Proraso Shaving Soap: 2020 Review and Verdict

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Proraso shaving soap is definitely a standout. It was able to fill up what some other shaving soaps were lacking. This Italian made soap has a relatively long lifespan and is even less expensive than most shaving creams and gels out there. Moreover, its exemplary eucalyptus and menthol scent is amazingly soothing. We’d delve deeper on that as we go.

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Features and Specifications

  • Longer Lifespan

Typically, shaving soaps contain 2.5 ounces of their product. But what makes Proraso shaving soap different is that it is available in an ounce double to that of the typical shaving soaps we see. It contains 5 ounces, at least, which can last for up to six months.

In the short run, the price might seem pricey for you, but in the long run, you’ll realize that you’re actually saving more. Just buy 2 two Prorasos, which can cost you at least $20, and it can already last for a year, as compared to buying the typical 2.5 ounce shaving soaps, which can cost you $8 per piece. And for it to last for a year, you need four, so that might cost you at least $32. So, you can actually save more money when you use Proraso shaving soap.

  • Menthol and Eucalyptus scent

Proraso is most notable for its classic Green Proraso option, whose scent is Eucalyptus and menthol, that gives a feel a good soothing sensation when you apply it. You’ll leave your room feeling comfortable and refreshed. Some consumers might find the Eucalyptus to be kind of overwhelming, but whether or not you’d like the scent is a matter of choice, really. There are those who absolutely loved the eucalyptus feel Proraso gives.

Moreover, both of these also provide essential benefits. Eucalyptus has the natural capability to tone the skin and tighten the skin pores, which results in a healthier, younger looking skin. The added menthol accentuates this capability

  • Skin friendly feature

Proraso is well known for its Classic, green shaving soap, the one that comes with a smell of Eucalyptus and menthol. But it is also available in white and red, where the red one is ideal if you want a better moisturization and nourishment. On the other hand, the white one is ideal for people with sensitive skin. So, it really has a skin friendly feature. Aside from this, it does not contain any silicon or mineral oils.

  • Makes a thick, dense lather

Most shaving soaps available in the market today are rather solid, but not Proraso, as it resembles the shaving cream in its texture, though it’s still a shaving soap. The lather you’d be able is quite hard to build at first, but with the added effort, you surely would be able to make a decent abundant lather for your shaving experience.

The finished lather is also quite dense, which enables you to fill up the space within your facial hairs for an ultimate absorption. It enables the razor to glide over with much ease. For a better outcome, just let the lather sit for at least two minutes.

What Customers are Saying

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There were few consumers who complain about the product drying out after several tries, but there were those who never encountered that. Just always make sure that the lid is tightly screwed after use, most especially if the climate is dry because it would allow the moisture to escape, further tarnishing the effectivity of the soap.

Also, it is perhaps because they are unaware of how to work with a shaving soap that comes in a tub. The solution is to add a few droplets of water, and then mix it thoroughly for 30 seconds at least, preferably with the help of a badger brush. By doing so, you can maximize the full performance of Proraso. The badger brush lets you even out the lather as you apply it across you face.

In general, the consumers were satisfied. They were able to attain a softer facial hair, which made it easier for the razor to cut through it. They also love its subtle, pleasant smell that is a combination of eucalyptus and menthol. It’s like smelling a real eucalyptus leaf. Moreover, the tub also lasts longer. And given that Proraso is a whipped soap, there’s no need to use a mixing cup. You can lather up right in the tub.

If, however, you use the product, and it results in discomforting irritations or allergies, you should stop using it. Perhaps, you are allergic to some of the ingredients of this product. To be sure, visit the dermatologist as soon as possible.


All in all, if you are after a shaving soap that has a longer lifespan, is available in different scents, offers a skin friendly feature, and makes a thick, dense lather, Proraso shaving soap can give you just that. It is definitely a must have for virtually all types of skin. I highly recommend this product.

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