2022 Best Wax for Vagina – Comprehensive Review and Guide

The concept of pubic hair removal varies from one person to another. Some may see it as a part of their normal body grooming and some are just not comfortable with the thought of it.

According to various surveys, 40-60% of men prefer women who have a fully-shaven look. Men’s preference should not bother you though, because it is your body after all.

However, this study shows that half of the men that you would meet will appreciate it if you go hairless.

We all know that shaving is not a good option in getting rid of your pubes. No one would like to have an itchy bum due to ingrown hairs. Let us tell you a better option. If you are familiar with bikini waxing, you might probably have heard of Brazilian waxing. This type of waxing means getting rid of all the hair - from the Mons pubis, your labia, your inner thighs, and even your butt area!

The thought of having to experience this may be uncomfortable and terrifying for some women. This is because of the pain and the awkwardness of having a stranger see your bushy vag. What’s great is that you have the option to do it at home! Let us guide you to achieve a smooth and hairless look.

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Top 10 Best Waxes for Vagina Reviews

1. Cirepil - Most Effective

About this product
Easy to use
Effective and Long lasting
Safe & for all-purpose use
Professional use

This brand is best for professional use. It is made of a high quality patented polymer formula which makes it suitable for all hair types. It has a gentle formula and is effective in removing hairs in all areas of the body like the face, arms, underarms, chest, legs, and intimate parts.

What makes this brand even better is that it is convenient and easy to use. You just have to melt it in a wax heater and apply a thin amount in the direction where the hair grows. After that, pull it in the opposite direction and see all the hairs come off with the wax.

Make sure to check the temperature of the wax for comfortable and easy removal. Also, get a consultation and read the manufacturer’s instructions for your safety.

2. REGALICO - Money-saving

About this product
Gentle hair removal
Full body use
Easy to use

If you prefer to wax your vag at home and save yourself from the embarrassment, buy this product. It is made of a new generation wax formula for more gentle hair removal.

This brand is ideal for sensitive skin types that are prone to irritation because it has natural ingredients and rose oil which help minimize discomfort as you get rid of your pubes.

You can use this for all body parts with an 85% to 99% hair removal. You can get the same results when you go to expensive salons. Regalico has a 100% refund policy for unsatisfied customers within 180 days.

3. KoluaWax - Strong Formula

About this product
For thick coarse hair
Convenient to use
Has 3 signature formulas

If you have a thick and coarse hair type, this brand is best for you. This brand is made of Brazilian carnauba palm wax. It has a strong formula that is effective in removing the most stubborn hair.

Moreover, this can help you save money. One pack of the Koluamax is enough to give you 40 bikini waxes. Can you imagine how much you would save instead of going to expensive salons?

What makes this brand even more outstanding is that it is pain-free. You can easily strip your unwanted hair flawlessly and easily. This brand is perfect for your at-home waxing experience.

4. FEMIROWAX - Natural

About this product
High quality & safe
Easy to use
Long lasting result
Timer saver

This brand is best for sensitive skin. It is made of natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals added. What buyers love about it is that it has a lavender scent. Approved to be safe to use in all body parts even in the intimate areas. It is effective on bikini areas and is more suitable for small areas.

Moreover, it is easy to use and has a long-lasting result. It lasts three times longer than shaving because it removes the hair from its roots. You can enjoy being hairless for up to three weeks without experiencing any side effects. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

5. Avashine - Strips

About this product
Lasting result
Natural formula
Pre-cut sizes

Unlike the previous brands on our list that are melted wax types, this brand is a strip type. Each pack contains 32 strips which you can use for arms, legs, underarms, eyebrows, bikini, and Brazilian hair removal. It is made of Beeswax essence and Jojoba seed oil that makes each strip gentle to the skin.

If you are always on-the-go, this is perfect for you because it can remove your hair as fast as three seconds wherever you are. There is no waiting time! Moreover, it is convenient to use. You just need to use your hand to warm it up and you’re ready to go. You can cut the strips to match the area size that you would want to wax off.

6. Nair - Derma-tested

About this product
Minimize hair growth
Dermatologist tested
Removes short hair

This is another strip type wax that boasts its mess-free application. It is dermatologist tested and is safe to use for your face and bikini area. What buyers love about this brand is that it doesn’t require warming or rubbing. You can easily use it anytime and anywhere. It is proven effective in removing short hair.

