How to Use A Razor to Shave Your Head

How you use the razor actually depends on what sort of razor you have. But then in order for you to effectively shave, you must first and foremost find the ideal razor for you. Take note that dull razors only lead to cuts and irritation. So, you must always choose a razor that has clean, sharp cutting edges. To help you with that, we have also written an article about electric razors, which you can use as a guide to finding the perfect razor. And if you already have one with you, then I think it’s time to assist you on how to appropriately use a razor to shave your head. If at any point you’re balding, wanting a low maintenance hair, or just want to sport the Vin Diesel in you, take heed of this fundamental guide on the proficient method of shaving your head, further saving you several trips to the barber. Here are some tips to get you started.


After a showerAfter a shower is the best time for you to shave, since it is at that time that your hair is smoother is softer, and therefore is less demanding to shave. Use your towel to brush your hair up against the direction where it grows. It’ll further soften hair which will make it easier for you to cut. Moreover, this reduces the chance of getting the dreaded razor burn and ingrown hair, which causes discomfort and irritation.

Using a razor on a full head of hair isn’t recommendable and can be dangerous – it can bring about cuts or razor burns if you’re not experienced enough. So, if you’re starting from scratch and have a full head of hair, you need to utilize an electric razor, without the guard, to trim off excess hair down to your stubble. Setting up the 1 or 2 option in your hair clipper, cut your hair somewhere from 1/8-1/4 inches. The shorter the hair, the better, as it can minimize the odds of having any displeasing cut marks or skin irritation brought on by razor burns.

After drying the scalp, apply pre-shaving oil on your head and massage it. This will add moisture to the hair, and lubrication to both the hair and the razor itself. Not only do shaving oils lubricate the razor, but also, it nourishes the skin, softening the follicles for an even, smooth shaving. If you have no shaving oil, you can use as an alternative a shaving cream. Or even both. If you ought to use a shaving cream, use a shaving brush, so that the cream will coat every strand of hair evenly. This will help seal in moisture and warm. This step is crucial especially if you have a curly or a coarse hair because these types of hair are tougher to cut and more inclined to ingrown hair or razor bumps.

Do your best to actualize these notes. This is to prevent unnecessary things to happen while shaving. It’s for your own good, anyways.


1. Rinse the blade

Before you shave, set up a cool and clean water where you can rinse the blade of the razor since a hot water is inappropriate to use. It only makes the blade dull up and expand.

2. Start shaving in the direction where your hair is growing, while applying only a little pressure in gradual strokes.

shave your headAfter rinsing the blade and doing all the notes, you are now ready to shave your head. Start by shaving in the direction where your hair is growing, so to speak, go with the grain. Now, if you go against its direction, it can give you a close shave, but at the same can likewise augment the tendency for ingrown hairs and irritation, in which guys with curly hair are more prone to have. Try not to push down on the razor, let it glide and have the blade do all the work. Wash the blades frequently, so the blades won’t clog up.

Now, to go with the grain, simply get a credit card, or an index card, and rub it across your head. If you feel a great deal of resistance, then that implies that you’re “going against the grain” (going against the direction where your hair is growing). But if you feel that there are less friction and resistance, that means you’re “going with the grain”.

3. Save for last areas where the hair is thicker and more hefty

Spare the thicker and more hefty hairs (e.g. the hair at your back). This is so that the shaving cream or shaving gel will have a greater time to soften that part. While shaving, you might come across instances where the hefty, coarser hairs are missed out by the razor. That is what often happens when you go against the direction where your hair is growing. That’s also why it is essential that your shave should go with the grain.


After shaving, you must ensure that you rinse your head to wash off all excess shaving cream. It is recommendable that you rinse with cold water because it is good for closing the pores. After that, you pat dry your head with a clean towel. Our head skin is quite sensitive, so make sure that you apply some aftershave balms, not only to protect the scalp but to hydrate the skin.

If you don’t want to have a dry skin, you must avoid using products that have an alcohol content, since this will only dry out your skin. For a better protection, don’t miss out moisturizing your skin. And if you want to go outside after shaving, and the weather is warm, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen lotion, so as to avoid burns and irritation.

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