mind that nutrition is a huge and important part of self-care.

All these things are not a direct solution for dandruff, but they are going to help to bring you back to balance. From that point, your body will know the best ways to keep it like that.

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