Colonel Conk Shaving Soap: Tested and Reviewed 2020

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Before purchasing a certain product, of course, it is normal for us to have doubts. Is it worth the price? Is it as effective as what it claims to be? And most importantly, would the product be safe for my sensitive skin? But if you try Colonel Conk, it certainly wouldn’t fail you. Your doubts would be gone after using it.

What I know is that it has everything you need as a man who vies for a soap that has an excellent lubrication, creates a thick lather, has a nice natural clean scent and is safe for sensitive skin, if your skin is sensitive, that when you utilize the wrong product, it causes you discomforting irritations and reddish skin after shaving. But with Colonel Conk, no longer would you experience bumps, irritations, or anything like that. It might surpass your expectations even.

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Has an excellent lubrication

One excellent feature of Colonel Conk is its ability to create an excellent lubrication. It contains avocado oil, vitamin E, glycerin, and Aloe Vera, which are all great lubricating agents. These ingredients enable you to easily glide the razor across your face without feeling any worries of having any rough, unpleasant patches.

You just basically make your desired lather using your shaving soap, apply it to your face, deliberately drag your razor across it, and the stubble would then be gone. That’s how the product made shaving as simple as that. And that speaks volumes about how good the product is.

Creates a thick, slick lather

Colonel Conk features a 2.25 ounce of scented shaving soap. The actual bar seemed small, which has been an issue for some of those who have purchased Colonel Conk but do not underestimate its smallness, because, quality wise, it is one of the best glycerine-based shaving soaps that can give you a thick, slick lather. The soap has a truly delicate texture that loads quite well in the shaving brush, creating an equitably distributed, hydrated lathe or foam.

There were those who have had a problem with getting their coveted lather. But it’s honestly about figuring out the appropriate technique to use. To be able to formulate a thick lather, that does not drip, make sure that you always put enough soap, that you soak the brush sufficient enough, and that you apply an adequate amount of water. You can just soak the brush while showering, and afterward take a stab at running some warm water in the soap in your mug. If you look at the instructions, you can find there a “wait until it turns to paste instruction.” Be mindful of that one. Always read the guidelines carefully, that’s the key.

Good for sensitive skin

What I really, really like about Colonel Conk, which others also commend about the product, is how skin friendly it is. Aside from the fact that it has a natural nice clean scent that does not seem artificial at all, you can enjoy a worry-free shaving experience. As mentioned earlier, it is made from mostly natural moisturizing ingredients, that gives you a smoother, little to no irritating shave. And so if you are a guy with a sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, then Colonel Conk is just the perfect fit for you.

Natural Nice Clean Scent

The well-balanced, subtle scent of Colonel Conk Bay Rum is definitely a sought after one, especially for people who like an aromatic shaving soap that isn’t too overpowering. In fact, the natural nice clean scent of bay rum fragrance still lingers, as you use it.

Most people, I know, find it hard to like the clove like smell, which is present in some bay rum products. But what’s great about Colonel Conk Bay Rum is that its clove-like smell does not overbear the entirety of its scent. The combination of cinnamon, bay leaves, and rum is still there. It’s still noticeable. And the end result is nothing but distinctively sublime.

In general, if you want a shaving soap that provides an excellent lubrication, creates a thick, slick lather, has a natural nice clean scent, and is great for people who have a sensitive skin, Colonel Conk would give you all of that. It is definitely worth the try. It’s a decent quality product for a lesser price.