Complete Guide to the Best Shampoos for Thinning Hair 2020

Hair loss is a problem faced by both men and women, and in most cases, the earliest visible symptom is thinning of the hair. This can be a very embarrassing and distressing problem, especially for women, and while there is a wide range of treatments for baldness, more often than not, it can be prevented in the early stages of thinning, simply by using the right shampoo.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure that stimulates full regrowth of hair. But there are shampoos that concentrate on hair retention and scalp condition. These are the shampoos you want to try if your hair is starting to get thin. They work by cleansing the scalp in order to create an environment that is conducive to hair growth soothes the scalp to counter tenderness caused by hair loss.

​After reviewing all the top shampoos for thinning hair available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect shampoo for your needs.

Comparison table

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best price cta
ArtnaturalsEditor's Choice

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Bosley Bos Revive Nourishing Shampoo image
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Bosley Bos Revive9/10
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Nourish Beaute7/10

Benefits of Using a Shampoo for Thinning Hair

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Very often, hair-loss occurs due to a majority of follicles entering the rest phase, after which they fall off. This will result in the hair looking thinner than usual, but this situation is temporary, lasting only until the growth cycles of the individual hair follicles resume a sufficiently random pattern. Going in for hair and scalp treatment may be overkill, especially in cases like this. A shampoo designed for thinning hair is much less invasive and much less expensive than these treatments.

Shampoos for thinning hair tend to be free of sulfates, as sulfates may be damaging to hair that is already weak. They tend to be soothing and moisturizing in order to keep the scalp in good condition for hair growth. They also help keep the hair follicles free of any dust or dirt, or any particles that may cause clogging.

Things to Remember When Buying Shampoos for Thinning Hair

  • Advertisements for shampoos are bound to exaggerate the miraculous effects of their products. So it will do you better to look up the ingredients of the shampoos you are considering to make an informed choice.
  • Stay away from shampoos with ingredients that condition the hair or make it look shimmery. These include silicones, conditioning agents and ‘pearlising agents’.
  • Avoid shampoos that leave any kind of residue on the scalp. Residues tend to stay on the scalp for extended periods of time, blocking the follicles and restricting growth.
  • Look for shampoos that contain minoxidil and ketoconazole. These are the most popular additives recommended by doctors in the market today.
  • If you prefer using organic shampoos, then look for those that contain emu oil, rosemary oil, nettle extract or caffeine. These ingredients are also known to help with thinning hair.

Our Top Shampoos for Thinning Hair Reviewed

1. Artnaturals – Argan Oil

This shampoo is a precise blend of argan oil, aloe vera, thyme, rosemary, white willow bark, burdock root and other natural ingredients. The recipe is adept at stimulating hair growth by revitalizing the follicles and making the scalp healthy. This product contains multiple DHT blockers, which are very often responsible for hair loss.

The natural, botanical oils and extracts in this shampoo add shine, texture, and volume that is thinning. Argan oil often referred to as “liquid gold,” is full of fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are highly beneficial. White willow bark has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe the scalp. Burdock root contains iron, potassium and amino acid. And the proteins from wheat, oats, and quinoa make up this effective shampoo.  

Reviewers report that this shampoo gets to work immediately, with a notable reduction in hair fall after each and every wash. It provides volume and body to hair that is thinning and leaves the scalp feeling cool and comfortable. It also leaves the hair smoother and easier to comb without causing irritation to the scalp. This product is particularly popular among women who experience hair-loss after childbirth.  

Critics of this product are experiencing the opposite of the intended effect. They report increased hair-loss and itching on the scalp after using this shampoo. However, this might be due to allergies to one or more of the ingredients in the shampoo. This is always a possibility with any product that you apply to your skin, so you have to make sure that you are aware of your allergies before buying any kind of grooming product.

2. Regenepure – DR Shampoo

Recommended by doctors for both men and women, Regenepure is a powerful revitalizing shampoo. It is an anti-DHT shampoo that efficiently removes DHT build-up, sebum, and toxins from the scalp and follicles, effectively making way for new growth. It is a mixture of nourishing ingredients that is designed to effectively cleanse the scalp to prepare it to absorb the nutrients from the NT and Biotin Conditioner. The ingredients include Niacin, Vitamin B6, Saw Palmetto Extract and Zinc Oxide. It also has aloe vera, which adds to the power of this shampoo with its moisturizing properties that reduce flaking. Free of sulfates and parabens, this shampoo will make your hair look and feel fuller. It is also safe to use on color treated or keratin treated.  

This shampoo is a hit among reviewers. It helps gain both strength and a youthful, invigorated look. It soothes the scalp without leaving any residue, allowing the follicles to sprout without any resistance. It is also a good supplement for Rogaine treatment. A common side effect of Rogaine is dandruff and flakiness, which is dealt with very effectively by Regenepure DR shampoo.  

