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Colonel Conk Shaving Soap: Tested and Reviewed 2020

Before purchasing a certain product, of course, it is normal for us to have doubts. Is it worth the price? Is it as effective as what it claims to be? And most importantly, would the product be safe for my sensitive skin? But if you try Colonel Conk, it certainly wouldn’t fail you. Your doubts […]

Top 7 Best Disposable Razors – 2020 Reviews & Ratings

Much like cartridge or safety razors, disposable razors also have several advantages. Not only is it the most affordable type of razor, which is one of the reasons why it continues to be one of the most sought after one, but, also, it can give an excellent smooth, close shave to the skin.Disposable razor blades […]

Conair Conrdless Hair Clipper Reviewed 2020

Conair Lithium Ion is undoubtedly a top choice for people who want a hair clipper that gives an hour long sustained power performance. Aside from its long battery performance, Conair also comes with a stainless steel blade and includes 10 guide combs to keep up with ultimate length control. It is an incredible product to […]

Best Shaving Creams for Sensitive Skin – Complete Guide 2020

A good shave requires a cream that helps to properly lubricate the skin and prevent razor burns, skin irritations and other common problems associated with shaving. However, if you a have sensitive skin, then regular or popular creams, foams and gels will aggravate these problems. What’s the reason behind that?The reason is that usually, they consist […]

Testing and Review of the Panasonic Beard Trimmer 2020

Panasonic electric beard and facial hair trimmer for men is a great product for people who would love to have a cordless hair clipper that can let them customize their own look and at the same time a hair clipper that is easy to maintain and clean. So, Panasonic Beard trimmer is most notable for […]

Best Bay Rum Aftershaves – Reviews and Guide 2020

Bay rum is an aftershave fragrance that originated in the West Indies in the 16th century. It is known for its distinctive woody, sweet and spicy scent, created by the combination of West Indies bay leaf, spices, and Jamaican rum. Using an aftershave has several benefits. First, it completely clears out the pores of any bacteria […]

Finding the Best Balding Clippers – Reviews 2020

Many of us have reasons for opting to shave our head bald. It can be because our hair is thinning or balding and that the most favorable option is to shave our head bald. It can likewise be due to a pervading sickness or illness, which necessitates us to do so. But it can also […]

What Is The Best Straight Razor This 2020?

Straight razors have been around for centuries. But it was only in the 1900’s that it reached its zenith. It may appear to be quite a simple tool but actually can give you advantages only a straight razor can perhaps give you. Once you have perfected how to use it appropriately, it can provide you […]

Top 7 – Best Cordless Hair Clippers Review 2020

If hair clippers are already as beneficial as they are, what more if you have a cordless hair clippers? How does it work?Fundamentally, cordless hair clippers are battery powered equipment used to control the length of the hair. And being cordless, you can carry it with you almost anywhere, as compared to corded hair clippers which […]

2020 Best Hair Clippers for Home Use – Complete Review

The use of hair clippers has always been a convenient and practical way of cutting our hair. Not only does it make the actual hair cutting quicker and more precise, but also, it helps in achieving an artistic touch to its overall finish. Furthermore, the versatility of hair clippers makes it doable for us to […]