Our Top 5 Best Razors for Shaving Balls – Complete Review 2017

manscapingTimes change, and with it, so do fashion trends and grooming practices. One particular grooming practice that has seen a recent spike in popularity is the practice of grooming the pubic area or shaving balls, either by shaving it clean, or at the very least, by keeping it trimmed very short.

It is highly popular among young women, so if you want to stay relevant in the dating game, guys, then it’s probably a good idea to get with it and start grooming your misters. The word for men is “manscaping” – the act of removing excess body hair including around the genital area.

However, it can be a scary thought to take a razor blade to the most delicate, most beloved body part of a man. Nicks and cuts on the body or even the face are manageable, but on the sack?

That’s something straight out of a man’s worst nightmare. So we’ve decided to write this article to help you find the best tools to shave your balls without causing damage, and hopefully without causing discomfort.

We will leave creams, balms and lotions for another article, but for now we will address the issue of razors and/or trimmers that work best for navigating the tricky area of a man’s testicles.

After reviewing all the best razors for shaving balls available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison Table

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Philips Gillete Philips Braun Remington Jtrim
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Body Groomers Buying Guide for Men

The most important issue faced by men is the risk of causing nicks and cuts while shaving their balls. Razor burns and post-shave discomfort or itching are also issues, although not as pressing a concern as actually drawing blood. At the risk of stating the obvious, male genitals have numerous folds and grooves on the skin making it quite the Herculean task to shave them.

Use Electric Razors or Trimmers

We figure that the first thing that can be done is to avoid using manual razors and stick to electric trimmers. Electric trimmers can also cause nicks and cuts, but thanks to innovations in the technology, they are much safer than razors, greatly reducing the likelihood of damage.

There are electric trimmers available on the market that are designed for the removal of body hair. These trimmers are known as body groomers and not only are their shaving heads designed specifically to address the curves of the body rather than the face, they also come with attachments to further aid in this process.

body groomers can be expensivePrice Tag

The problem with body groomers is that they are slightly more expensive than regular beard trimmers. This is because they are a little more specialized and they often come with several attachments that are designed for different areas of the body. You could go for the cheapest one you can find, but that may not be the best thing for your jewels. Low price often means low quality, and when it comes to this, you might want to invest a little more money in your grooming tools.

Shape of the Trimmer

The shape of the body groomer you choose is another factor you should take into account. It is obviously not as easy to shave your balls as it is to shave your face, and you will want to use a body groomer that is a perfect fit for your grip – meaning that you should be able to hold it firmly and comfortably; your hand should wrap around it snugly, so that you don’t drop it or fumble with shaving.

Size of the Body Groomer

The size of the groomer is another important feature to watch out for. If it is too bulky, you may find it difficult to get those hard to reach places like between your sack and your thigh or all the way behind. Similarly, the weight of the groomer will make a huge difference to your overall shaving experience. If it is too light, it may vibrate too much or get entangled in your pubic hair, which is a very unpleasant thing to happen to you down there. You should look for something that has some weight behind it as this will make your shaving experience much more comfortable, not to mention smoother (pun intended!).

If you have made it this far, then you are probably committed to cleaning up your act for that special lady in your life, so don’t stop now!

Try using a different way to remove your body hair by using hair removal products for men. Check them out here

Benenfits of Owning a Body Groomer

electric trimmersAs we have already said, we think it is a good idea to stick to electric trimmers for manscaping your balls. Let us explain why we think so.

Firstly, the blades of an electric trimmer are placed behind a barrier that prevents them from getting too close to the skin. Of course, with the folds and grooves present on the nut sack, you may still get cut, but this outcome is greatly reduced by the attachments that come with most body groomers and trimmers. 

The blades of a manual razor are always exposed, and moreover, there is simply no way to make a razor that can change its shape to accommodate the skin folds of the sack.

Secondly, the moving blades of electric trimmers help minimize the number of passes you will have to make for the kind of shave you want. Even if you are going for a completely smooth shave, your electric trimmer will accomplish this much quicker than a manual razor, which requires a lot more dexterity and patience to use.

If you are convinced that an electric trimmer is the way to go, then have a look at some of the best razors that we have found in our research.

Our Top Picks of the Best Men's Body Groomer

If you are convinced that an electric trimmer is the way to go, then have a look at some of the best razors that we have found in our research.

1. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

This styler is designed for ultimate maneuverability on both the face and the body. Trusted, tested by dermatologists and a perfect mens body trimmer, it trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges accurately even on areas that are sensitive. It comes with three combs for custom lengths and contour adaptability that is extremely useful in shaving your pubic area. The shaving head is fitted with ProGlide Power Blades that provide a smooth, close shave and leaves your skin feeling comfortable. It also has a Precision Edging Blade that allows you to experiment with different shapes and styles like the famous “Landing Strip”. It is safe for use in the shower.

