Things You Need to Remember Before Shaving

Shaving is not as simple as it seems. There are things you must take heed of to attain the close, clean shave that you wish to have.

Now, to help you with that, we have summarized some of the essential points you must take note of when shaving. Here are some of those:

Shave After A Shower

after showeringThe most ideal time to shave is after showering as it prepares the skin prior to shaving. Showering not only cleanses our skin from pollutants, excess oil, and dead skin cells; but also, it helps in softening the hair follicles, further making it easier for the blade to cleanly cut through the hair. Moreover, the less pulling and tugging on the root due to the ease of shaving the hair also contributes to the lesser tendency for skin irritation to happen.

Invest in The Right Tools

Of course, shaving at the right time is not enough, you must also be equipped with the right tools, which you need to attain the shave you wanted. Shaving creams or gels, essentially, allows for a less irritating save. Much like shaving after a shower, the use of such products not only softens but also lifts the hair, enabling you to have a smooth shave free of any pervading irritation.

Also does it enhance the moisture of your skin enabling the razor to effortlessly glide through the skin. Aside from shaving gels or creams, also is it necessary to invest on the appropriate razor for your shaving needs. Pick a razor that can give you optimum shave. You must at least be knowledgeable of what type of razor you must use, that can satisfy all the essentialities you need for a razor. And lastly, you must have a good shaving brush. When it comes to shaving rushes, regardless of the type you utilize, you almost always get what you pay for. Don’t settle for anything too cheap.

All in all, these tools and products might cause you some bucks, but it can vehemently make a difference.

Don’t Go against The Grain

By not going against the grain, it means that you must not shave against the direction of your hair growth, so to speak, you must find out which way your hairs are growing. Yes, going against the grain may allow you to have a close shave, but at the same time, it can be pretty harmful. It may pull the hair away from your skin, just to cut it closer, which may only heighten the tendency of you having ingrown hairs, and, also, may cause you razor bumps. So, go with the grain, always. But how do you do find out which way your hairs are growing, then?

It’s actually simple. Try running your hand or fingers across your beard, or wherever you want to shave. Now, if you feel some resistance, then that’s when you know you’re going against the grain. So, when shaving, look for the part that gives you least resistance. That’s the direction you must follow.

So, in general, these are the essential things you must remember when shaving. These might cause you some added effort and added cost, but these are all worth it, most especially if you want to prevent unnecessary things to happen, which might cause you even greater bucks.

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