How to Make A Water-Based Pomade

pomade can be very expensivePomade is a great product that is used to style your hair. Without drying the hair out, it gives a slick, shiny appearance that doesn’t allow the hair to get frizzy. Unlike other most hair care products, it lasts quite a long time. In most cases, it takes more than one wash to remove it.

Pomade is very useful for some people, but like most things, it can get expensive. A typical 4 ounce tin of pomade can cost anywhere from 12 to 25 dollars! It usually would last around two months for someone using it on a regular basis. That means a person could spend $150 a year on this!

Like most things, there is always the alternative of making it yourself. Even the “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll“, Elvis Presley was reported to have been concocting his own pomade during his time.

While one may assume it would be difficult, it actually is quite simple if you have the right ingredients. Continue reading to find out how you can save major money by making your own pomade.

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Easy DIY pomade

To make pomade, you will need the following things. If you don’t already have them, they are all relatively inexpensive, and once you have it, it can be used over and over again!

  •  8 tablespoons of coconut
  •  2 tablespoons of beeswax
  •  8 drops of essential oil
  •  2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin
  •  A double broiler
  •  A sterilized storage tin
  •  A plastic spoon (a wooden spoon will work fine!)

Make sure you have enough free time to finishOnce you have all the ingredients, it’s time to get to work! Make sure you have enough free time to finish. You can expect it to take 3-4 hours for the whole process. You don’t have to pay attention to it the whole time, but it does take a good amount of time.

  1. The first step is to add the 2 tablespoons of beeswax and add it to the boiler. Heat the beeswax until it starts to melt. Make sure to stir it to make sure it stays workable. Remember, whenever you have the heat on you must pay extra attention and be sure not to leave it unattended to.
  2. Once the beeswax you added to the boiler starts to melt, you can begin adding the other ingredients. Slowly, while continuing to stir, add the vegetable glycerin, essential oils, and coconut oil to the boiler. Stir until it is all mixed together evenly.
  3. Once you have mixed it evenly, you can begin to take it off the heat. Put your new pomade mixture into the storage tin you have ready. Remember, it is going to be extremely hot!
  4. There are many things that will be suitable to use for the storage tin. I recommend candle tins. They work great and are very inexpensive. You probably have some lying around your house right now! You can also use lip balm jars, tobacco tins, or any other cosmetic container that has a lid. Once you have your mixture in the container of your choice, let it sit for a few hours.
  5. Now that it has sat for a few hours, go check on your homemade hair pomade. If you can be patient, it is best to leave the pomade overnight. When you wake up the next day, the pomade should be ready for you!

NOTE: If you are in a big hurry, you can put the mixture in the fridge to cool off faster. This may make the pomade set unevenly, so I do not recommend it. Also, if you have extremely dry hair, consider a replacement for the coconut oil. I have found that both olive oils work great. You can also use canola, peanut, or avocado oil as well.

DIY water pomade

If water-based pomade is what you desire, that’s ok too! This is what you will need.

  • flaxseeds ¼ cup whole flaxseeds
  •  2 cups of water
  •  2 tablespoons of honey
  •  2 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil
  •  2 drops of essential oil
  •  Storage container
  •  Strainer
  •  Cooking pot
  1. Just like before, start out boiling. This time, place the water and the flaxseeds into the pot. Boil it until you see the formation of gel starting. Once you see this, you can take it off the heat.
  2. Next, sort out the flaxseeds from the mixture. You do this by pouring it into the strainer. You can throw away the flaxseeds at this point, as you are finished with them.
  3. Next, add all of the oils to the mixture. Follow that with the honey. You will want to do this as fast as possible while it is still hot. If you are having trouble mixing it, you can again add it to the heat.
  4. Once you have it fully mixed, pour the hot pomade into the storage tin of your choice and allow it to cool. You have just created an easy and affordable alternative to your hair pomade!

NOTE: If you follow these recipes, you are on your way to making homemade hair pomade. You will be saving a lot of money, as well as having the satisfaction of knowing what you are using is all natural!

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