How Much Would It Cost To Have Hair Extensions at a Salon?

The cost of hair extension at a salon depends upon a truckload of factors, and thus may vary considerably. Starting from just $20, it can cost you up to several thousand dollars. Don’t believe us? Ask Kylie Jenner!

The primary factors which affect the cost of hair extensions depend on, but not limited to quality and type of hair, length, density, and most importantly the method used to apply the hair extension. 

Other than that, there’re many more factors that may come into play, like how much time did the hairstylist spent while applying hair extensions or the reputation of the salon and some other factors. If the method of hair weaving employed in the salon is time-demanding, you should expect yourself to pay a good sum of money.

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Factors That Determine the Cost of Hair Extensions

1. Length & Thickness/Weight 

It’s pretty obvious that the lengthier and denser you want your hair extension to be, the more expensive it gets. Likewise, the cost factor will also depend on the length and volume of your natural hair. If you’ve got shorter hair and desire long strands of hair, it will cost you more, in comparison to a person with a medium-sized natural hair.

2. How to Cut the Cost?

If you want to lengthen your hair without breaking the bank, the best way to do so is by choosing to apply medium-sized extensions. Some may argue, but it’s absolutely unnecessary to have a knee-long length because it’s not only very pricey but also demands care and maintenance. If you want to save yourself some money as well as your precious time “not necessarily in a bottle”, you’d better go for medium length extension.

As discussed earlier, the thickness of hair also determines how much it’s going to cost. Therefore, you can save some more money by choosing to cart an extension of medium thickness. Hair weighing between 40g – 220g can choose between 40-100 grams of hair extension. Above 100 grams will be just pure extravagance.

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3. Quality of Hair

The topmost quality is known as Remy Hair extension. If your salon is offering you hair of this quality, it’s going to cost you a lot. It is because; this type of hair is actually human hair with an intact cuticle.

However, if you’re planning to apply value for money extension, you need to be very careful about that. It’s because several salons Asian and Indian hair which is of poor quality and you can tell by the way it looks. If you notice that the hair is dry and stringy, even if the the salon is offering you the deal of a lifetime, don’t go for it. Instead, go for the hair which has been reviewed well by a chain of former buyers, and only from a well-established, reputable seller.

4. Other Factors

There’re many other factors that need to be taken into account when you’re getting hair extension at a salon, such as the durability of hair, location of a salon, etc. The top-priced hair is usually the most durable and can last for a year or more. However, hair extensions of medium-range can also last for a year if treated sensibly.

If a salon is located in the heart of a city, it’s most likely to cost you more as compared to a salon located at a less popular location. Other than that, there’re different types of extensions and salons charge different rates for different types of extensions, with clip-ins being the most affordable option.

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Getting Hair Extension at a Salon

The most common types of hair extensions are Clip-ins, I-tip, tape-ins, micro ring loop, weave and weft hair extensions, etc. Although clip-ins, I-tip, tape-ins and micro rings don’t differ much in price these days, clip-in style is still the cheapest.

  • Cost of Clip-In and Flip-In Style

The hair extensions based on this technique can be applied at home as well as at a salon. It doesn’t require any expertise as it’s a pretty simple technique. However, if you chose to go to a salon it will cost you from $10 to $50 at most.

  • Cost of Micro Ring Loops and I-Tip Style

The hair extensions with these types of application methods don’t cost much either. You can apply these at the comfort of your home as well. Talking about a salon, you should be willing to spend anything ranging from $10 to $500 in order to get your extensions applied.

  • Cost of Weave and Weft Style

This type of hair application requires expertise, and thus you cannot DIY this one. Based on the salon, the cost may vary from $200-$600. The cost and time taken in the process will depend upon the salon and how experienced and talented your stylist is.

  • Cost of Keratin and Hot Fusion Style

Depending upon the procedure and the cost-cutting methods, if you’re willing to apply any, the pricing may vary from $350 to $1000. In this method, the use of Keratin based polymer for hair bonding purposes takes place. You can switch to hair-friendly glue instead of the polymer in order to cut the costs.

  • Cost of tape-In Style

You can install this type of hair extension at your home as well. If you’re going to go to a salon, be prepared to pay anything between $0 and $200. If your nearby salon is asking for more money, don’t just pay up, switch to a different salon.