Perfecting and Learning the Art of Shaving

How is it to shave like a man? In the first place, is there even a way to do that?   Shaving per se is not as simple as it appears to be. You don’t just pick up a razor, drag it across your face, and boom, the stubble is gone. It’s not like that. It’s not something that you should do as fast and as cheap as possible. Good shaving requires more than that. It requires more effort, persistence, and practicality.   And real men know just how to do that. They know how to exert effort and be patient and practical in whatever they do because they are well aware of the consequences of not doing things the proper way.

Shaving the Proper Way

  • Persistence
Real men are persistent, and therefore do not rush things. They shy away from dispensable shaving systems that give nothing but mediocre shaving, a mediocre shaving that uses too light to cut and blade reliant razors, which could aggravate the skin, leaving them further with cuts and burns.   Real men can’t simply rush things because they know that rushing leads to average outcomes. And they know that if they truly want a more than desirable result, it requires more time to do that. It requires patience. And shaving clamors for patience, for persistence.

  • Effort
proper shavingYes, we should keep things as simple as possible. And it’s true as well that, one of those things that must always be simplified is shaving. However, what’s going on today is that it was excessively simplified, missing out some numbers in the instruction table, which are still essential in proper shaving. And that’s when the problem arises.   Excessive simplicity is likewise a problem just as much as complicatedness is an issue. Yes, you can spare time in dull simplified shaving, which wears out easily, but then it can also cause you some problems such as rough spots and skin irritations, which can also cause you time that typical shaving systems claim to save you. Shaving like a man requires effort to improve.   You may fail in attaining your desired outcome at first, like when you make your own lather, but with added practice and effort, you can master the art of doing it the best possible way. Even after having shaved for a long time, you may still learn and learn something more about what you need to attain the best shave possible.

  • Practicality

When we speak of practicality, it is in the sense that you save some time without sacrificing efficiency and quality. Just take for instance the way you put lather on your face. Utilizing your mere hands or fingers are never enough, you need a brush, as Adam Penstein, the chief dermatologist of North Shore-LIJ Health System, puts it.
Using a good brush, a badger hair brush, preferably, would make it easier for you to push the cream into the hair with no sweat. Also, there’s no need to use multi-blade razors. One is already sufficient. And what is important is that it is sharp enough to cut through the hair. So, that’s what you can call real practicality. You take into consideration time without sacrificing performance and functionality. That is what it means to shave like a real man.