Is It Okay to Sleep With Hair Rollers On?

We’ve all been dreaming of waking up with gorgeous curls, that’s why women sleep in with their hair rollers and leave it to do the magic overnight. Using a hair roller is one of the safest ways to style your hair. It doesn’t require heat but can make wonders to your hair. 

What’s Causing Breakage?

Heat is the main cause of hair damage and breakage. It can cause the hair’s cuticles to break which can lead to brittleness and breakage. Denaturing also occurs because it damages the protein of the hair during heat styling.

It is difficult to regain the moisture that the hair loss due to heat. This is because the cuticles that protect the hair cracks and lose its protective quality. Frequent heat styling can cause the hair to be weak, dry, and damaged.

How Does Hair Rollers work?

Hair rollers work by applying tension in curling your hair. If your hair is fine and fragile, it can cause hair breakage. What’s even worse is that it can even lead to hair loss when it is used too tightly. 

Moreover, sleeping with any hair accessory can weaken the hair strands and break the roots. Your hair strands will be thinned out especially when you toss and turn while you sleep.

How to Use Rollers the Right Way

Let us help you achieve your bouncy curls. Here’ are some effective ways on how to do it without damaging your hair. 

Type of Rollers

There are different types of hair rollers that are categorized from hard and soft types. If you are choosing a type that you can use to sleep in, you must pick a soft mesh covered hair roller or sponge satin-covered rollers. And always remember to use this with caution. 

Satin Rollers

We find that satin rollers are the safest to use. However, it will be a bit difficult to curl your hair with it because it is slippery. Sponge rollers are also fine, but it can also cause damage because it can dry your hair out.

Hard Rollers

Remember to avoid using hard rollers. Aside from it being uncomfortable to wear, it can also pull your hair off when you toss and turn while sleeping. A lot of women experienced waking up with thick hair strands stuck on their rollers. You should also avoid using Velcro types. This is because these types are sticky and they can pull your hair from the roots. It is also made of wires which can destroy your hair shaft.

Wrap It Up

In conclusion, using a hair roller to sleep can damage your hair. However, if you choose the right type, you can successfully wake up with gorgeous curls without incurring hair breakage.

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