How Often Should You Shave Your Balls? – A Definitive Guide 2020

We already have tackled the amazing benefits of shaving your balls. From making your body look bigger to giving you more sensual sex, we are sure that we convinced you to definitely do it. Now, if you already made up your mind to add it up to your grooming routine, the next question that you would ask is, how often should you do it?

A lot of men thought that shaving their balls consumes a lot of time since it must be done daily. However, that is not TRUE. You don’t need to do it every single day. The truth is you can trim or shave your pubes once every few weeks.

The longest time consumed for shaving your balls is when you do it the first time since you are getting rid of rough spots. Maintaining it, however, will just take you a while. What’s important is you must do it regularly.

If you want a clear and hairless shave, you must do it more often. If you want to have a clean and well trimmed balls, it is advised to do it once a week. Balls hair seems to grow less quickly than other body hairs.

3 Stages of Body Hair Growth

  1. Anagen – Your hair follicle actively grows.
  2. Catagen – Transition stage where the follicle actively grows and rests.
  3. Telogen – Resting stage. The hair follicle has stopped growing.

Understanding these stages will let you know why the hair on your scalp tends to grow much longer than that of your balls. The duration of your hair growth also depends on your health, genetics and diet. So, don’t worry about how often to shave your balls, it won’t cost you much time.

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