With four easy steps, you can achieve a smooth and silky look. What makes it even better is that it can help minimize hair regrowth when used repeatedly. It also has long-lasting effects that can last up to eight weeks. However, remember that individual results may vary.

7. Sally Hansen - Extra strength

About this product
Can lasts up to 8 weeks
Removes short hair
Reduces hair regrowth
Doesn't need microwave

This brand is best to use for face, brows, and bikini hair removal. It has a European salon formula with infused coconut and marula oils. Each jar of wax includes a complete kit. Like other wax types on our list, this is also fast and easy to use and the results can last up to eight weeks. It also works well in removing short hair and helps reduce hair regrowth.

Moreover, It is a salon and dermatologist tested. It is effective in removing stubborn hair with just three simple steps. If you want a quick and long-lasting result, this won’t disappoint.

8. Surgiwax - Convenient

About this product
Easy prep
Includes Pre-Epilation Oil
Includes a guide on how to use it
Includes a spatula

This waxing kit is specifically made for intimate areas. It comes with a jar and a handle to protect your hand from the hot wax. What makes this kit outstanding is that it includes a pre-epilation oil which prevents the wax from sticking to the skin. This is important, especially that the vagina is a very sensitive area. It also comes with a spatula that helps speed the waxing process.

Moreover, the kit has detailed step-by-step instructions to help users know the right way to perform the Brazilian waxing. You can add maple honey for better grip and smoother results that can last up to six weeks.

9. Charmonic - Less Pain

About this product
Easy to remove
Easy to apply
High quality
No mess

Charmonic is a hard body wax bean that can remove pubic hair for men and women. It is easy to apply and easy to remove as well. It is made from certified natural ingredients that are proven to be safe for your skin. Moreover, it doesn’t contain harmful chemical VOC when melting.

This brand is effective in removing unwanted hair with less pain. It is also gentle to the skin and doesn’t leave any residue. What makes it better is that it is convenient and not messy to use.

10. Tress Wellness - Minimized Irritation

About this product
Easy to handle
Low melting point
Easy to apply
Natural ingredients

This brand is great for people with coarse hair. It has a low melting formula that ensures a painless hair removal. It is made of 100% natural ingredients with the scent of lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree peppermint. What makes it even more impressive is that it makes irritation minimal, unlike other hot waxes that you need to endure for days. The kit contains a signature pre-wax spray & post wax remover spray to help relieve irritation.

Moreover, it is easy to apply. It easily glides to the skin for a smoother and stress-free waxing. It is safe to use even on the face and guarantees that it will not damage your skin.

Check out products for hair removal for men here.

What to Look for When Buying a Wax for Your Vag

waxing image


If you are planning to do your Brazilian waxing at home, pick a brand that is easy to mix and use. Strip types are more convenient if you are always in a rush because you won’t need to heat and mix it up. You can just stick it on your hair and just pull it off.


Of course, you would want to choose an effective product. The pain of pulling it off will be put to waste if it is not effective in getting rid of the pubes. Not just that, it’s also like you’ve just thrown away your money if you bought wax that is not effective.


For people with sensitive skin, it is very important to check the ingredients of the wax before making a purchase. Make sure that there are no allergens that can further cause irritation and allergies. We recommend brands that use natural ingredients because those are gentle for the skin.


If you want to save money, make sure to check the customer reviews before making a purchase. Brands with good reviews and high ratings are usually more effective. If you see negative reviews, think twice, and consider other brands.


Buying wax is cheaper than going to expensive salons. It is money-saving because a pouch can be used for several waxes. However, there are affordable brands that can work as effectively as expensive waxes. Again, check the reviews before buying cheap waxes.

Different Types of Vagina Waxing


This is the least invasive type of pubic hair waxing because it only removes the least amount of hair. This type only targets hairs that are visible around the bikini line. If you want to have a mild wax, this is the best option for you.

Butt Strip

As the name suggests, this type of waxing specifically targets the butt area. Hair growth in the butt area may be irritating especially when it starts to itch. It would be embarrassing to scratch your bum in public, right? To prevent this from happening, consider having a butt strip. This type will only focus on the hair on your crack.

Full Butt Wax

If it happens that the stubborn hair also grows on your butt cheek, a full butt wax can be the best option. This type can get rid of the hairs on your butt cheeks and crack. What’s nice about it is that it is the least painful waxing that you could ever have.

