A Complete Review of the Veet for Men 2020

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Veet for Men is a hair removal gel that allows you to remove your body hair in a matter of minutes without the hassle of razor burns and prickly regrowth. By applying it in the shower, you can have your skin feeling smooth for up to twice as long as shaving.

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Razor-free shaving

This hair removal gel works by dissolving the protein structure of the hair and weakening it at skin level. This makes the hair easy to break, allowing you to use a spatula instead of a razor. It is ideal for problem areas like the shoulders and back and can be used on the entire body except for the face, scalp and genital areas.

What Customers Are Saying

Veet for Men is “absolutely perfect.” After allowing the cream to sit for the recommended amount of time, removal is quick, easy and most importantly, thorough. And the best part is that you won’t have any of the problems you would with a razor!

There is the possibility that this cream may burn for some people. Quite a lot. It is advisable to test the product on a small patch of skin before use. Men with sensitive skin should use a smaller amount for a shorter period of time than the instruction on the label.

Even if you do have sensitive skin, this cream will work wonders for you and is a much cheaper and easier alternative to waxing and laser hair removal. It takes literally a few minutes to work and the results last for several days!

Who Should Buy This Product

This product is for the metrosexual man who takes pride in his appearance. If you like to turn heads at the beach, or if your partner seems to be more generous when your body is smooth, then this hair removal cream is the perfect product for you.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

This gel is not really for those men who have sparse body hair, or for those who prefer to express their masculinity through their body hair. If this is you, you don’t even have to do anything; just leave it alone and let nature do the work for you!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How long do you have to leave it on?

A. According to the manufacturers, you have to leave the gel on the skin for exactly four minutes, carefully timed. However, we would advise you to do a skin test and judge for yourself, especially if you have sensitive skin; you might find that four minutes is too much for you.

Q. Can I use this on my scalp and/or face?

A. The instructions clearly say that it should not be used on any sensitive areas like the face, head, and genitals. This cream is very aggressive in dissolving proteins, so it will burn on the aforementioned sensitive areas.

Q. Is the hair gone permanently?

A. No, but it does take much longer to grow back than after shaving. For some people, it takes a week, while for others it can take up to a month.

Q. Does it come with a spatula?

A. Yes, the spatula is important because it is what you need to actually remove the hair. The cream works by dissolving the proteins in the hair follicles, making them much softer and weaker. The spatula then breaks the hairs off completely.

Q. Does this product leave any residue?

A. No, it does not leave any kind of residue and keeps the hair away for a good amount of time (one to four weeks).

Q. Does the cream smell?

A. It does have an unpleasant smell but it does dissipate very quickly, only a few moments after removal.

Q. Is this procedure painful? Does it burn when applied?

A. Not if you follow the instructions to the letter. If you apply it on the prescribed areas (chest, back, arms and legs), it will not burn. But if you apply to any other areas, it most likely will.


A hair removal cream for the metro man, Veet for Men Hair Removal Cream is the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Just Veet it!

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