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What Women Think About Manscaping Your Groin

A lot of people would think that having a thick pubic hair is just a turnoff for their partners. Other than the discomfort it can give, this unmanageable hair can be a disturbance during intimate moments. However, pubic hair exists for a purpose. The number one reason is for it to serve as a protection […]

Should a Man Shave His Groin?

Have you ever heard of the term “Boyzilian”? This word means to shave ones’ groin.  A lot of men have a dilemma on whether or not they need to shave their groin area. Let us help you decide. Shaving your groin has a lot of benefits. It is easy, so you don’t have any reason not […]

Using Disposable Razors vs Cartridges

One unarguable point of hygiene is the importance of shaving. For men and women, the need to possess a proper shaving tool. Despite the continuous argument between using a straight razor over a safety, most people still prefer a safety razor due to the cost of getting a proper straight one.   This raises another question […]

How Many Times Can You Use A Disposable Razor?

With the hot summer in session, perfectly hairless skin has never been more coveted. From a butter-smooth jawline to clean shaven armpits, legs, and backs, razor sales skyrocket, and wallets shrink during the hotter months of the year. We all know that a high-quality shaver is expensive, thus making the appeal of disposable razors enticing. […]

Tips on How to Groom Your Beard

With beards making a raging comeback, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on how to maintain a well-groomed beard. Many men don’t realize that beards need as much, if not more, grooming than the hair, and as a result, they look untidy and off-putting. It is also not […]

Things You Need to Remember Before Shaving

Shaving is not as simple as it seems. There are things you must take heed of to attain the close, clean shave that you wish to have.   Now, to help you with that, we have summarized some of the essential points you must take note of when shaving. Here are some of those: Shave […]

Hair Removal: A Trend?

Even during the ancient times, hair removal has already been a sought after regimen. Just take, for instance, in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians opt to scrape off their hair because of the norms which prevailed during their time. Back then, having a facial hair, or pubic hair was considered uncivilized. Also, hair removal was […]

How to Use A Razor to Shave Your Head

How you use the razor actually depends on what sort of razor you have. But then in order for you to effectively shave, you must first and foremost find the ideal razor for you. Take note that dull razors only lead to cuts and irritation. So, you must always choose a razor that has clean, […]