Best Inexpensive Flat Iron -Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2022

Flat irons are a very popular hair care tool among women today, as it allows women to do at home what previously had to be done in a salon. Straightening of hair is now a run-of-the-mill task made super easy by the flat iron.

It is cheaper than visiting a salon – even a high-end, expensive flat iron is just a one-time investment that works out cheaper than regular salon visits in the long run – and it is much less time-consuming. But what if you do not want to spend a bomb even on a one-time investment like an expensive flat iron?

Let’s face it - straightening your hair is not rocket science. And while it is not wrong or stupid to buy an expensive one, it is definitely not necessary. There are plenty of hair straighteners at low price points that can do the job just as well as their more expensive brethren.

All it takes is the correct implementation of the right technology and you’re good to go. In this article, we talk about the best flat irons for a low budget.

After reviewing all the top rated flat irons for a tight budget available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

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Our Top 7 Picks of the Best Affordable Flat Irons Reviewed

1. Infiniti Pro by Conair - Quick Styling

This Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron has extra long plates and one and a quarter inch of floating plate which aids in handling or controlling while styling for quicker styling. It gets rid of frizz and flyaway hairs and protects from hair damage to give smooth and shiny results that stay for 24 hours. Also comes with a real ceramic heater that heats up in 15 seconds distributes heat evenly. Lastly, it protects your locks from humidity, has 30 heat settings and an automatic switch-off function to prevent fire hazards.

People who bought this product found that it was very effective on curly hair as well as ironing short hair. It is durable and has given many satisfied customers results that are better than their previous flat irons, which were double and sometimes even triple the cost.

A few buyers of this product said that the plates do are not perfectly parallel, meaning that they do not press down on the hair evenly. This results in the hair not being straightened, and instead just being pulled at over and over again. This seems to be a case of one defective product in this line, and not an issue with all of them.

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2. Xtava - Ideal for Travel

This flat iron comes with one-inch titanium plates infused with rapid heat technology that heats up the iron in less than 60 seconds. It has three heat setting for various hair types, a nine-foot-long swivel cord, and a 60-minute automatic shut-off function. The plates have rounded edges to make it easier to style the hair. It also has universal dual voltage and comes with a travel case for those that are regularly on the go.

Buyers of this product said that it is a very effective straightening tool that can straighten even the curliest of hair in one single pass. It is even used as a personal straightening iron by a few licensed cosmetologists, making it a highly recommended option. It also offers amazing value for money compared to flat irons in higher price ranges.

A few detractors claim that this flat iron does not clasp the hair properly causing it to slip right through instead of becoming straight. This seems to be an isolated problem that does not characterize the entire line.

3. MHU Professional - Professional

This product has one-inch plates that are smooth throughout, making them an easy fix for all hair types and lengths. It has edges that are contoured for curls and waves, and a high-shine, salon finish. Also comes with three heat settings, including a low temperature for fine or damaged hair. This product emits negative ions to seal the hair shafts and lock in moisture and color. The sleep mode feature is something to consider because it prevents incidence of fire.

Those who bought this product were very pleased with the results it gave on both thin hair and thick hair. It did its magic in a matter of minutes and the style lasted all day. It is also an excellent remedy for frizzy hair even in highly humid conditions. It also heats up very quickly.

A few people claimed that it did not work at all on their hair. This may happen to some as everyone has a different hair type, and many other factors may be at play for this product not to work. Overall, we have found this product to be of excellent quality, not to be overlooked too easily. Maybe testing it at a salon would help determine if it is a good match for your hair.

4. Herstyler SuperStyler Onyx - Adjustable

This straightening iron is made of solid ceramic plates that can straighten or curl your hair into a variety of different styles. It is built with negative ion and infrared technology to combat frizz and hair damage. It is a compact and lightweight flat iron, making it an excellent traveling companion, and it has a 360-degree swivel cord to prevent tangles.

Those who bought this flat iron found it to be a very effective tool especially when it came to straightening curly hair. It is also an excellent deal, offering high-quality results for a relatively low price, which makes it a better option than those flat irons that are exorbitantly expensive. It is also very durable, allowing you to use it on a daily basis.

Some critics of this product claimed that it damages the hair while making passes, but this seems to be a case of a few bad apples making it out of the company. This product line is legitimately high quality and you should test the product for yourself before buying.

5. Remington S9500PP - Easy Glide

This snazzy hair straightener has extra long one-inch ceramic plates. It gives smooth and beautiful styles to even the most unruly hair types. This flat iron offers salon like heat of 450 degrees plus a turbo boost to set your style in place.

It takes only 30 seconds to heat up and has an automatic switch-off function. It also comes with a full-length power cord that enables you to style your hair at any angle.

This product has been a blessing for many people who have a hard time dealing with their hair, especially those that have thin and damaged hair. It heats up super fast for those super busy times like moving between houses or taking care of kids. It gives salon like results in minutes and gets rid of frizz and static.

A few detractors say that the iron stopped working after a couple of months. This is a case of a few defective irons making it out into the market. The line itself is legitimately high quality and these irons are very durable. 

Problem like this can be resolved through returns or warranty coverage.

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6. Revlon - Fast Heat Up

This product has one-inch plates that are slim for ultra-straight styles. It heats up to a maximum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit for super fast results.

It has silicone finger grips to prevent the iron from slipping around while you style your hair. And it heats up really fast for your convenience.

People who bought this product found that it heats up very fast and straightens their hair in minutes. It is also very portable. An excellent choice for those who like to travel a lot or have to travel very often for work.

Above all, it leaves the hair absolutely straight and silky. Also, for a slightly small flat iron, it seems to work well even on longer hair.

