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Layrite Superhold Pomade Review

Layrite superhold pomade is one of the most dependable pomades to use when you have difficulty in styling your hair or if you have a curly, wavy coarse type hair. It’s also one of best water-based pomade available in the market today. Unlike most pomade, this product is readily available in a twistable cover plastic […]

How to Make A Water-Based Pomade

Pomade is a great product that is used to style your hair. Without drying the hair out, it gives a slick, shiny appearance that doesn’t allow the hair to get frizzy. Unlike other most hair care products, it lasts quite a long time. In most cases, it takes more than one wash to remove it. […]

What Pomade Did Elvis Use?

The King The Big E. The Hillbilly Cat. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Elvis the Pelvis. Elvis Presley is arguably the most well-known musician of all time. He is in all ways iconic. In his short life, he was and is remembered as one of the most influential and celebrated musicians ever. He was […]

Review of Suavecito Firme

As a pomade lover, I am always trying to find the perfect pomade for my thick hair. I need something that is affordable, keeps my hair perfect, smells great, and has a good shine. I also need my pomade to be affordable, and easy to find. Today, I’m going to review a pomade I came […]

2019 Reviews & Ratings- The Best Pomades for Asian Hair

Men focus on two things when it comes to looking good, great wardrobe and even better hair. And that’s not all… With the plethora of hair products that exist in the market, it is difficult to find one that suits all hair types. For Asian hair, finding the right type of product that can maintain […]

Top 7 Best Pomade for Thick Hair – 2019 Review

Pomades have a buttery or greasy consistency when touched; it can be waxy or water-based. This hair product can give your hair a greasy, slick appearance without drying it out. It can maintain its consistency and may last longer than other hair products, which can take you to a minimum of ten washes to completely […]