2019 Reviews & Ratings- The Best Pomades for Asian Hair

Pomade for asian hair

Men focus on two things when it comes to looking good, great wardrobe and even better hair.

And that’s not all…

With the plethora of hair products that exist in the market, it is difficult to find one that suits all hair types.

For Asian hair, finding the right type of product that can maintain volume is next to impossible. This is where pomade comes in.

Why does this matter?

Gel, mousse, wax, and pomade have been around and serve different purposes. Pomades are products that evolved over time. It has meet the ever changing demands of its consumers and suit about any hair type.

The biggest challenge then becomes what kind of pomade is best suited for you.

Below we will discuss a few great products that work well for Asian black hair. But before that let’s tackle the elephant in the room: The Pomade Myth.

What’s the real story?

The Pomade Myth: Pomade is terrible for your mane. The fact of the matter is that pomade has evolved as a product.

In the past, the only type of pomade that was available was petroleum based. This was not great for hair as it got stuck in your follicles and was very difficult to wash off. Even when it was washed off it would leave a feeling of dullness and dryness on your hair.

Although the product has evolved since then and is available in water soluble formula, other types like the wax based pomade made its negative perception on active users in the past.

How about other hair products?

While gel has been the go to product for a long time it is now apparent that it has shortcomings. Although it is great for maintaining difficult hairstyles, but the downside is, you cannot change your style throughout the day.

And for pomades?

Pomades have evolved into products that are not only great for hair but also allow users to change their hairstyles as many times as they like!

The question then becomes not whether pomade should be used but what type is suitable for your hair, especially those with Asian hair that is difficult to maintain and keep in place. This article will help answer what kind of pomade is best suited for your needs.

In this article, we will talk about how these pomades work, how they are beneficial to you, and we will list a few of our favorite ones and tell you why we think they are the best in the market.

Our Top 9 Best Asian Hair Pomades

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Image of Layrite Super Hold Pomade
best price cta
Layrite PomadeEditor's Choice
Image of Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold
best price cta
Image of Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 
best price cta
Image of Smooth Viking Pomade
best price cta
Smooth Viking8/10
Image of Rhett and Link's Mythical Pomade
best price cta
Rhett and Link's8/10
Image of Black and White Pomade
best price cta
Black and White7/10
Image of AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade Classic 
best price cta
Image of Old Spice Spiffy Men’s Sculpting Pomade 
best price cta
Old Spice6/10
Image of American Crew Pomade
best price cta
American Crew5/10


1. Layrite Super Hold Pomade

Layrite is a high hold, super shine and water soluble product that can control even the curliest and thickest of hair. The best part is that you can control the strength of the hold and sheen by drying your hair to the desired amount.

Note: It has the strongest hold when used on dry hair. And the best part? It holds like wax and washes out like gel!

Many users found that with longer durations, Layrite helps hair sit better. It is perfect for thick Asian hair and although it is a lower shine product, it is perfect if you are looking for something traditional. It also washes off on your hands and mane immediately.

Image of Layrite Super Hold Pomade

Read Layrite Superhold Pomade review here

2. Suavetico Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold

This product is best for hairstyles like slick backs and side parts.

Quick tip: If you have manageable hair, maybe medium hold Original hold pomade is the way to go!

Suavecito is a strong hold and water soluble product which can be washed very easily and doesn’t need any special shampoos. It leaves the hair feeling fresh and clean after each wash. There are no chemicals used that could harm your scalp. It adds a radiant shine to the hair.

Note: For more shine effect apply to wet hair and for less shine apply to dry hair.

For most customers, its best feature is its smell! It is not overpowering and it has a strong hold. It is also reasonably priced compared to other pomades.

Image of Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold

Read the full review of the Suavecito pomade here.

3. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

This is a water soluble, medium/strong hold product with a medium shine. It’s vanilla and coconut scent and unique formula have its consumers lining up for more. It washes out easily and doesn’t leave any residue.

Uppercut has a thick gel like consistency which helps give hair definition but without the weight of traditional pomade.

Many customers found that it works best on slightly dry hair. It is flake free and does not irritate the scalp. Moreover, the look isn’t greasy and is easy to comb through. Using a little keeps you going for the day. It has great hold, good workability and a pleasant aroma that doesn’t linger too long.