A few people say that this product has not enough heat settings. That can cause a problem for hair that is either really thin or really thick.

However, it is also a problem that can be avoided by testing the product for yourself. Go to a store or at a salon if they have it. 

7. Conair - Less Damage

This sleek hair straightener is made of ceramic. It evenly distribute heat and as a result, a gentler effect on the hair. It has a floating plate for better contact and super straight results.

Comes with a turbo heat function and 25 different heat settings for any hair type and various styles. It heats up to a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 seconds for your convenience. Also, it has dual voltage functionality for all the globetrotters.

Buyers of this product love the ease with which they were able to use it – the controls are extremely intuitive. It is very durable for those who use it on a daily basis.

It is also popular with women who have very long and curly hair. All in all, it gives great value for money compared to more expensive flat irons.

Some critics of this flat iron say that the plates don’t touch except at the end. This causes most of the hair to slide out without being straight. But sounds like a defective product.

Problems like this can be avoided by reading the manual, warranty coverage and Return policy.

How to Choose an Inexpensive Flat Iron

Consider Hair Type

When you are shopping for a flat iron, you will need to take your hair type into account. Hair that is thin or fine will get damaged easily, so it would be best to avoid straighteners that have only one heat setting.

Heat Setting

Multiple heat settings will allow you to use a lower temperature, which is often enough to straighten fine hair.

Ceramic Plate

A ceramic plated flat iron is the best bet for fine hair. Ceramic is great for smoothing out hair and reducing frizz. They also control the heat better, hold it for longer and evenly distribute it through the hair.

Special note for thick hair types:

  • For thick hair, it would be wise to choose a flat iron that is capable of reaching higher temperatures. This will enable you to straighten your hair in one or two strokes.
  • If you have thick hair, then a lower temperature setting will force you to make multiple passes over the same section of hair, increasing the chances of damaging the cuticles.
  • Titanium is a good material for thicker hair types. It heats up quickly and keeps the heat consistent, which helps straighten hair faster in a matter of one or two passes.

Different Types of Flat Iron

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Ceramic Flat Iron

When it comes to cost or price is known as the most economical type of flat iron. This flat iron adopts the ionic technology wherein when plugged in, the electric ions produce negative ions that work to neutralize the positive ions in the hair and seal the cuticles producing shiny frizz-free hair.

It is available in two types and when making a purchase it is important to check out these types before buying.

Ceramic-Coated Flat Iron

  • It has a coating underneath but does not live up to the functionality of a true ceramic flat iron. The coated iron has a smooth and shiny look, but with a different heat distribution setting. The coating gets heated very fast but then, loses the heat faster compared to a true ceramic plate.

Ceramic Flat Iron

  • It takes a bit longer to heat up and retains its heat longer. It also has a high range of heating options or temperature control settings. A very important feature is having its smooth plates, which acts as a detangler when used to iron your hair. It is also very durable and effective, which is very good for people with fine hair and those with straight to curly/wavy hair.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

These are quite expensive because of the tourmaline coating in them. Tourmaline is a gemstone made up of boron-silicate prismatic crystals crushed into fine powder and added to the flat iron.

These crystals help in making the hair cuticle smoother by means of emitting negative ions to counteract the positive ions that occur when the hair is dull and damaged, thus, preventing further damage to the hair.

With this technology, the tourmaline flat iron provides the advantage of achieving your desired look with just one stroke.

It is a real deal to have this tool because it can reduce your chance of exposing your hair to extreme heat which is the real culprit of damaged or dry hair.

Also, the tourmaline flat iron is composed of two smooth shiny plates that are less damaging and can work best on fine to naturally curly hair.

Titanium Flat Irons

These falt irons are credited for having the best level of flatness which is best used for curly hair. Titanium, which is used in this flat irons are lightweight with a wide variety of settings and heating options.

Titanium flat irons can heat up immediately and can retain or maintain the heat for a long time. The special feature of Titanium is it can withstand very high heat temperatures without causing corrosion. This is best used for people who have thick, straight relaxed hair or very coarse hair that use flat irons daily to straighten their hair.

If you have problems with split ends, this is the best option to choose because of its ability to transfer heat in a very controlled manner. This would work in favor of those who don’t visit hairdressers regularly to have their hair ends trimmed.

Teflon Coated Flat Irons

They also exist in the market. They, however, are not popular because just as in pots and pans, Teflon can flake off on your hair. Teflon is however appreciated for the fact that they produce steam that minimizes heat damage to hair.

Metal and Glass Irons

These kinds also remain unpopular due to their low quality mainly because of uncontrolled heat spikes and fragile nature. They are more likely to burn the hair due to its poor heating options.

So with this thorough knowledge about the types of flat irons, still the question remains… what effects do flat irons have on your hair?

According to recent research, heat straightening can damage the hair when used excessively and incorrectly.

The heat from the flat iron can burn the hair literally. The hair shaft is fragile, which is made up of two layers, the outer coating, and inner core.

Excessive heat would damage both layers of the hair by depleting them of their natural moisture resulting in dull, dry, brittle hair that would eventually lead to breakage.

NOTE: Hair should be dried completely before using a heat styling tool. When wet hair is styled and heated, it is more likely to break since it is more brittle and inelastic. It is advisable to prepare your hair before styling using a heat protectant or a thermal protection to minimize hair damage. Usage of heat styling tools should also be minimized to at least once or twice a week.


If you are looking for a straightener that offers the best value for money, then this list is the best place to start. Whatever your hair type may be, we are absolutely certain that you will find a flat iron that is perfect for you on this list.

If you are still in doubt about which one to try out first, then might we suggest the Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. It seems to be the most popular among reviewers and looks good too! So go get yourself a flat iron and glam up those locks!