Conair Conrdless Hair Clipper Reviewed 2020

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Conair Lithium Ion is undoubtedly a top choice for people who want a hair clipper that gives an hour long sustained power performance. Aside from its long battery performance, Conair also comes with a stainless steel blade and includes 10 guide combs to keep up with ultimate length control. It is an incredible product to utilize for trimming the neckline and sideburns, nose/ear detail, and even eyebrows. The additional accessories include cleaning brush and oil, barber and styling comb, barber cape, barber scissors, blade cover, styling clip, and deluxe storage case.

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Features and Specifications

  • 75-minute long battery life

Conair is inspired by lithium battery technology that enables you to use your hair clipper longer than the typical hair clippers out there. And if you are in a hurry and forgot to charge its battery, all you need is to charge it for 15 minutes, and Conair will be good for 15 minutes of use. All the more, there’s no longer a need to charge it for 12-24 hours, 3 hours of full charge is all you need for a 75-minute long battery life. That’s how awesome it can be. And if you run out of battery, you can still use it corded, of course.

  • Taper control for custom settings

The Conair Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless 20 piece kit endows you with every of the tools you need to get that expert style cut any style you want and anywhere you want to have it done. It has a taper control for custom settings that let you personalize your own style. You can modify it on the settings depending on your favored length. Moreover, its ultra-powered motor has the capacity for an ultimate, precise even cut that can cut through even the thickest of hairs. For first timers, it’s unquestionably easier to navigate and handle in light of its user-friendly feature.

  • Professional stainless steel blade technology

Aside from its astounding lithium battery technology, Conair is also inspired by professional stainless steel blade technology, which features a hardened sharp steel blade. Its hardened steel blade allows you to have a sharp, precise, effortless cut, regardless of how long your hair length is.

  • Cord/Cordless Feature

If you are after the convenience of use, Conair can give you that, as it gives you the option to utilize it corded or cordless. You can still enjoy the powerful trimming this hair clipper can give, but at the same time, it can also give you the convenience of being able to bring it and use it for 75 minutes, if fully charged, anywhere you want to have your hair done.

What Customers Have To Say

The majority of the customers definitely love this product. The price and the quality are great and the clipper exceeded their expectations. It is much better than what they expected it to be. They fundamentally like how well made the hair clipper is and how the case is made in such a way, that it’s so easy to store.

There were some who complain that cleaning behind the cutting blades is a mess, as its blades are held in place by two screws that are hard to grasp. Because of this, it made it hard for them to wash out the hair and the others that might be stuck behind it. But even with this area of improvement, this is an excellent hair cutting kit. As a matter of fact, the two screws that hold the blades together also comes with a benefit. The two Phillips screws can be loosened so that you can position the blades. And being able to position the blades, it enables you to cut your hair super short with ease, which is what some other cordless hair clippers are lacking. It really does get extremely close.

Moreover, whether your hair is thick, thin, or coarse, its motors are powerful enough to cut through every type of hair. The motors are well designed and last a long time. They all agree that it’s an excellent product to use.


And so, if you are looking for a hair clipper that comes corded/cordless, which equips you with all the tools you need for a sharp, precise, effortless, cut, and can be used far longer even with a lesser charging time, Conair Lithium is considerably the best option for that. I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a very good investment for anyone who wants to cut their own hair and save some money at the same time.

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