How Much Pomade to Use on Your Hair?

hair styling menWhen it comes to hair styling, men of different races often have a hard time finding the right product. Like for black men with natural hair, Asians with thicker hair trands or  whatever hair type you have, it’s hard to know the right style and the amount of pomade to put in your hair.

How many times have you seen that one guy walking down the street and his hair is stiff as a rock and you think and say “Glad I don’t look like that!”

Well, I’m here to help with this easy step-by-step process as to how much pomade to use and the necessary process to get that look you’ve been dying to have. Now you ask, “What exactly is Pomade?”

Well, pomade is an oil or water based product for men that creates that slick and shiny look and depending on the product and style, there are different types of pomade to suit your needs, and well, of course, your hair. Typically, most pomade now is a water-based product that will come out in one wash, however, there are also Petrolatum based products that your grandfather likely used, which would not come out with just a single wash.

However, the best products are water based and come in a variety of formulas offering men different holds, finishes, and ingredients. Some common brands of pomade you can purchase at your local pharmacy are Suavecito, Sauvecity, Layrite, Imperial Barber, Baxter California or Axe.

If you look back, pomade has been used for many generations like for instance, when The King of Rock n’ Roll was still alive, many of these products were used in greaser hairstyles. Pomade was used to signal drama, glamour, and danger, and by the 20th-century men mainly used pomade for slicked back looks.

1. Prepping your hair?

Ideally, your hair should be damp. Therefore you want to blow-dry your hair until most of the moisture in it is out. Wet hair can cause the product to be diluted and as a result, would affect the even distribution of pomade throughout it.

Naturally, thicker hair and higher volume style will need more hold, while finer hair would need low to medium hold pomade to get that desired look. This would be one of the most important steps of the process before we start to apply pomade to your hair.

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2. Applying Pomade

Now the rule of thumb here is to start with a small amount and then gradually add more product if needed. Some stylists say the size of a dime to about a quarter should be used, however, this all depends on what you are trying to achieve when styling your hair. (It’s important to note that adding more pomade is a lot easier than trying to remove too much product).

Now once you have placed the product in your palm, start rubbing your hands together until the product is warmed, as pomade in its natural state is hard. Once you have done that, start rubbing the product with both hands into the roots of hair, then pull your fingers up to the ends and repeat until the pomade is evenly distributed.

If you made the mistake of putting a little too much pomade in your hair, don’t hop in the shower just yet. Pull out your blow dryer and heat the pomade until the hot air melts any excess product. It might take some trial and error before you get the desired style. Remember that the first touch is always the most important.

Some people start from the back, and others at the bangs, however, it’s best if you start applying the product everywhere and apply the product like shampoo. Spike the product straight up to get to the roots and to avoid clumps from drying in your hair.

If you want your hair to have some extra hold, consider blow-drying it. Depends on how you like to style your hair and your process, you can blow dry your hair after you have applied the pomade while others style first and dry after you’re finished.

3. Parting

Depending on the desired look you’re going for will likely result in how much pomade you place in your hair and how you style it. For say a slick back style, you must massage pomade into your hair everywhere not just focusing on one part while running your hair or comb front to back repeatedly. If the style you want to achieve is a side part, use a comb to find your natural part and start brushing your hair side to side.

To achieve that messier look, part your hair at the point right above the temple and add a bit more pomade into the crease, working the shorter hairs down and the longer hairs up.

Now to get that flowing wave look, apply pomade to the sides of your head first and start by slicking your side hairs back with as much pomade as you need, then comb the hair on the top of your head to the side.

Wrap Up

Let’s go through this one more time. Dry your hair to a point where it’s damp. Grab your desired product and apply a small amount at first. Depending on your style you will part your hair and apply the product everywhere. Then either using a comb or your hands you will spread the pomade throughout your hair like shampoo. Finish off with blow-drying again to get the product to harden, and Voila! You’re done.

Now that you’ve finished applying that product, you can stare at yourself in the mirror and just admire the hard work you have put into getting that look. If this is your first time using pomade, remember that it will take a few times before you actually get it right. It takes some patience and knowing your hair and what kind of product to use in order to get that look you’ve always been searching for.