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Before shaving creams or shaving gels, shaving soaps have always been the traditional product used to make a lather. Fundamentally, shaving soaps (best wet shaving soap) are preferred by a lot of people as it usually contain little to no chemicals and numbing agents as compared to its counterparts. And since it contains little to no chemicals and numbing agents, there’s a lesser tendency for bumps or any irritation to happen. Also, though it may seem hard for a beginner to make the perfect lather using a shaving soap, once perfected, it can give you a richer and slicker one. Indeed, a shaving soap (youcan aso try artisan shaving soap) is a must have, especially for those who have skin issues, a thicker beard, and just for people who gives much pride in the classic, traditional way of shaving their fathers and their grandfathers have been accustomed to. It’s hard to beat the good, classic, old fashioned way anyway.

As said previously, using a shaving soap (how to shave with soap and razor) requires greater effort to attain the desired final output. So, if ever you’re considering purchasing a shaving soap (you can also try Italian shaving soap), there are things that you should know to get the perfect product for your shaving needs. And to help enlighten you further, we have made an informative article that would synthesize everything you need to know about shaving soaps, specifically the benefits, buying considerations, and guidelines in picking the ones. In the latter part of the article, product reviews of some notable shaving soaps would likewise be presented. This is to further guide you in picking the right shaving soap for you to use, had you been considering to buy a new shaving soap. We hope this would help.

After reviewing all the top shaving soap available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.


Comparison Table

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Advantages of Using A Shaving Soap

Already mentioned earlier are some of the benefits of using shaving soaps. But there are even more benefits worth noting, and here are some of those:

  1. Skin friendly features
    This is not to say that other products are not skin friendly. It is just that, shaving soaps contain lesser chemicals and numbing agents, and therefore are less harmful to the skin. In fact, shaving soaps typically contain Aloe Vera, natural oils, and glycerin which are all good, natural moisturizing agents.
  2. Moisturizing Effect
    Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a shaving soap is its ability to provide an excellent moisturizing effect, better than its gel or cream counterparts. Shaving soaps are made from mostly natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, natural oils, and glycerin, which all help in softening the hair as well as in exfoliating the skin. Because of this excellent moisturizing effect of shaving soaps, shaving is made even more comfortable and safer. So, if ever you want to shave without worrying about having a dry skin, a shaving soap is recommendable.
  3. shavingGreat cushion
    If shaving creams are a great choice for those who ought to have a better protection from safety razors, it is shaving soaps that provide best great cushion. Though, it would take you a lot of hard work to attain your desired lather, once perfected, shaving soaps can provide a dense, slick, and stable lather. This well-built lather would then be able to help you suspend the beard as you apply it. Furthermore, being able to provide a great cushion, the lather you made from using a shaving soap enables the blade to glide across the skin without skipping any part. It’s even more stable enough to apply for multiple passes. That is also why several straight-razor users prefer shaving soaps over shaving creams. Just take note that shaving soaps are better when used with a shaving brush, specifically a badger shaving brush that is denser and has a stiffer feel to it. In that way, you’d get to maximize the shaving soap’s performance, letting you have a smooth, close shave.
  4. Availability in Innumerable Scents
    Shaving soaps are available in innumerable scents. Most men ought to have a masculine scented soap, just like Premium Shaving Soap for Men By Sir Hare. But there are also those who prefer neutral scented ones like Colonel Conk. And if you want, there are also citrus scented (e.g. William Mug), vanilla scented (e.g. Razarock), or mentholated versions (e.g. Proraso). But if you are up for more exotic ones, Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap offers avocado and grapefruit versions. That’s just how wide your choices would be. Good thing that more and more scents are being developed today.

Some Considerations Before Buying

Truly, shaving soaps provide lots of benefits. However, just like when you buy other products, there were also some considerations or guidelines you must take note of for you to effectively pick the perfect shaving soap for you to use. Here are some of those:

