Our 7 Highest Rated Blow Dryer for Damaged Hair – Reviews 2021

When it comes to personal grooming, there is almost nothing worse than damaged hair. It is a part of the image that we present to the world and if it is damaged, it can have an effect on the perception that other people have of you. It’s true that you can cover it up with a hat or a scarf but you have to take it off at some point, so that is really not an effective solution.

What you need to do is find the products and treatments that work for you and do the best you can with what you have. The problem is that some products that are sometimes necessary may not be the best thing for your damaged hair – like your blow dryer.

Blow dryers are meant to add volume and bounce to your hair but the heat can cause some serious damage if not applied properly.

We understand that it is sometimes essential to blow dry your hair, so we have written this article to give you a better understanding of how they affect your hair, and a list of the top seven blow dryers that we think are the safest to use on damaged hair.

After reviewing all the best blow dryer for damaged hair available, we’ve selected our top 6 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

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Our 6 Top Rated Hair Dryers for Damaged Hair Reviewed

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1. REVLON - Fast Drying

About this product
1. Infrared heat technology
2. Reduces frizz and enhances shine
3. 2 Heat / 2 speed settings
4. Concentrator and diffuser included

Revlon is a well-known brand when it comes to hair care and hairstyling. Up to now, users still trust this brand, especially for their beauty products. Who would have known that this company will also make excellent tools for hairstyling?

The REVLON 1875W hairdryer earned a spot on our list. We recommend this product not only because of its fast-drying technology but also because it has an infrared heat technology that makes the hair shinier, softer, and more manageable as you blow-dry. It features a tourmaline ionic technology that helps reduce frizz, especially for those who have dry and damaged hair.

Heat may further harm your damaged hair. Thus, this product is ideal because it has two heat and speed settings for better control. It also has a cold shot button that instantly releases cold air in one click. Cold air drying is ideal for severely damaged hair to prevent further heat damage, and it can also lock in the hairstyle.

The kit comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments and three hair sectioning clips.

2. KIPOZI - Low Noise

About this product
1. Etl certified
2. 2 speeds + 3 heat settings
3. Removable air filter
4. Concentrator and diffuser included

The KIPOZI hairdryer is another outstanding tool when it comes to hairstyling. If you want to achieve a salon-grade hairstyle, this product is ideal for you.

It is lightweight, fast-drying, and makes you dry your hair without the annoying loud noise of typical hairdryers. It has two speed and three heat settings. Also, it has a cool shot button that makes you lock your hair in style. The nano ionic technology and strong airflow can eliminate dampness and give your hair a silky look.

You won’t waste your bucks when you buy this product because it is Etl certified. It is also ergonomic, durable, and comfortable to use. Works well with all hair types may it be curly, thick, or fine hair. It eliminates frizz and flyaways for healthy-looking hair. What more can we say? This is a good deal!

3. CHI Dryer -  Ceramic

About this product
1. Reduces frizz
2. Ceramic material
3. Less heat damage
4. Lightweight

This blow dryer has a ceramic heater that generates moisture and leaves your hair shiny while reducing frizz and static electricity. It dries hair from the inside and locks in moisture 50% faster than regular dryers thanks to its built-in Far Infrared Heat technology.

People who bought this product found that it does dry the hair much faster than other dryers without causing any damage. It leaves the hair feeling smooth, shiny and soft to touch. It provides salon-quality results at home for a fraction of the price.

People who had a problem with this blow dryer found that it was not as durable as they had hoped. Some said it stopped working around five months after purchasing. This is not a feature of the product, it must be an issue with some of the individual pieces.

4. Panasonic - Professional Quality

About this product
1. Salon quality
2. 2 speeds + 3 heat settings
3. Dual airflow quick dry nozzle
4. Patented nanoe technology

Another giant brand joins our list. Panasonic is a reputable brand that is known for producing great electronics.

The Panasonic EH-NA65-K is a professional-quality hair dryer that has a quick blow-dry nozzle. It is a tool that can make you achieve salon-quality results. Why would you go to expensive hair salons if you could just bring this tool home?

What makes this ideal for damaged hair is its patented nanoe technology that amazingly draws moisture from the air to prevent frizziness and dryness while blow drying. It can also help reduce damage and enhances the hair’s smoothness and texture.

This product has two speed and three heat settings that you can control according to your desired hairstyle and hair type. It comes with three attachments for effective hairstyling. You can also dry your hair comfortably with this as it comes with a 9-foot rotating power cord that allows you to move freely as you achieve a salon-grade look.

5. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR - for More Shine

About this product
1. Ionic Conditioning
2. 2 speeds + 3 heat settings
3. Frizz fighting 
4. Ceramic technology

Conair is another strong contender when it comes to hair styling tools. They are known for making hair tools for different hair types and styles. The INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR hairdryer can also give you a salon-grade look.

