What is the Best Way to Protect Home-dyed Blonde Hair?

A blonde hair is indeed classy, however, it can also turn brassy. A lot of women, even those with naturally blonde hair can’t resist dyeing it blonde to make it lighter. A lot of factors can change or even damage your blonde hair color. With this said, it can be challenging to maintain its vibrant appearance. 

Knowing the right ways to protect your home-dyed blonde hair is important for every blondie. We will tackle some effective ways on how to preserve your blonde hair color and make it last longer. This pandemic made hair salons close down and it will be more difficult to maintain your blonde hair. If you want to know the things that you can do, read on.

Ways on How to Protect Your Home-dyed Blonde Hair


Like any other hair type and color, moisturizing is essential to maintain healthy hair. It is important to keep your blonde hair hydrated to prevent it from looking dry and boring. You can buy some hair masks and apply it at home to keep it moisturized. This can help especially during summer when your hair tends to be drier. 

Wet Your Hair Before Swimming In The Pool

Chlorine can make your blonde hair turn green. It can also leave your hair dry and damaged. This effect can also happen when your hair gets soaked in seawater. However, everyone likes to plunge at the pool, right? Nobody will sacrifice their fun summer swim at the beach due to their hair. 

Let us give you a tip. Before you dive in, you must wet your hair and apply a conditioner to prevent discoloration. If you don’t have access to a sink or a shower, make sure to rinse and condition your hair immediately after you swim. 

Invest on a Color-Depositing Shampoo And Conditioner

The hot rays of the sun can bleach your blonde hair and make it look brassy. Using a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner can counteract its effect. To do this, you need to mix 50% of your color depositing shampoo and 50% of your regular shampoo and comb it through your hair for even saturation. You need to do this because these types of shampoo lack moisturizing effects. 

Apply a Hair Sunscreen

As we have said earlier, your hair needs protection from the sun. This is very important especially when you plan to go to the beach, spend the day at the park or do outdoor activities. You can buy some leave-in conditioners with a UV protector and apply it before going out. If you know that you will be exposed to the sun for a longer time, bring sunscreen with you and apply a small amount regularly.

Be Aware of Your Hair Changes

If you see that your blonde hair is losing its vibrance or changing its color, a quick appointment at the salon can solve your problem. You may have a feeling that something is off with your hair’s texture and color. That’s definitely normal! What we can suggest is to visit the salon for treatment to refresh your color. 

Prevent Sea Salt Sprays

We all want that picture-perfect summer look and a beachy wave will definitely complete your summer OOTD. However, this product can over-dry your hair and this may not be best for blondies. If you really want to use this product, you need to mix it up with a leave-in conditioner before applying it to your hair to add a moisturizing effect. 

These are easy tips on how to make your blonde hair stay blonder for longer. Protecting your blonde hair can make you save time and money. It can also prevent hair damage especially during the summer season where your hair can get dry and brassy.

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