  1. Type of Shaving Soap
    When you buy a shaving soap, you might encounter shaving soaps that are triple milled or glycerine-based, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Once you go to the store, or anywhere you could buy a shaving soap, it can sometimes get confusing to pick because of the wide array of choices when it comes to type. Now to help you with that, we are to enumerate the major difference of these two, and it’s up to you to decide what type you prefer the most. So, triple-milled soaps (hard soap) are actually harder. That’s also why an extra effort is needed in creating your desired lather. And being harder as well, you get to have a product that lasts a bit longer than the softer soaps out there. If there is one problem about this one, it is quite expensive. But it’s worth the price because you can definitely get a few months of use out of a single triple milled shaving soap. Not only that, it smells better and makes an excellent lather.One the other hand, if you want a less expensive shaving soap, glycerine-based ones are recommendable. It’s good for those who have a skin that dries out easily. We know that the main function of a shaving soap is to soften the beard as well to lubricate the face, but it can also give you more than that, as it comes with some health benefits. Glycerin is one of the key ingredients responsible for attracting and maintaining moisture in the skin. Also, it promotes better skin health by enabling a healthy cell growth, which leads to a healthier looking and feeling skin. If there is a problem with glycerin based soaps, it is that it helps you make a good lather, but not as great as hard-milled or triple-milled soaps.
  2. Price
    Price must have been one of the major buying considerations when buying a shaving soap, since, of course, it is essential that the price goes within your allotted budget. When it comes to shaving soaps, however, how much you pay often depends on the brand. Just take note that it’s not really that you’re buying the brand, it’s that you’re buying its quality. They wouldn’t have been there long had they been offering less than average brands anyway. But it’s nice to know that today, there are a lot of brands that are cheaper, yet provide formidable quality products. Despite how low the price is, it functions almost the same as more expensive ones.
  3. Kind of Shaving brush
    Shaving soaps work best when used hand in hand with a shaving brush, so the latter must always be taken into consideration, just as much as when you pick your favorite type of shaving soap. However, being available in different makes and models, it’s hard to choose which shaving brush is better. This was already mentioned earlier, but in case you have missed, any type of shaving brush will do you good, but it is a badger brush that will give you a better performance. Just make sure that the shaving brush is densely filled with badger hair and has a stiffer feel to it, because this would enable you to even out the lather so that it would stick to the skin without dripping.
  4.  Skin Problems/ Allergies
    A single product works differently for two different individuals. That is why, for some, they experience no problem when they use one, but it might be a different case with the other. So, just to be sure, always be keen in deciphering whether or not you are allergic to a particular type of soap. If you experience any itchiness, or anything like that, you better stop using that shaving soap, and go to the dermatologist if you can.

Top 7- Best Rated Shaving Soap Available In the Market

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If you are after a shaving soap that lasts longer, Proraso shaving soap is perhaps the best option for you. It is available in colors such as green, white, and red, with each having its own specializations. But what Proraso is known for, is for its Classic, Green version, which is what a lot of those who have bought the product love. It gives a nice, cool, minty feel that leaves your skin feeling refreshed. All the more, even for those who’ve had a sensitive skin, they’ve had no problem using Proraso. It created no adverse effect on them.

There were some consumers who complain that it took them long before they get to create their desirable lather, but all in all, they were able to get what they desired. They were very much satisfied with the product. Not only does it create a decent lather, it also loads well. But what consumers love the most is when the menthol coolness comes in, especially when they’re shaving and the weather is quite warm. All in all, it’s an excellent product at a great price. It’s absolutely worth the try.

Colonet Conk

Colonel Conk has everything you need as a man who vies for a soap that has an excellent lubrication, creates a thick lather, and is good for sensitive skin, if ever your skin is prone to discomforting irritations and reddish skin after shaving. It can really give you everything you need for a shaving soap, might as well surpass your expectations. One good feature of the product is its ability to create a better lubrication, so there’s no need to worry about having any rough patches. You just simply make the lather, put it against your skin, carefully drag the razor across your face, and beard would be gone without worrying about any negative effect that might come with it. The bars might seem small for some, which has been an issue for some of those who have purchased Colonel Conk. But don’t t underestimate its smallness. Quality wise, some other products were no match. It has a natural nice clean scent that does not seem artificial at all. After shaving, you always get to leave the bathroom feeling cool and all. Aside from its ability to provide a better lubrication, its skin friendly feature is also to praise. That’s perhaps its greatest feature. If there is a con about this product, it is that it is quite expensive, but rest assured, you’ll get more than what you pay for.

Williams Mugs

William Mug Shaving Soap features a disc-like shaped soap that can easily fit in almost every mug sizes. It has a citrus scent that most of those who have reviewed the product loved. Also, it creates a rich foaming lather that leaves the skin soft and smooth. There were some people complain about the drying effect that this soap has upon their face, but there were also those who didn’t encounter that problem. We have different skin types. That must be the reason.