This tool features a ceramic technology with frizz-fighting conditioning ions that can make your hair look shiny and lets you dry with less damage. It has three heat and two speed settings that you can control with rocker switches for easier handling. It also has a removable filter that allows you to remove lint build-ups easily.

Like any other brands on our list, this hairdryer can also dry your hair 50% faster than other ordinary hairdryers. This is essential for users with damaged hair as more heat exposure can lead to further hair damage. This is also a great product to buy because it is ergonomic and durable.

6. Remington D3190A - Tourmaline Technology

About this product
1. Damage protection
2. Micro Conditioner Technology
3. Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Grill
4. Less frizz

The grill of this blow dryer is infused with micro-conditioners that release into the airflow and transfer onto the hair to prevent damage and maximize shine. It is also coated with a ceramic to produce infrared heat that dries hair faster. The dryer is built with negative ion technology that gets rid of frizz and maintains the health of your hair, and tourmaline technology to prevent the cuticles from overheating.

Buyers of this dryer found that it is great for uncommon hair types like thin and curly, leaving the hair soft and shiny instead of dry and frizzy. The various heat and speed settings make it good for different hair types, the highest ones being perfect for those who have thick and curly hair.

It is also lightweight, relieving some of the pressure on your arms while you blow dry your hair. Detractors of this product claim that it does not last more than a few weeks. But this is not an issue with the product, which has been rigorously tested before release. It must be an issue with a few individual pieces that can be rectified by contacting customer support.

Shopper's Guide When Buying a Blow Dryer for Damaged Hair


Every new hairdryer comes out with a selling point of being hotter than the previous hit in the market. This is so owing to the fact that this measures the speed of its motor on how hard and fast it will work.

If you want a dryer for your home use, one who’s wattage is not less than 1350 will be ideal, but if you have an extremely thick and dry hair then a hair dryer who’s wattage is between 1700- 2000 will help dry your hair quicker. Dryers with low wattages are cheaper but then you will be replacing them more often.


Comfort is essential when choosing the hair dryer to use and thus its weight is important. The lighter the blower, the easier it is to use and more comfortable to hold when drying. Thus, an ideal dryer weighs around 454g approximately 1 pound. Professional/grade dryers are known to be heavier because of their big motors.


If this is for home use, you can consider buying the inexpensive dryers but if used professionally or in a salon, better choose the ones that are meant for hair professionals.

Types of Hair Dryers for Damaged Hair

Today’s market has a nearly infinite number of choices for almost any kind of hair including the damaged kind. Even the cheapest and most basic dryers have more than one setting for heat and airflow and come with at least one or two attachments like a diffuser or a concentrator nozzle.

Ionic Or Tourmaline Dryer

For those who have fizzy or thick hair, the tourmaline or ionic hair dryers produce negative ions which do break up the water droplets enhancing drying water on the hair faster. Thus the hair is less fizzy after drying.

Though this dryer is more expensive as a result of tourmaline ( a semi-precious metal endowed with very intense ionic action). Nevertheless, if your hair is thin, ionic dryers aren’t the best fit for you as they aren’t as effective in building up volumes as other dryers.

Ceramic or Porcelain Hairdryer

For those people who have fine hair, dryers with a metal or plastic housing coated in porcelain or ceramic do emit heat that’s more consistent and less harsh thus providing a great choice for fine hair that dehydrates easily.

This hair dryer is ideal for all hair types in case you are unsure of which type to buy. It uses negative ions thus preventing frizz and allows your hair to dry more quickly. Some of these types of dryers have the infrared tech, which penetrates the hair to dry it inside out.

Titanium dryer

For those who have a lot of hair, this dryer provides stable and constant temperature but gets very hot and thus not the best choice for damaged or fine hair. It dramatically reduces drying time.

It's more comfortable to hold when drying a lot of hair as it weighs less than either ceramic or porcelain.

Infrared Hair Dryers

These quicken the drying time as they penetrate the hair from within infusing heat from deep inside the hair cuticle. They produce a constant temperature and even heat distribution and thus ideal for normal and fine hair.

Trusted Hair Blower Brands in the Market

Before we get into the list of blow dryers that we recommend, let’s go through some of the most trusted brands and why they are so popular.


Xtava is one of the most popular brands on the market. They have a diverse range of dryers for all hair types and budgets. Their engineers try to provide the best results for the lowest possible price.


Remington dryers use ionic technology to protect from frizz and static. They are lightweight, making them ideal for those who have thick hair, and offer salon-quality results.


Babyliss is another great brand that caters primarily to professionals. However, they use their expertise to make products for home use that provide salon-quality results.


TRESemmé is advertised as a professional and affordable brand for home use. It has won several awards, including the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award in 2010, the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2010, and the Elle Beauty Award in 2011.

Other brands include Berta, Bosch, Dyson, GHD, Lee Stafford, Nicky Clarke, Parlux and Vidal Sassoon. Ultimately, you will have to choose the product that works best for your hair. What you consider the best brand may be a bad choice for you, and a brand you have never considered may be the right choice for you.

