Best Shaving Creams for Your Head – 2020 Reviewed

If you are in the habit of shaving your head or have decided to take the plunge for the first time, then read on to learn. This article about the best shaving creams found currently on the market are meant for the scalp.

There are two ways to maintain your baldness – either with a clipper or trimmer set to the lowest setting or with shaving cream and a razor. Anyone who has ever shaved will know that the latter provides a much closer shave than the former.

And if you go all the way and buy a good shaving cream, like one of the creams in this article, then you will not only look good, you will also feel a good post-shave.

Ingredients to Look For

Of course, you will be faced with challenges when looking for a shaving cream for the first time. Different creams contain different ingredients, and you normally never know if your skin will disagree with any of these ingredients or not. One shaving cream may dry out your scalp and cause flakiness, while another might trigger an allergic reaction.

This is why it is important to be well prepared before you decide on a shaving cream to use on your scalp.   After reviewing all the top shaving creams for head available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison table

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Image of HeadBlade HeadSlick
best price cta
HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave CreamEditor's Choice
Image of Beaux Noggins
best price cta
Beaux Noggins8/10
Image of Bee Bald Shave
best price cta
Bee Bald Shave7/10

Our Top 3 Shaving Creams for the Head Reviewed

1. HeadBlade HeadSlick - Water-soluble

As the name suggests, this quality shaving cream is designed for shaving the head. It contains menthol, which is an excellent painkiller that reduces the friction created while shaving.

Buyers of this shaving cream found that it provides an extremely smooth shave – some say that people constantly ask them how they manage to shave their head so close. How it doesn’t irritate the skin while shaving. This shaving cream contains a large amount of propylene glycol that reduces friction. It makes shaving with a razor blade easy.

It does not induce acne or leave the skin of the scalp oily or greasy. The consistency of this cream is also excellent, meaning that razors tend to last longer.

This product contains menthol, but the smell that comes with it dissipates fairly quickly. All in all, this shaving cream leaves the scalp moisturized and makes the morning routine of most head shavers much easier.

Some critics of this product complain that it doesn’t lather well. That it takes about half the bottle to get a good lather for one shave. An easy way to solve this is with a good shaving brush.

This cream is not the same as aerosol can shaving foam and needs a certain amount of effort to spread. If you use a decent shaving brush, then you will probably be able to avoid this hassle.

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2. Beaux Noggins - All Natural

This fresh minty product is a 2-in-1 conditioner and shave lotion. It contains peppermint oil and other vital plant oils and nutrients. It leaves the scalp moisturized. Also, it contains several vitamins and proteins that protect sensitive skin.

Customers who bought this product found that it is an excellent remedy for sensitive skin. It makes a great replacement for products that contain sulfates. .

It consequently reduces itching, discomfort, and pain caused by sensitivity to sulfate compounds. This cream provides a “minty fresh tickle” as it soaks in, and leaves the scalp feeling and smelling “minty fresh”.

Detractors of this product complain that it is somewhat pricey. But, considering that it is used as a conditioner and a shaving cream, we believe that it is a good buy.

3. Bee Bald Shave - Refreshing

This shaving cream is very light and slick. It provides an extremely smooth and quick shave. It can either be used on the head or on the face. Perfect for all skin types and with just a very small amount, it can go a long way.

People who bought this shaving cream said that it is very effective in providing a close shave. It doesn’t take that many strokes to achieve it. Little more than one pass is enough.

It reduces razor burn to almost zero, if not completely eradicating it when used as suggested. It does not sting when applied and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Its smell reminds one of the old school barbershops that used to be popular in the 50s and 60s.

Also, it does not lather too much and does not leave any kind of oily residue on the skin after use.   Some critics of this product complain that it actually increases the incidence of nicks and bumps.

However, this could be due to misuse of the product. A vast majority of customers found this product to do the exact opposite.  It can remove or at least greatly reduce the occurrence of nicks and bumps.

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Benefits of Shaving Your Head

We have already gone over the cost benefit of using a quality shaving cream. But why shave your head in the first place? For one thing, if you are going bald, i.e. suffering from male pattern baldness, then shaving your head is the classy thing to do. Yes, hair loss treatments are available and do work for some people, but even when they do work, it looks pretty obvious and not particularly appealing especially when seen from up close.

The bald look is also increasingly becoming associated with rugged manliness, as is well proven by celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Joe Rogan. Also, if you browse the internet for the best fighters in combat sports, you will see that a sizeable chunk of them are bald. With the rising popularity of mixed martial arts across the globe, you can be sure that baldness is no longer associated with impotence or weakness, but rather with virility and dominance.

How to Choose a Shaving Cream for
Your Head

shaving cream for head image

As we have mentioned above, choosing the right shaving cream for your head is not as simple as walking into a store and picking one off the shelf at random. You need to think about your hair type, and what your scalp needs for a smooth shave that does not result in irritation or an allergic reaction.


First off, you will want to check with your dermatologist on whether or not you have any skin allergies, especially to parabens and sulfates, as these chemicals are quite common in skin products, even if they are advertised as being “all natural”.

Parabens are actually the best preservatives to have in skin care products, as they are the least reactive to human skin, affecting far less than 1% of the population. As long as you don’t have any open wounds on your scalp or a skin disease such as eczema, you are probably okay to use a shaving cream that has parabens.

The allergic reaction caused by parabens is known as allergic contact dermatitis. Symptoms of this condition include dryness, itchiness, and swelling. You can get a patch test done by a dermatologist or an allergist, but know that this test is not particularly accurate.


Sulfates get a similarly bad rap. Their purpose is to lower the surface tension of water, creating that foaming effect that we all love. However, there is a very small percentage of people who are allergic to these compounds.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to sulfates include scalp itchiness and dry, cracked, itchy or flaky skin. These symptoms will be amplified by any skin condition that is already present such as eczema.

Artificial Fragrances

You should also look out for products that contain artificial fragrances. These are actually more likely to cause reactions on the scalp than parabens or sulfates, but they don’t get mentioned as much for an unknown reason.

The point is that artificial fragrance is unnecessary in the shaving cream that you use since there are products that are specifically meant to provide a scent. If you can avoid this feature, then avoid it. You can always apply an aftershave when you’re done shaving.


Another thing you will have to consider is the price. When you start to shave your head, you will obviously need to use a lot more shaving cream than you normally do when you shave just your face.

While the amount of shaving cream you will need to use on a daily basis cannot be reduced, there are things you can do to minimize the cost. It would seem evident that a cheaper shaving cream would be the obvious way to go, but this is not true.

A cheaper shaving cream is not as effective as a good one in exfoliating the skin and lifting the hair. This means that, with a cheaper shaving cream, you will have to make multiple passes to get a close shave.

If you spend a little more on a quality shaving cream, you will be able to get the close shave you desire in one pass, saving you money in the long run and time in the short run. In other words, investing in a good shaving cream is a win-win situation.


So if you are on the fence about shaving your head, then you should definitely at least give it a try with one of these shaving creams. Bald is the new black, as more and more men are embracing it, and using it to highlight their dominance in society.

Just remember to be aware of the ingredients in the shaving cream that you choose, and their possible interactions with your skin. You don’t want to shave your head and then have a bunch of nicks and bumps and spots on your scalp. Make sure you use your shaving cream as directed and you will come out of the experience feeling much better.

If you would like a suggestion to start with, then we recommend trying HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream. It provides a very smooth shave and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized to a degree that is not that common in regular shaving creams.

We hope you learned something from this article. Happy shopping!