An Honest Opinion On The Layrite Superhold Pomade 2020

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Layrite superhold pomade is one of the most dependable pomades to use when you have difficulty in styling your hair or if you have a curly, wavy coarse type hair. It’s also one of best water-based pomade available in the market today.

Unlike most pomade, this product is readily available in a twistable cover plastic container or jars.

Although a little bit pricey, you won’t definitely get it wrong with choosing this pomade for your styling needs because it wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

This product also patterned its original vanilla scent from the original Layrite product line.

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Special Features of the Product

  • Strength of Hold

Best applied to medium, curly, coarse or thick hair like Asian hair type.

  • Shine

Doesn’t give you a shine or matte look, thus making it perfect for opting the natural hair look.

  • Texture

An orange jelly looking kind of pomade that is very smooth. Feels like a gel when touched, but doesn’t give you the sticky feeling.

  • Styling Ease

To achieve its optimum hold, it’s advisable to uniformly spread it to your hair when it is slightly damp and use your favorite comb to style your hair.

When dry, it tends to be stiff but not to the point that it’s overly hard and flaky. It can maintain your hair in place all day and since you can’t prevent a few stray hairs, all you have to do is spray water to your hands and run the palms of your hands to the hair to fix it and you’re all set.

Since it is water-based, there is no problem in washing it out and damaging your hair. A good shampoo will do the works in removing this pomade from your hair.

  • Contents/Ingredients

All ingredients came from a natural source that won’t harm the skin.

Wrap Up

Overall, this is a quality product that I can recommend especially if you’re the type of person that has difficulties in styling your hair. If you’re looking for that extra hold, your guy is Layrite super hold pomade.

Get out there and try it yourself!