Read on to understand more about the right blow dryer for you.

Hair Blowers for Damaged Hair Accessories 

Cool Setting

This gives the hair a shiny and sleek look allowing you to blow up your hair when you almost finished drying sealing the cuticle to give your hair the smooth shiny appearance.


This attachment allows distribution of hot air to a larger surface. Very ideal if you have wavy or curly hair as it helps keep the texture undamaged. It is detachable and you can use it anytime.

Concentrated Nozzle

This is snapped at the end of a blow dryer and produces air in a concerted stream thus ideal if you want to straighten your hair with your dryer. It’s advisable to keep it pointed downward never allowing it to come into contact with your hair, but run a brush as you are drying it.

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Is Blow Drying Bad for Your Hair?

Blow drying has become almost as essential to hair care as combing, brushing and shampooing. In today’s world of hipsters and metrosexuals, even men are jumping on the blow dryer bandwagon like never before.

Besides the obvious – it dries hair faster than air – it is a necessary step for those who style their hair using pomade or hair paste. For women, it is a necessary step before applying a thermal hair tool like a flat iron or a curling wand. But are there any negative effects of blow drying your hair?

The first thing to think about is that blow dryers blow hot air, and heat damages the cuticles. Commonly known as a “flash drying effect”, it not only dries the hair of excess water but also removes water molecules that are bound to the hair. This water is known as “water of hydration” and is necessary for the maintenance of healthy hair. The removal of water of hydration causes the cuticles to become dry, rigid and brittle.

The heat from the blow dryer also damages the scalp. Healthy hair requires a healthy, moisturized scalp, and blow drying has the same effect on the scalp as it does on the hair. This two-fold effect can cause itching, irritation, and dandruff or flakes, and in more extreme cases, it can even cause hair loss.

Negative Effects of Blow Drying 

Dryness and “Branching”

As we have mentioned, the removal of water of hydration causes the hair to become dry, rigid and brittle. This causes the hair shafts to break apart along the length and branch out especially towards the ends. This gives the hair an unsightly appearance and makes it impossible to style.


Even if hair branching does not occur, the heat from the hairdryer does cause hair to become brittle, leading to breakage. When hair breaks, it becomes harder to style it, and it tends to build up more static than normal.

Hair Loss

The most extreme effect of hair drying is hair loss. This does not happen to everyone but it has been known to happen. The reason for it is that the heat of the blow dryer also removes the hair’s natural oils, which are essential to the healthy growth of the hair.

How to Prevent Hair Damage

Let’s look at some things you can do to prevent damage, to begin with - the old adage “prevention is better than a cure” comes to mind here.

Apply Shampoo

The first thing is to not rub shampoo into your hair shafts. The proper way to wash your hair is to rub the shampoo into your scalp and let it run down the length of your hair as you rinse it out. This is a best practice for minimizing your chance of having dandruff too. While using a conditioner after every shampoo also helps prevent hair damage.

Towel Dry Your Hair

It is common practice to towel dry hair, but it is not good for the health of your hair. The best thing to do is to wrap your hair in a towel to absorb as much of it as possible, and then allow it to air dry as much as possible before using a blow dryer.

No to Styling Products

This minimizes the amount of time you need to blow dry your hair, thus also a good idea to avoid styling products like gels, creams and mousse as much as possible. Unlike shampoos, these products stay in the hair for extended periods of time and this increases the risk of damage.

Move that Blow Dryer

Another thing you should do is to move the blow dryer around a lot. Pointing it to the same place causes heat to build up and exacerbates the problem. The third thing you can do is to minimize the number of times you use a blow dryer.

Hold Hair Blower at a Certain Angle

You can also do little things like the point the blow dryer at an angle to your hair so that the heat is not going full bore into your hair. Holding it an angle also keeps the heat away from the scalp.

Apply a Thermal Protectant

You can, for instance, use a hair product like thermal protectants that adds in moisture before using a blow dryer. Most brands have hair products that have a moisturizing effect, be it pomade, hair paste, gel, mousse, or any other kind of hair product.

Essential Oil Treatment

If you find that you may be losing hair due to blow drying, you can always supplement your hair care routine with a natural essential oil treatment. There are plenty of hair oils that are made of completely natural ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, and lemongrass oil.


No matter what you decide, just make sure that it works for you. The best thing you can do is go to a few stores and try out a bunch of different blow dryers to get a hands on feel of each one. Make sure that the buttons are not placed where you normally grip the dryer. Make sure you are comfortable with all the speed settings.

Remember to check the length of the cord – it might even be a good idea to measure the distance between your power outlet and your mirror before you go shopping if your outlet is not next to your mirror. Use your best judgment and we guarantee you will find a blow dryer that will work wonders for you. Happy hunting!