Those who purchased this product are pleased with its overall performance. The downward curve of the blades ensures that your sack doesn’t become entangled in the razor, and the guard allows for an easy cleanup after you are done.

Some buyers complained that the on/off switch stops working after a few uses. This sounds like an issue with individual pieces and not with the entire range. Gillette also has excellent customer service, which is equipped and highly efficient in dealing with problems like this.

2. Remington PG525

This trimmer comes with eight attachments which makes it your best all in one grooming kit: Full-Size Trimmer; Foil Shaver; Nose, Ear, and Detail Trimmer; Vertical Body Hair Trimmer; Hair Clipper Comb with 8 Length Settings; 3 Beard and Stubble Combs. The blades are made of self-sharpening surgical steel for longer and better performance. All of the attachments are safe to wash by simply rinsing under a faucet. It comes with a lithium battery that can be used up to 70 minutes if fully charged. It also has a light that indicates both battery and charging level. And last but not least this mens body grooming kit comes with a charge stand that keeps your attachments organized.

Buyers of this best multi groomer or trimmer appreciate it for its water-resistant feature, allowing you to use it in the shower without any problems. The battery lives up to its reputation, with many people reporting that it takes one charge to use for two months of light to moderate use.

However, some critics claim that the battery only lives up to its reputation for the first one or two months of use after which it simply dies without warning. This is another case of individual products that are faulty or defective and does not reflect the quality of the entire range.

3. Philips Norelco

This product comes with self-sharpening blades that are made of finely ground steel, ensuring long-lasting performance, and the rounded blade tips prevent skin irritation. This trimmer comes with five different attachments – to get precisely the look and feel that you want. The battery provides up to 35 minutes of cordless use for every 10 hours of charge, and the device is fully washable for easy cleanup.

People who bought this mens body groomer or trimmer are pleased with the efficiency and endurance of this product. It provides a closer shave, and is easier to clean and to use than previous versions of this product. Being cordless makes it a very convenient solution to the problem of entanglement while shaving. The attachments are very useful to those who like to shave more than one area.

The only drawback that people found with this trimmer is that it cannot be used while it is charging. This could be a problem when, for instance, the battery dies out in the middle of a shave. Then you would have no choice but to wait for it to charge before you can resume shaving. This minor inconvenience can be resolved by charging it regularly and by keeping a spare trimmer/razor handy for such situations.

4. JTrim Body Groomer

The multi-purpose body groomer works as a body hair trimmer, a bikini-line trimmer, a beard trimmer and a mens body shaver. It provides 50 minutes of shaving time per eight hours of charging. It comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day free trial, meaning that if you are not satisfied with its performance, you can return it in the first month, no questions asked.

Buyers of this product found that it is a good body groomer for both men and women. It shaves in a straight line, and the shaving head is smaller than the usual ones, making it ideal for reaching smaller areas like between the legs. The head is designed very well, not causing any cuts or nicks. The handle has an ergonomic design that makes for a better, more comfortable grip, allowing you to spend more time shaving without getting tired. Also, it appears to work well for all hair types, regardless of how thick or how thin.

Detractors of this product complain that the blades are dull and they pull some of the hairs instead of cutting, causing pain and irritation. This is not the fault of the trimmer, and it is easily remedied by shaving after a hot shower, and ideally after applying pre-shave lotion and shaving cream to moisturize the skin and soften the hair.

5. Cleancut ES412

This unisex personal body shaver is designed for comfortable shaving without nicks and cuts. It is ideal for use not only on the pubic area, but also on the underarms and the rest of the body.

People who chose to buy this body groomer found that its design makes it very easy to hold and use. It reaches hair that isn’t normally accessible by disposable razors. The battery lasts a long time once fully charged. It is easy to shave in those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and it is super easy to clean.

Some critics did not like that it is a dry shaver, and some found that it pinches at loose skin. The reason it is not a dry shaver is precisely for the purpose of providing a more comfortable shave. If used as directed, this product works wonders.


At the end of the day, shaving balls is an accepted part of a young man’s grooming routine, and what’s more, it is expected by many young women in their dating partners. For those men who have not yet taken the plunge and are bemoaning the hassle of this new cumbersome routine, we say just go for it. You will discover that it feels great to be smooth down there, and for those of you who have a special someone, we guarantee you she will go an extra mile to please you if you do this.

Just remember to be careful when shaving your pubes. Make sure you use a razor that is designed to be used on your pubic area, and make sure to follow all the instructions. Shave after a hot shower and use a shaving cream or a pre-shave lotion if you have to.

If you still cannot decide which groomer to try first, then may we suggest the Phillips Norelco Multigroom 3100. Its state-of-the-art shaving head provides the smoothest shave, and its rounded blade design prevents those pesky nicks and cuts from ruining your day.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of those pubes and get back in the game!