6 Easy Hair Styling Hacks for Women with Chronic Illnesses – 2021 Guide

To most people, they consider their hair their crowning glory. Some spend hours of their morning routine just to make sure their hair is tamed and perfectly styled for the day. However, it is different for people suffering from chronic illness. Hair styling could be more of a challenge. 

Reaching the back of your head could be difficult due to limited mobility and having your hands up for long periods could cause agonizing pain in your arms and shoulders.

Don’t worry! Having chronic illness should not be a hindrance to looking good and we’ve compiled 6 easy hacks to styling your hair.

Hair Styling Hacks

Leave Dry Shampoo Overnight

Shampooing your hair can be such a hassle especially when you have thick hair. Plus, shampooing every day could be bad for your hair since it strips away the natural oils your hair produces.

On the other hand, not washing your hair for days could result in greasiness and dandruff. To avoid this, try applying dry shampoo at night. It will absorb all the extra oils while you sleep and it will save you time in the morning since you don’t have to wash it anymore.

Removing Hair Tangles

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Removing hair tangles pain-free

Removing hair tangles could be a pain both to your arms and your scalp since you have to constantly pull your hair just to smoothen it. By using a detangling brush, you could smoothen your hair pain-free. This type of brush was specifically made to remove those stubborn tangles and leave you with smooth and silky hair that you could run your fingers through easily. 

But, if you’re planning on blow drying your hair, avoid using this for the heat from the blow dryer could melt the bristles. Another way to avoid tangles is to apply a leave-in conditioner. You can do this yourself by mixing one part conditioner and three parts water and spray it in your hair after washing. Lastly, Investing in a satin pillowcase could lessen the tangles.

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Messy Bun

Messy Buns for a Care-free Look

If you have long hair and refuse to cut it short, put it in a messy bun to keep your hair off your face. Messy buns are a great way to style your hair that looks neat but is effortless. This is also perfect for hair you haven’t washed for days. The greasier the hair, the better since it will hold its shape better. 

Achieving a messy bun can be attained in three easy steps. First, you have to gather all your hair up and twist it in a bun. Second, tie it loosely with a hair tie (you could also use bobby pins to keep it in place if hair ties give you headaches). Third, pull small chunks both in the front and back of your hair to achieve a more relaxed look.

braided hair

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Braids as an Alternative for Ponytails

Having your hair up in a tight ponytail can cause severe headaches. Throwing your hair in a simple braid is an easy alternative. There are different types of braids. Some are more complicated than others but the most basic and simplest form of braid is probably the French braid. 

Start by putting your hair on one side and split them into three sections. Then, cross the right part to the middle part and do the same to the left. Do this alternately until you reach the end and secure it with a hair tie. This is perfect for medium to long hair and it gives you effortless waves the day after.

Hair Accessories

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Experiment with Different Hair Accessories

Adding different accessories could elevate your hairstyle drastically. Bandanas are a great and stylish way to get your hair out of the way and it gives you a classic retro look. If you’re not into such a bold statement, you could always use headbands or hair clips to keep your hair in place and out of the way.


Get an Undercut

Now we know, getting an undercut might sound intimidating for some but there are multiple benefits to having an undercut especially if you get chronic pains and get tired easily. To start, getting an undercut means you have less hair in your head reducing the weight and volume of your hair. 

Moreover, with less hair to deal with, it will be easier to wash it since you don’t have to put your arms up for that long, lessening the pain in your neck and shoulders. Finally, when your hair is down, you can’t even tell that it’s there, and putting your hair up in a ponytail won’t give you a headache anymore since there is much less hair up there.

Wrap up

To wrap everything up, having a chronic illness should not stop you from styling your hair and looking good. Though for some people, styling is something that they don’t have to put much thought into, for people suffering from chronic illness, pain, and disability, this could be a challenge. With this said, it should not stop you from styling your hair in new and creative ways. With these simple hacks, it is guaranteed that styling your hair has never been this easy.