Image of Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 

4. Smooth Viking

A water- based hair styling agent that gives all types of hair an additional boost. This is hands down one of the top styling products out there. Simply apply a small amount, style it and voila! You are done for the rest of the day.

Tip: If you are looking for a strong look with natural volume, apply a small amount on dry hair. In case you are looking for a slicker sleeker look, dampen your hair and it will create a greater shine.

How much you apply depends on your type of hair. It has a great scent and many customers found Smooth Viking a great size to its price ratio.

Smooth Viking

5. Rhett and Link's Mythical Pomade

Rhett’s product has taken the time and care to add nutrients that work well for hair. It has Jojoba, Organic Argan Oil which conditions hair with vitamins and Omega fatty acids. Many salons use it as it leaves the hair soft and not crunchy.

It is a medium hold matte product that gives great volume and also conditions hair. Customers love the fact that it is easy to apply. The natural look makes the product all the more fun to use.

Image of Rhett and Link's Mythical Pomade

6. Black and White Pomade

This is a product for those on a budget who are looking for cool hairstyles. The product smells great without being too overpowering. It is lightly scented with coconut oil and was mentioned by ‘In Style’ magazine as the ‘best natural groomer’. It works well for both men and women and it doesn’t hurt that it was a number one product in Hollywood, bought by celebrities of TV and movies.

Tip: For maximum volume and control, massage it through your roots.

Many consumers use Black and White for pumps and Asian slick back hair but even those looking for a bit of control and texture find it to work perfectly.

Image of Black and White Pomade

7. AXE Pomade Classic

Axe pomade is a strong hold, shine enhancing product suitable for all hair types. It helps refine your hair and create a variety of looks from retro to modern.

It is best for men with short and mid-length hairstyles. It’s specifically made for those with unruly hair and aims to combat the daily poof, leaving your mane polished and not wet.

Tip: Use a fingertip amount and mix with your fingers. Then rake it through your locks and use a comb to create the perfect look.

Customers love it because of its natural feel and great definition. The shine helps it look fresh for the whole day!

Image of AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade Classic 

8. Old Spice

This is perfect for those looking for a moderate hold, matte finish and a clean cut look. For those of you who are familiar with Old Spice advertisements, you know exactly the kind of product this must be. This brand is perfect for someone looking for a polished and natural look they can carry with confidence and style.

While at first use it seems like Old Spice doesn’t hold well because it makes the hair so soft, the look actually holds throughout the day. This product is especially great for short, thick hair and is reasonably priced.

Image of Old Spice Spiffy Men’s Sculpting Pomade 

9. American Crew Pomade

This product is ideal for slicking hair back. It creates high hold and shine that lasts through the day.

All you need is a small dab and it’s enough to recreate any look. Works best for thick hair and is not harmful at all. Even an ordinary look can be made extraordinary with this classic piece. Whether it is morning or night, American Crew keeps the mane fresh and shiny. It is reasonably priced and perfect for those looking for a more traditional look. It has a strong, clean and masculine scent.

Since it is water based it is very easy to remove, easy to clean and does not leave a residue.

Image of American Crew Pomade

The Pomade Guidebook

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    Natural or synthetic?

During The King of Rock’N Roll (Elvis Presley) days…

Pomade was used as a moisturizer which was applied on both the hair and scalp. This prevent moisture on the hair as the petroleum molecules was too large to penetrate the shaft. This molecule barrier caused breakage as well as dryness. It also require several washes with sulfate shampoo which strips off the cuticle (the hair’s outer covering) and its lipid protective layer. Excessive shampooing would lead to… loss of natural oils, causing more weakness and dryness.

In today’s hair product advancement…

Modern day pomade has replaced petroleum jelly with natural oils, light waxes, and soft butter. These new bases are much lighter and easier to wash off with softer surfactants or even surfactant free shampoo. Pomade can now be removed with just one wash.

To keep up with consumers and their need for responsible products, pomades have newer bases that can be both organic and vegan. Such bases don’t have any chemical processes or refinement.

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    What's the big difference?

The emollient in the modern day pomade can soften even the middle layer of the hair which is the source of its strength. Lack of petrolatum, mineral oil and parabens make these newer products healthier for both your mane and body.

New formulated pomades are made with essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, bergamot, nettle and ylang ylang (proven to grow hair). These nutrients are usually coupled with carrier oils such as emu, jojoba, avocado and Ayurvedic oils.

