What Are The Best Hairstyles for Asian Men?

Asian men have a coarse and thick hairstyle which makes it challenging to style and groom. “Cowlicks” or locks of hair that grow in a different or spiral direction are also very common for them. Also, when hair is cut short, it tends to spike in an upward direction. With these difficulties, it is surely challenging to style Asian men’s hair. 

We have come up with a guide that can make hair styling easier. Read more tips and learn about the proper grooming products as you read forward. These techniques can help you achieve your hair goals.

Tips in Styling Asian Men’s Hair

Cut it short.

The ideal short hair length for Asian men is up to half an inch. If you do not have enough time to style your hair every day, go for a short cut! You cannot do a lot of hairstyling with short hair, but at least you are sure that it stays in place. A bald look is also a good option!

Grow it long.

If you are not comfortable having short hair, growing it long can also be an option. You can tie it in a ponytail or just simply wear it down. Asian hair is thick and coarse and growing it long can make it stay in place without any effort of applying a styling product. It can also make it easy to manage.

Love That Spiky Look.

A spiky hairstyle is popular for young Asian men. Unlike Western hair, Asian hair does not need a lot of hair styling products to make it stand up. The stiffness of their hair makes it effortlessly spike up. To achieve this look, you need to grow your hair to half an inch to an inch. With this length, you can wake up with a spiky look even without the effort of styling it. However, if you want a stiff spiky look that will stay in place for the whole day, apply hair styling products like wax, pomade or gel and use a hairdryer while combing it upwards.

Brush It Down and Back.

This is a standard Western hairstyle and it is difficult to do with Asian hair. This is because controlling it and making it stay in place is difficult for the type of hair that they have. To achieve this, you need to grow your hair up to at least an inch long or even longer. After that, apply your hair styling product and brush it backward. Remember to remove product build-ups before applying a product again. Doing this can help prevent hair problems like dandruff.

Use a Ball-tipped Bristle Brush.

This is the ideal hairbrush type to use since it will prevent the product from being removed from the hair while combing. If you want a natural look, this can help you achieve it. Brush your hair in the direction that you desire while blow-drying it at high heat. If your hair dries, it will stay in place.

Use The Right Styling Products.

Choosing the right hair styling products is crucial in styling Asian hair. You might already know that Asian hair is difficult to style which is why you must choose a product that has a stronghold. A pomade is a great choice if you want a long-lasting effect. Massage the hair product up to the roots focusing on the areas that usually tend to stick out. Remember to wash it at the end of the day to prevent product build-ups.

So, that’s it! If you follow these tips, you can surely achieve the hairstyle that you desire. Remember that humidity and sweat can destroy the hairstyle of Asian men. If it starts to fall off, coax it with water and brush it again.

Have a great hair day!

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