Full Brazilian

If you want to go completely bare, this is perfect for you. This type removes all the hair on your vag and butt. You will surely have a smooth hairless look from the front, sides, back, and even in the hard-to-reach areas.

Brazilian Plus

Some women have hairs that grow up to their belly buttons. This can be unattractive and can make you look less feminine. If this is your concern, go for a Brazilian plus. It is a combination of a full Brazilian wax and also gets rid of your stubborn stomach hairs.

Brazilian Total Body

This can level up your beach body! Instead of just waxing your lady area, why don’t you include the other hairy parts? This type of waxing makes you get rid of all the hairs on your legs, arms, stomach, back and of course, vag. It’s a total package!

Brazilian South

This can level up your beach body! Instead of just waxing your lady area, why don’t you include the other hairy parts? This type of waxing makes you get rid of all the hairs on your legs, arms, stomach, back and of course, vag. It’s a total package!

Benefits of Waxing Your Vagina

woman waxing image

As painful as it may seem, Brazilian waxes are not bad at all! It has a lot of benefits. It keeps you hairless for a longer period than when you shave or use other hair removers. It can also prevent you from suffering razor bumps, cuts, and burns. Moreover, you won’t have to suffer from itchy stubble when your hair grows back.

It can also make you save money. One pack of wax can be used for several waxes that will last for up to 8 weeks.

Risks of Vagina Waxing

Remember that the vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of the body which is why Brazilian waxing comes with risks. There is a possibility that you might have an infection or worse, acquire a sexually transmitted disease. Scarring can also happen, but it is rare.

If you want to have a safe session, make sure to find a trusted and clean facility, and be aware of your waxer’s hygiene. We also recommend you use a hard wax because these are gentler and more suitable for sensitive areas.

What to Expect on Your First Vag Waxing Session

Let us be honest with you. The first thing that you should expect when you go for a Brazilian waxing session is that it will be painful. We have our pain thresholds and pain may vary from one person to another. Remember that you must let your waxer know that it is your first time.

Also, you may feel uncomfortable because a stranger can see your private part. However, stay relaxed because they have seen a lot and would not even bother to mind yours!

How to Wax Your Vag at Home

Invest in a Good Quality Wax

You need to choose a high-quality wax brand especially that the vag is a sensitive area that can be prone to irritations. You would not want to risk your lady part and suffer negative effects.

Find a Private Spot

Of course, vagina waxing is an emotional experience that you would want to keep for yourself. The bathroom is a great idea!

Heat the Wax

Most ladies use the microwave to melt their wax, however, this can be messy. We recommend you invest in a wax warmer. It is more convenient and can make the wax consistently heated while you do your work.

Cut the Hair

It is important to make sure that your hair length is right. Cut your hair at around ¼ inch long. Be careful not to cut it too short because the wax won’t be able to grip on your hair. On the other hand, waxing long hairs can cause a lot of pain so make sure to do it with the right length.

Wash The Hair

We advise you to do pre-cleaning before you start waxing. Wash it with soap and water and allow it to dry completely. Doing this can make the wax have a better grip on your hair.

Test The Wax

If you don’t have a wax warmer, it is essential that you first test it on your wrist. Having a wax that is too hot for your vag can cause more pain. Make sure that you get the right temperature before application.

Smear the Wax

Work in sections and start in the inner thighs. Spread as thick as you would do to peanut butter on a slice of bread. Apply about an inch wide and three inches long in the direction where the hair grows. After that, allow it to dry for 30 seconds. You will know that it’s ready when you hear a tapping noise on the hardened wax when you tap it with your fingernail.

Rip and Pull

If it is ready, pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. To lessen the pain, hold the skin beneath as you pull the wax. This step can be brutally painful but all this pain will vanish when you see the results. Repeat this until all the hairs are removed.


Expect that wax residue will be left after you pull it off. Wash it with soap and water or use a wax residue remover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vagina hair removal safe?

Brazilian waxing is safe as long as you follow the right instructions and precautions in doing it. However, people who are taking acne medications should avoid this because these pills can make your skin more sensitive. Also, people with sunburnt skin should avoid waxing sessions.


Having a smooth and hairless lady part can make it look more appealing for guys. However, the choice will still be up to you. We hope that after reading this guide, you will be enlightened in making the right decision.

Also, the products that are reviewed on this guide will make you wax your vag like a pro!