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    Pomade / Mousse or Gel?

The gel is the best maximum hold product as it hardens the hair to create a ‘wet look’. This means you could go sky diving and return to the ground with perfect looking hair. It washes out easily with water plus you can do certain types of odd hairstyles with it.

Gel works best for guys with thin or fine hair as it creates texture and makes hair thicker. The gel is also easy to wash out and doesn’t clog pores in case you have sensitive or acne prone skin. However, the gel has a reputation for causing flakes on the hair making it very inconvenient to use.


Although very popular in the 80’s, mousse has slowly lost its popularity. The reason for that is that the hold isn’t great and the dried product creates a crunchy unnatural look.


Pomade is flake free and comes in varieties: water and oil based. Water based means that the product is water soluble and washes out easily while oil based is made from greasy ingredients like beeswax which don’t wash out easily.

Unlike gels, pomades don’t harden the hair so it is easy to try different styles throughout the day. Depending on the product, pomades provide light to strong hold and a characteristic shine.

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    Level of Shine

Wax based pomade tend to have more shine than water based pomade. This is great for modern slick back looks but not as great for different styles.

If the product isn’t washed out after a couple of days it could look greasy but once it’s washed out, lighter pomades can be used. Some brands even have extra shine versions available.

Bottom line is that there are so many options available, some products will work better than others depending on your hair type. The only way to find out is to go out into the market and try some.

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    Holding Strength

This also depends on the type of pomade that you use. For almost all pomade brands there are soft hold and extra hold versions.

There is also a difference on whether the pomade base used was oil, wax or water based. The water based pomade is lighter and works well to create volume and lift. Oil products are heavier so they make the hair sit flatter.

Watch out!

Some pomades that have thick texture can clog pores if used excessively causing whiteheads, blackheads and sometimes acne.

This is possible with oil based pomades that are occlusive to the skin and prevent the release of sebum from hair follicles.The solution to this is to use water based pomades instead which are thinner and unlikely to cause breakouts.

How much pomade do I need to use in order to create the right look? Warm up a dime sized amount and then work it through your hair in the style you want.

Tip: For more shine and less hold apply it when your hair is wet and for less shine and more hold, apply it when your hair is dry.

Advantages of Using Pomade

1.  Creates a fresher look

Everybody wants a look that’s easy to maintain but doesn’t look greasy and unnatural. Pomade makes that possible. Whether you want a look that is slicked back or casual, pomades can make any type of hair style look natural without letting it lose its shine.

Makes your hair stay in place2. Makes your hair stay in place

Pomade can let you maintain a hairdo for as long as a day.

3. Makes hair shiny

Some pomades include ingredients such as castor, coconut and olive oils which add luster to your hair. Although pomades are not moisturizers, they can be used as sealants that lock moisture.

Believe it or not, pomade with sulfur when applied to the scalp can actually help grow your hair. Moreover, instead of using alcohol-laden hair sprays which dry the hair and damage it, you can use light pomade which does the same job but with no damage!

4. Works on all kinds of hair

The best part about pomades is its versatility. Whether your hair is thin, thick, curly or unruly, pomade can help you recreate just about any look under the sun.

Elvis hairstyle using pomades. Know what brand and other hair products he used here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    I have thick hair, will pomade work for me too?

Pomade works on all types of hair. It’s just about finding the right type for you. They range from mild hold to strong hold and also have a spectrum in terms of shine. It is one of the few products that don’t damage your mane and is suited to all needs.

Pomades are especially beneficial for thick and curly locks as they keep the hair intact while looking healthy. It also adds moisture and shine to dry, frizzy hair.

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    Is it easy to wash?

This depends entirely on the type of pomade you use for your hair. Oil based pomade is harder to take out than water based pomade. Today’s pomades are lighter, much less greasy and full of natural ingredients which protect your mane from damage and come out much more easily compared to the ones from the past.


So what are the benefits of using pomade?

Endless. While in the past pomade developed a negative image about themselves, over time newer pomade products have helped wipe the slate clean. With its versatility and benefits, these products can easily kick up a storm in the hair styling business.

Remember, if one type of brand doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean another won’t. It’s just about finding what’s right for your hair type. My personal favorites are Layrite and Smooth Viking depending on my mood.

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