Detractors of this product complain that it is overpriced. And that may be the case, however, it is important to keep in mind that this shampoo is engineered to deal with loss or thinning hair. For all the benefits it provides those who suffer from this debilitating problem, we firmly believe that it is well worth the price.

3. Bosley Bos Revive – Revitalizing

Bosley Professional Strength BosRevive is designed for those who have conspicuously thinning and need to revitalize the hair and scalp.

It has a feature called LifeXtend Complex, made from saw palmetto extract and pentapeptides, which hydrates and nourishes the hair and scalp, strengthens and fortifies the follicles and shaft, and ensures thicker and fuller hair. It stimulates healthy growth without relying on harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. This shampoo is also recommended by doctors for people who have thinning hair.  

Reviewers love this fast acting shampoo. It makes a noticeable difference in quality from the get-go. It soothes the scalp and nourishes the follicles to make you look and feel more vibrant than ever. It does not leave any kind of residue, making it ideal for people with thinning hair. It moisturizes and revitalizes thin hair and a flaky scalp, making it feel like a young healthy.  

Some reviewers report that this shampoo causes more hair fall instead of less, let alone regrowth. However, they do express doubt that they have been given an authentic Bosley shampoo. This is a possibility – with a shampoo of this caliber, there will always be a chance of getting a fake. Be careful when you go shopping, make sure you buy from an authentic seller, and do your research before you make a decision to buy anything.

4. PURA D’OR – Organic

This product is an energizing blend of organic extracts, essential oils, and DHT blockers. It fortifies the shaft from root to tip, it revives damaged and leaves the scalp healthier. It contains Niacin, Biotin, and antioxidants, which makes the hair healthier and stronger. It contains Argan Oil, which nourishes and moisturizes the scalp. It contains antioxidants to maintain  between washes, and avoid  loss due to breakage. And last but not least, it is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. Free of sulfates and parabens, this effective marriage of science and nature delivers highly effective  therapy for thinning, damaged and even color treated , without the hassle of side effects or residues.  

Reviewers are head over heels with this amazing shampoo. It smells clean and fresh and does everything the manufacturers claim. Even people who do not have thinning  report that it gives body and bounce to them. The shampoo is known to decrease shedding by a whopping 50%! It works almost immediately with results being visible after the first wash, and significant improvements on a wash-by-wash basis.  

Detractors claim that this shampoo causes more loss and leaves the scalp feeling itchy and irritated. Again, this is probably due to allergies of some kind. So to be sure that you will not experience this, it would do you a world of good to get checked for any allergies and to do your research and look up the ingredients in any shampoo that you decide to buy. As with any other grooming product that you will apply on your skin directly, better safe than sorry.

5. Nourish Beaute – Strengthening

Along with Biotin, castor oil and coconut oil, the DHT blockers in this shampoo make short work of strengthening and nourishing thinning hair without leaving any side effects like irritation or residue.

The manufacturers claim that in clinical trials of this product, they recorded an increase in hair growth of 121% and a decrease in hair fall of 47%. Its patented herbal DHT blockers provide instant results in thickness and shine.

Recommended for both men and women, it works by improving circulation in the scalp for healthier roots; preventing the build up of fungus, which is known to kill roots; blocking DHT; stimulating the anagen (growth) phase of the hair follicles, and anchoring the follicles for reduced hair fall.  

Reviewers love this shampoo for its ability to make thinning hair instantly feel softer, thicker and more manageable. It shows results from the first wash onwards, giving people the confidence they are missing without shampoos like this. It leaves the hair feeling fuller and the scalp feeling healthier than with other shampoos. These reviewers highly recommend this shampoo for anyone who has problems with hair loss or thinning hair.  

Some critics claim that this shampoo did nothing for them. It is possible that individual physiology might play a role in the effects of hair and skin products like this one. We feel we cannot say this enough – do your own research, find out what may or may not work for your skin type and hair type specifically, and test the product before making the decision to buy it.


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If you have thinning hair and don’t know what to do about it, then this list is the best starting point for you. Shampoos like the ones we have mentioned in this article will help you regain the poise and grace that you once had, and they will save you a ton of money in the long run by not having to pay through the nose for those expensive hair treatments.  

Always remember to avoid shampoos that contain ingredients that will condition the hair, like silicones, conditioning agents, and pearling agents. Stay away from shampoos that will leave a residue on your scalp, as this will inhibit growth. Keep an eye out for shampoos that contain minoxidil and ketoconazole as they are among the most popular additives in the market that are highly recommended by doctors today.

And for those who prefer to use organic shampoos, find one that contains emu oil, rosemary oil, nettle extract or caffeine, known to help with thinning.   If you are still on the fence about which shampoo to try out first, we suggest that you go for the Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo.

The blend of essential oils and DHT blockers is very effective in stimulating growth and inhibiting hair fall. It adds volume, texture, and shine to thinning by revitalizing hair follicles and nourishing the scalp.