What Women Think About Manscaping Your Groin

A lot of people would think that having a thick pubic hair is just a turnoff for their partners. Other than the discomfort it can give, this unmanageable hair can be a disturbance during intimate moments. However, pubic hair exists for a purpose. The number one reason is for it to serve as a protection against bacteria and pathogens.

It really depends on the person on whether he or she likes it to be shaved or not. Women are more likely to think of removing these pubes. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women believe that having a hairless lady part makes it more attractive.

As a man, have you ever wondered about what ladies prefer when it comes to your pubes? What would they normally think about manscaping? Would they like it better if it is bare?

The answer is YES! 93% of women prefer men who get rid of their hair below the waist. If you want to know why you should start grooming your pubes, here are some of the reasons to convince you to grab a trimmer now.

It LOOKS better

Let's look into the obvious. Manscaping makes your male organ cleaner and even bigger. Women would enjoy looking at your well-groomed part and would definitely stimulate their sexual feelings. This is a great strategy to set up the mood and invite your partner to the bed. If you feel better about yourself, you would definitely be better in bed.

It can Boost Your CONFIDENCE

In the modern dating scene, women make an effort to look good for their dates. Men can return that favor by properly grooming their pubes. A woman would surely compliment you for your effort to clean up those thick unwanted hair. Nothing makes you more confident than being fresh and clean. If you feel sexy, you will also look sexy and it can lead to a better sex life.

It Helps Develop INTIMACY

Manscaping makes women develop more intimate feelings for their partner. Other than having groomed pubes, it is also important for you to get rid of your forested chest and back. Don't forget that a rough stubble can also disgust your girl. Nobody likes to cuddle with a hairy partner so make sure to stay clean and smooth.

It is FUN

Allowing your partner to get a good view of your body can be rewarding. Sex can be more fun if you can explore each other's body. According to a research by Maxim, women have reported that manscaping really brought their foreplay to the next level. Moreover, long pubes can be distracting, especially when it becomes sticky and tangled while doing the act.


Let's be mature, realistic humans here. Manscaping is a good invitation for a blow job. Nobody wants some pubes getting stuck in their mouth and teeth. When a woman sees that you have a clean forest, she would be in the mood to do it. Also, cleanups would be a lot easier if it is not forested.

If you want better sex, grab that trimmer and start your manscaping journey! Your partner would definitely love it!