But really, in general, William Mug is a decent product to use at an even lesser price. Its lather is so easy to rinse off. You just have to splash some water and no residue will be left. Just a suggestion if you want a lather that fluffs up excellently, you soak the puck in a mug full of steaming hot water along with the brush while you do your pre-shave preparation. After that, you pour out the mug into the rinse water, and then build lather on the softened puck. By doing this, you can have a lather that fluffs up excellently. There.

Van Der Hagen

Perhaps, the best feature of Van Der Hagen is its excellent moisturizing effect. The soap contains 40% moisturizers and the much coveted aloe vera and shea butter from shaving soaps.

It is designed to soften even the toughest of beards, without drying the skin. What consumers love about this product is that it does not need to be whipped up repeatedly. You just have to let it sit for a while. The smell is somewhat overpowering for some consumers, which they consider to be quite off, but whether you like the scent or not is a personal favorite after all. Also, if you really have a problem with the scent, it’s not much of great ordeal because it’s so easy to rinse it off that you don’t smell anything after using Van Der Hagen. Van Der Hagen shaving soap works nearly as well for a fraction of the cost. It stays hydrated throughout the shaving process.

Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap is definitely a high quality English Classic. If Colonel Conk and the other shaving soaps seems like a soap, Taylor of Old Bond Street is more like a croap, a soap that also seems like a cream. The sandalwood scent gives a classic manly feel that has a pleasant aroma. What more, it is available in exotic scents: avocado and grapefruit. If there is one complain about the product, it is that it tends to dry out the skin. So, it may not really be the best choice for those who have a dry skin. But as a solution, you can simply add a little liquid glycerine, and you can prevent this from happening. To conclude, the performance is good.You’d pretty much be able to get a great shave, and the scent is startlingly impressive.

Razorock Mudder Focker

Rzarock is unique in its own ways. As compared to the other products, Razarock Mudder Focker Shave Soap is enriched with super slick and nourishing thermal mud, and it is its best feature. .Perhaps the “mudder” in razarock mudder focker is due to it being made from a type of clay, also called Fuller Earth, that promotes skin health. What’s great about Fuller Earth is it has the ability to absorb the unnecessary oils from skin, lessen scar marks, improves skin complexion, and increases skin elasticity. So, if you want to have a soap that is good for the skin, it is Razorock Mudder Focker Shave Soap that could you the best of that. It gives you something that you get to experience only when you use Razarock. The conditioning process is amazing. It is so smooth and soft that you just feel like you get to have your skin being improved. The warm vanilla scent is also a catch.

Premium Shaving Soap

So, fundamentally, Premium Shaving Soap for Men by Sir Hare is a tallow based shaving soap. It was said to be made from all natural ingredients without any artificial chemical compounds. So, it’s nice for a sensitive skin. The consumers loved that it’s so easy to lather and has a good lubrication to protect the skin. Perhaps the best feature of Premium is that it enables the razor to glide effortlessly across the face. If you’re looking for such a product, Premium could give you that. With regards the scent, it actually has a manly feel to it. It has the aroma of Cedarwood and Oakmoss, which is nothing but refreshing to smell. The good thing about this one is that the scent smells awesome and isn’t overpowering. The finished lather was creamy, which created a great glide while shaving. However, there are complaints that though the finished lather is a standout, it doesn’t hold well when put against the skin. But just by adding a little bit of water, you can prevent that from happening. In general, the consumers are extremely happy to have bought the product, that they could buy it so long as it is made.


In general, shaving soaps indeed comes with a lot of advantages. As compared to gels or creams, shaving soaps are in many ways the best in providing a thick, creamy lather, which has an excellent lubrication. Being made mostly from natural ingredients, shaving soaps are great to use in softening the hair, as well as in exfoliating the skin, in contrast to some of the gels or creams available today that has a high alkaline content. Though, it would require you extra effort to attain your desired lather, once perfected, shaving soaps can provide a dense, slick, and stable lather. Moreover, shaving soaps contain lesser chemicals and numbing agents, and therefore are less harmful to the skin. And last but not the least, shaving soaps are available in innumerable scents. Manly scent, citrus, menthol, avocado, grapefruit, vanilla +++- you choose. That’s just how wide your choices can be.

Indeed, shaving soaps actually provide lots of benefits. However, much like when buying other products, there were also some considerations in effectively picking the perfect shaving soap to use, had you been considering to buy a new one. And these are: price of shaving, kind of shaving brush you can use to accompany your shaving soap, and whether or not the shaving soap is good for your skin. There sure have been some others we’ve missed. Feel free to comment below. But the bottom line is, you must take heed of these guidelines and reviews, as these would help you be able to find the perfect shaving soap for your shaving needs.

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