How Often Should You Shave Your Balls? – A Definitive Guide 2021

Pubic hair grooming is a common practice for women but even men have caught up to the amazing benefits of shaving pubic hair.

The term coined for this is “manscaping” or the act of shaving or trimming the pubic hair of men for cosmetic purposes. But did you know that there are other perks to shaving your private areas? 

The thought of a very sharp razor near one of the most delicate areas in your body can be scary, in fact, according to JAMA Dermatol, most reported shaving accidents are in the scrotum.

|“In this nationally representative cross- sectional study of 5674 adults who reported pubic hair grooming, the grooming-related injury was reported by 1430 (weighted prevalence, 25.6%). Degree of grooming was an independent risk factor for injury; waxing may prevent repetitive injuries.” (JAMA Dermatol, 2017)

But high risks always result in high reward. There is an estimate that around 50-70% manscapes in some way. Whether it be just trimming or completely shaving that balls bald. Manscaping is more common than you think. The thought of it might be intimidating but the initial shave is always the hardest and time-consuming since you have to remove a lot of hair but maintaining it will be quite easy.

Indeed, there are a lot of amazing benefits of shaving your balls. From making your body look bigger to giving you more sensual sex life, we are sure that we convinced you to definitely do it. Now, if you already made up your mind to add it up to your grooming routine, the next question that you would ask is, how often should you do it?

Although there is no definitive answer to how often you should shave or trim, some say they trim every single day, some every two days but most say they only do it once a week. It just depends on your preference. Now, we know that sounds time-consuming but 90% of women say they’d sleep with men who manscapes. High risks, high rewards, right?

A lot of men thought that shaving their balls consumes a lot of time since it must be done daily. However, that is not TRUE. You don’t need to do it every single day. The truth is you can trim or shave your pubes once every few weeks.

The longest time consumed for shaving your balls is when you do it the first time since you are getting rid of rough spots. Maintaining it, however, will just take you a while. What’s important is you must do it regularly.

If you want a clear and hairless shave, you must do it more often. If you want to have a clean and well trimmed balls, it is advised to do it once a week. Balls hair seems to grow less quickly than other body hairs.

3 Stages of Body Hair Growth

  1. Anagen – Your hair follicle actively grows.
  2. Catagen – Transition stage where the follicle actively grows and rests.
  3. Telogen – Resting stage. The hair follicle has stopped growing.

Understanding these stages will let you know why the hair on your scalp tends to grow much longer than that of your balls. The duration of your hair growth also depends on your health, genetics and diet. So, don’t worry about how often to shave your balls, it won’t cost you much time.

Manscaping was something that has been prevalent in the gay community has now been accepted by men of all orientations and is now widely accepted throughout the years. In fact, according to Mirror 19% of men like it bare down there. Just make sure that you give your boys a nice trim before you reach for your razor to prevent hair from getting caught in the blade.

To conclude, the act of shaving your balls is more common than you have thought. Though the thought of doing it is quite scary or time-consuming, shaving has its perks and benefits. Aside from cosmetics and aesthetics, shaving your pubes will also prevent bad and unwanted odors. Most women also say that they take time and effort to shave, the least men can do is to do the same for a more pleasurable experience. And besides, shaving is practically easy once you’ve done the initial shave. Maintaining it once a week will be relatively easy since there’s not much hair to shave off anyways.